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Version: 1.31
by: Uesp [More]
The original purpose of uespLog was to collect game data which could be used the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (www.uesp.net) web site. Since then it has grown into a large collection of useful functions which include:

  • All features are optional and can be turned on/off as desired.
  • Most features are accessed via the game's command line.
  • Collection of game data for use in UESP.net (see esolog.uesp.net for the raw parsed data)
  • Display item styles in lists and tooltips.
  • Display known/unknown crafting trait for items in lists and tooltips.
  • Display of known/unknown recipes.
  • Saving of character build data for upload and display on esobuilds.uesp.net.
  • See which chapters of a motif you know.
  • Show your current enlightenment.
  • Extra display icons for ingredients.
  • Show which traits are being researched.
  • Options to disable confirmation of mail deletions and lorebook message display.
  • Display of extra PVP capture/campaign information (battles, captures in progress, full captures, etc...).
  • Game time/date display
  • Automatic timer for help in looting of treasure chests and sacks.
  • Automatic uploading of saved log data to UESP.net on Windows/PC using the included uespLogMonitor program.
  • Dumping of raw game information (items, skills, globals, achivements, character, recipes, etc...)
  • Collection of character data for viewing offline (esochars.uesp.net)

Installation and use of the add-on is very simple:
  • Download the add-on.
  • For a manual installation copy the add-on to the game's "Addons" directory under "uespLog".
  • Start the game.
  • Adjust settings by going to the Settings::AddOns::uespLog menu or via the "/uespset" chat command.
  • Addon data is saved to the game's "SavedVariables" directory when you logout or reload the UI.
  • On Windows/PC you can run the included uespLogMonitor program to automatically upload data to the UESP.
  • For manual submission of data visit esolog.uesp.net/submit.php.
See the official manual for a complete list of all in-game commands, options and abilities.
v1.31 -- 23 Oct 2017 (Clockwork City)
  • Fixed Lua error when purchasing something from a guild store.
  • Fixed the position of the scan/reset sales button when Awesome Guild Store is not installed.

v1.30 -- 23 Oct 2017 (Clockwork City)
  • Fixed the /uespstyle output and saved character data for several styles (Morag Tong, Armiger, Redoran, Telvanni, Hlaalu) that was not correct.
  • The /uesppvpqueue command no longer works to queue for a campaign that is not your home or guest due to a change in the game's API.
  • The "/uesppvpqueue list" command displays a message if campaign data has not yet been
  • Fixed /uespstyle to work with the new style API functions.
  • Fixed reporting of Alliance Points carried by character in saved data.
  • Updated API to 100021.
  • Added the Bloodforge, Dreadhorn, Apostle, and Ebonshadow styles.
  • The new patch displays Ornate, Intricate, and research icons in inventory lists by default now. The uespLog equivalent features can be disabled by "/uespcraft" command or in the settings menu.
  • Number of Transmute Crystal saved for offline character data.
  • Fixed error message if using the Mailr addon.
  • Hireling mail timers are now ignored if the character has not purchased the relevant passive.
  • Fixed skill coefficient calculations for the Malevolent Offering, Dragonkngith Standard, and Healing Seed skills and their morphs.
  • Added messages for received/losing writ vouchers and transmute stones (classed as "other messages" in settings).
  • Fixed logging of Blacksmithing raw material nodes (not confirmed to work in non-english clients).
  • Fixed the custom stat display settings for new installation.
  • Added setting for automatic hireling mail looting to the UI menu (/uesphireling autoloot).
  • Removed the ornate/intricate text on item tooltips.
  • Added the "/uespcraft traiticon on/off" option which controls the display of ornate and intricate trait icons in inventory displays. By default this is off as the base game API now should display these.
  • Added the "Queue Writ Potion" right-click context menu item for Alchemy Master Writ items in your inventory. When this is choosen the writ is added to a list of potions/poisons to create. This queue is *not* saved to the character's saved variable data and it reset on load or UI reload. When at an Alchemy Station you can use the following commands to setup a potion from this list:
    /uespmasterpotion queue Sets up the top potion/poison in queue to be created
    /uespmasterpotion popqueue Sets up the top potion/poison in queue to be created and removes it from the queue
  • Updated sales prices with latest from PC-NA (remember to download PC-EU prices manually if needed).

