Aug 14, 2017 - 9:12 AM - by Dolby


Today The Elder Scrolls Online (v3.7.5) Horns of the Reach DLC/Patch was released for PC/MAC, these are the following main features of this update:
  • Tackle 2 all-new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold
  • Earn new unique item sets and Monster Masks
  • New Achievements, boss collectibles, and titles
  • Complete all Horns of the Reach Achievements to earn exclusive costumes and a new dye
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  • Clarified the text found in the dungeon cooldown to specify that it only prevents queueing for a new activity.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Too many searches in rapid succession" message would appear too frequently when navigating to the Listings tab of the Guild Store.
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation window wouldn't open while you were swimming.
  • Fixed an issue where the Deposit/Withdraw window would remain on-screen even when a banker walked away.
  • Fixed an issue where linked achievements would appear behind most UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue when selling the last item of junk to a vendor would cause keybinds to overlap.
  • Screenshots can now be taken at the Character Select and Creation screens, and will save in the same folder as they do when taken in-game.

  • Added a minor clarification to Glyph tooltips to indicate the value is the maximum benefit the Glyph provides.
  • Reordered the actions list so Enchant and Charge aren't next to each other.
  • Fixed an issue in the German game client where selecting "Nirnhoned" in the Creation UI would cause text to overlap.

Crown Store
  • Longer product names in the Crown Store will now scale down in font size rather than truncating.
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the visual effects in the Gem Extraction screen.

Gamepad Mode
  • Added a quick chat option for "Thank you".
  • Added guild permissions for guild text chat.
  • You can now lock equipment from the Deconstruction menu at crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue where the voting UI element could get stuck on your screen if it was open at the end of a vote kick.
  • Fixed an issue where your social list selection would not save after selecting a player.
  • Unlocking an item in the Bank Deposit screen will no longer cause a UI error.
  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the temper chart in the Improvement screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Champion UI could break if you changed zones while having pending Champion Points.
  • Fixed an issue where the Death Recap would occasionally not include the name of the creature (or player) that dealt the killing blow.
  • Added missing icons for Ravage Health potion abilities in the Death Recap UI.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between the attribute bars and the ability bar where they could appear in cursor mode while not set to Always Show.

Guilds & Guild Stores
  • You will now be able to preview furniture recipes and furniture at guild stores.
  • Permissions related to Guild Bank gold now have tooltips to explain their functionality.
  • Fixed the error message that appears when looking at the Hired Trader section of Guild History without the proper guild permissions.

Help & Tutorials
  • Fixed an issue where the Passive Abilities tutorial would not display when upgrading a passive ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crafting tutorial would not display when acquiring certain types of crafting materials.
  • Updated the Synergies section of the help menu to include the Warden’s synergies, “Harvest” and “Frozen Retreat”.
  • Removed an out of date loading screen tip that discussed level scaling in dungeons.
  • Updated the loading screen tip that describes DLC to include Chapters.

Housing & Furnishings
  • Decorative Wax is now listed as a furnishing material in the inventory.

  • Survey Writ maps will now display their stack count on the quickslot action button.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for Public Dungeons was inconsistent between the door, map, and load screens.
  • Fixed an issue where Tempest Island sea caves weren't displaying its map pins properly.

  • Fixed an issue where quest markers on the map wouldn’t properly clear when completing some quest steps.

The upcoming launch for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a global event, and we'll be going live on all servers simultaneously worldwide to allow players everywhere to jump on the boat to Vvardenfell and begin their adventurers together. Read on for all the launch details!

We're excited to announce that The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be live on all platforms and megaservers at 5:00am EDT on June 6! To prep for our worldwide launch, we will be bringing the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One megaservers down for maintenance beginning at 9:00pm EDT on June 5. Both PC megaservers will remain available as the update was fully applied yesterday at the start of our Early Access event; PC players will be able to start their adventures in Vvardenfell at 5:00am EDT.

You'll be able to pick up your copy of ESO: Morrowind from your retailer on the evening of June 5, beginning at 9pm local time in North America. In Europe, the game will be available when retail stores open on the morning of June 6. Once you have your copy, you'll be able to pre-load immediately, so all you'll need to do is download the ESO: Morrowind patch once it becomes available.

We look forward to welcoming players from around the world back to Vvardenfell in just two weeks. What's the first thing you plan on doing on June 6? Will you set out immediately to help Vivec, battle in the Ashlands against other players, join your allies to discover the Clockwork City's Halls of Fabrication, or something else?


May 10, 2017 - 12:02 PM - by Cairenn

It's almost time to return to Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online, and today we have some exciting news for existing PC and Mac ESO players.

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is just a few weeks away, and today, we're happy to announce that PC and Mac players who purchase the Digital Upgrade version of ESO: Morrowind will have the option to begin their adventures in Vvardenfell a little early on Monday, May 22! This means you'll be able to play the full game on the live megaservers beginning on May 22 and will retain all progression when the game officially launches in June.

Early Access is only available for players who purchase the Digital Upgrade or Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade versions of ESO: Morrowind for PC/Mac any time prior to launch.


As announced the other day, Morrowind is going to Beta shortly. We are excited to announce that we have worked in partnership with ZeniMax to secure beta keys for all of our active authors! This is not a contest! If you are an AddOn author that hosts with us and you have been keeping your AddOns current, you are eligible for a key!