v1.20 -- 14 Aug 2017
  • Improved note/book message to include collection categories.
  • When reading a lore book only one console message is output.
  • Fixed deal type display in guild stores that was incorrect for some items.
  • When posting items you can use the MasterMerchant or UESP (default) prices by using the commands:
    /uespsales postprice uesp
    /uespsales postprice mm
  • Listing deal display and post pricing now works whether MasterMerchant is installed or not. Basic price display should now be working with MasterMerchant not present although more advanced features/options available with MM will not be available.
  • Added the Telvanni, Hlaalu and Redoran styles to inventory display.
  • Fixed style name display to use the new built-in API function for getting the style name.
  • Fixed PVP message output. Properly displays messages for captured and keeps under attack. No longer displays messages in battlegrounds for more events.
  • Modified the effective power stats to include Mighty/Elemental Expert and basic forms of damage done modifiers in order to match the online builder values.
  • Added the "/uesppvpqueue" command which queues you for a specific PVP campaign by name or ID. You can queue for any valid campaign that you are able to enter and it bypasses the home/guest check (unless you enter your home campaign you will act as a guest).
    /uesppvpqueue [name] Queue using the campaign name
    /uesppvpqueue [number] Queue using the campaign ID (1-87)
    /uesppvpqueue home Queue for your assigned home campaign
    /uesppvpqueue guest Queue for your assigned guest campaign
    /uesppvpqueue list List all open campaigns
    /uesppvpqueue listall List all known campaigns
  • Character data now saves banked writ vouchers and AP.
  • Updated sales prices with latest from PC-NA (remember to download PC-EU prices manually if needed).

v1.11 -- 25 May 2017
  • Achievement data is now saved in the normal log data section instead of a the custom "achievement" data section.
  • Skill point message received when levelling up should be correct.
  • Missing sales data won't trigger a Lua error.
  • Added the uespSalesPrices.lua file back into the installation to prevent issues with some installations. This is the PC-NA prices from this release data so be to sure to visit http://esosales.uesp.net/salesPrices.shtml and download the latest file for your server to get the most accurate sales prices.

v1.10 -- 22 May 2017
  • uespLogMonitor updated to 0.50 with several minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Added the "/uespcraft alchemy on|off" command which turns on tooltips when in the alchemy crafting window.
  • Fixed UESP sales price not appearing in tooltips from top item rows.
  • Fixed price lookups for master writs and crafted potions.
  • Fixed item mining with no item type set.
  • Stopping a guild listing scan in progress with "/uespsales stop" now works correctly.
  • Removed the "No items crafted." message.
  • Save both overload and werewolf ability bars for build and character data. Note that you have to activate the ability bar for it to be updated. Previously it would only save these bars if you zoned, logged out, or reloaded the UI while they were active. Also a Sorcerer Werewolf would only save the last extra bar used and not both of them.
  • Tweaked the position of known/unknown and trait icons in the guild trader list.
  • Added the "Goto UESP Sales..." right-click menu option which opens a browser to the UESP sales page for that item link (you are prompted to open a browser).
  • Added several new commands to "/uespresearch":
    /uespresearch help Shows command details
    /uespresearch includesets [on|off] When this is off then set items do not appear in the smithing research selection list.
    /uespresearch maxquality [0-5] When set to a value from 1-5 then items with a quality higher than this value do not appear in the smithing research selection list. Set to 0 to disable.
  • Added the /uesphome command (and /home if not already used) which teleports you to your primary residence.
  • Added the /uesphireling (or /uesphire) which shows you the remaining time to receive your next hireling mails. Note that you need to receive a hireling mail after install this addon in order to know the time for the next mail.
  • Added the "/uesprawprice" command that outputs the market value (UESP or MasterMerchant) of all smithing raw materials along with the market value of the refined material including all temper materials expected to be returned. The output is sorted from lowest net price to highest.
    /uesprawprice -- Show all prices
    /uesprawprice [name] -- Show all prices matching "name"
  • Item values used in /uesprawprice and /uesptrackloot now use the UESP value if it exists. Otherwise it uses the MasterMerchant item value if present or, if not, the default game item value.
  • Changed the base "/uesptrackloot" command to show loot statistics instead of the help text.
  • Changed the base "/uespkilldata" command to show kill statistics instead of the hepl text.
  • Added the "/uespmasterpotion" command. Use this command when you have an Alchemy Master Writ quest in progress while at an Alchemy station in order to setup your solvent and reagents automatically. This command needs more testing to ensure it works for all alchemy master writs.
    /uespmasterpotion help Show command help.
    /uespmasterpotion Use the first potion combination found.
    /uespmasterpotion [#] Use the specified potion combination (1-N).
  • The "/uespspeed" command no longer outputs 0 speed values to the chat window.
  • Increased item mining max ID to 150000.
  • Fixed mining items of all types.
  • Game time returned by /uesptime incremented by one game day to match time used by the Clock 0.7.7 addon.
  • "/uespstyle" now shows the full in-game style name for valid styles.
  • Chests, Safeboxes and Thieves Troves now display and log the lock level.
  • Update 14 Morrowind Changes:
  • Expanded bank related functions to include the ESO subscriber bag.
  • Added the Ashlander, Buoyany Armiger, Morag Tong, and Militant Ordinator styles.