Addresses will be sent to ZeniMax on 12 April 2017. While it is potentially possible that they may accept addresses after that date, there is no guarantee. Make sure you don't miss out. Sign up now!

  • You must have an active Elder Scrolls Online account.
  • You must be an addon author with one or more files on the site that are current to 2.7.x ("Hello world" or its equivalent do not count).
  • You must include your Elder Scrolls Online email address. (It will be sent to ZeniMax so your account can be flagged for beta).
  • Do not upload addons that are not your own. Anyone caught uploading someone else's work will be banned from the site. All AddOns submitted are manually checked.
  • ZeniMax, Bethesda and ESOUI reserve the right to deny anyone access.
  • Account must be registered before April 6th 2017.

Let the fun begin! Sign up now for your Morrowind Beta key!
Aug 06, 2017 - 8:22 PM - calia1120
Working on updates for addons ahead of the Horns of the Reach update, been hiding on PTS, so stay tuned!
Jul 25, 2017 - 1:38 PM - Elo
--BETA VERSION-- Current Version:0.0.17 See the full patch note list here
*PC Only for now

Hosted Download Link: [MD5:0fa3647ea61fcac4f76b17cbb4c3cd6b]

Upcoming Changes/Features
-- MAC version
-- GamePad Support
-- More price tracking details and history
-- more seller security, buyer history, troll protection


Nirn Auction House allows you to trade with anyone across all of Nirn with no listing fees or tax.
When using NAH you simply pay the ESO postage fee when you mail a sold item.
NAH is a global auction system, unlike the guild store you will be able to list, watch, view, bid for items and buyout items.

Auction Buying and Selling Functionality

--Ability to post an auction with only starting bid, no buyout price. (Auction Length: 24 hours)
--Ability to post an auction with starting bid and buyout price. (Auction Length: 7 days)
--Ability to post auction with only a buyout price. (Auction Length: 7 days)
--Price history using verified sale prices
--Can't auction bound or stolen items!

Posting Auctions / Selling Items

- Right click menu to auction items in your inventory(can auction/cancel items directly from your inventory, crafting bag, or equipped items)
- Order tracking so you can see all your auctions and status of bids
- Fulfill orders by a click of a button - add-on will automatically send and COD item to the buyer (Items need to be in your inventory!)

Buyer / Seller Protection
- Buyer Protection (If seller doesn't fulfill trades seller will lose ranking each time, when ranking goes too low account is banned)
- Seller Protection (If buyer doesn't pay for trades buyer will lose ranking each time, when ranking goes too low account is banned)
- Client account authenticity tokens
- Buyer can only bid/buyout items if you can afford them

Plugin Hotkeys

-Hotkey to Sync Auction Data and Open Auction Window
-Hotkey to Toggle Auction Window Open and Closed
-Hotkey to Show/Hide interface buttons
-Modifiable key bindings

Search Features
- Basic Search Functionality (item name search)
- Item Info Search Functionality (item details search)
- Persistent search settings
- Sort functionality ( bid / buyout / name / quantity / time left / item type) sorting across all pages
- Full Search filter Functionality (based on guild store filters)
--Item Type
--Item Level
--Item Quality
--Item Price
--Item Categories
--Item SubCategories
--Item Slot
--Item Enchants
--Item Traits


- Integration to Master Merchant - tooltips show Master Merchant price tracking data in auction house including the Sales History Scatter Chart. - *optional in settings
- Integration to Master Merchant - Track auctions and store the price data in master merchant - *optional in settings

General Auction Information

- Listings with a buyout price will last 7 days
- Listings with no buyout price will last 24 hours
- Listing limit 80 - you can only have 80 auctions at a time
- Setting to Only show active trades (Hide trades where the seller does not have Server Link active)
- Price checks to chat (right click menu)
- Translated for all languages (need feedback)
- Server link required to communicate with server (NirnAuctionHouse.exe) *PC Only for now

Install Instructions:

1. Download and unzip the files into your ESO addon folder (default is Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns) Or you can install it with Minion
2. When playing ESO, run the Server Link (NirnAuctionHouse.exe) if it's not already running
3. Sell More Items by reaching more people



Bug Reporting

Feature Requests

Statements from ESO Devs about Trusting COD sales.

CoD (Cash on Delivery) is an option in the The Elder Scrolls Online's mail system. By using this, you can send an item and ensure that you will receive gold in exchange via mail. You must attach an item to the mail, and you can set a gold amount desired. The receiving player will then have to pay the specified gold amount to be able to detach the sent item.

When CoD is selected, the only gold that should be removed from your bank is the applied postage, which is calculated based on the attachments and the size of the selected CoD. Once the recipient chooses to accept the mail, you will receive the CoD amount. If the recipient refuses, you will receive the mail back along with the attachment, but you will not be able to reclaim the postage amount.



TNTKokser - German Translations
Remedy - Testing / Bugfixes
Betheny - Testing / Bugfixes
Hi All,
I just published Combat Reticle version 2.0 which includes two new combat modes (someone requested this a long time ago), support for reticle theme modules, and API version update. FYI - this version is not backward compatible with old settings.

Jun 05, 2017 - 5:12 AM - jultzy94
I'm currently working on creating a useful castbar for abilities in ESO. Preferably even for heavy attacks but we'll see whats possible and whats not. Hope for the best
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