v1.01 -- 4 March 2017
  • Fixed motif unknown/known display.
  • Add recipe known display to tooltips.
  • Update skill coefficients for a few skills that had incorrect coefficient types.
  • Writ vouchers added to character data export.
  • Added the /offline and /online commands (short for "/afk offline" and "/afk online").
  • Added the "/uespmineitems itemtype" parameter to permit mining of specific item types. Tweaked output of the item mining to better indicate how many valid items have been mined.
  • Changed the craft style, trait, recipe/motif, and ingredient display toggles to each individually control whether they are displayed in inventory rows and/or item tooltips.
  • Fixed style Grim Harlequin from incorrectly showing as unknown in some cases.
  • Mostly fixed the error that occasionally would stop a guild listing scan before it was actually finished. It still rarely occurs but much less often than previously.
  • "/uespcount recipes" now shows counts per recipe categories.

v1.00 -- 6 February 2017
  • Mined item data for recipes now includes the information needed to duplicate the in-game tool-tip displayed for recipes.
  • Fixed the stacking of Major Force in the Critical Damage stat display.
  • Fixed the display of a known recipes that shows as unknown in your inventory (Ghastly Eye-Bowl Recipe).
  • Fixed the custom Effective Weapon/Spell Power stats for characters not at max level.
  • Fixed item style display toggle.
  • Fix effective spell/weapon power calculation.
  • A warning is displayed in the chat window if you use an unknown slash command.
  • Added some missing/extra style names for the "/uespstyle" command.
  • Added 12 missing styles to the saved character data.
  • Fixed bug where uespLog thought you ate/drank something you actually didn't.
  • Fixed the item link tooltip "Show Item Info" to work with other addons that modify the same context menu (like MasterMerchant).
  • Added the "/uespstyle summary" and "/uespstyle all" commands to show a summary of all styles known.
  • Added the 2 new styles from the New Life Festival (Skinchanger and Stalhrim Frostcaster).
  • Added the 3 crown store merchants to the NPC ignore list.
  • Added the "Copy Item Link" context menu to item tooltips. This popups up a simple dialog that lets you press CTRL+C to quickly copy the item link. Press ESC or click anywhere to close the dialog.
  • Added the /uespkilldata command to tracking basic kill statistics of NPCs (number and total health). Data is tracked per character and is saved between sessions.
    /uespkilldata on/off Turns the feature on and off (default is off).
    /uespkilldata reset Clears the current data.
    /uespkilldata show Lists all the current kill data.
    /ukd Short command
  • Added the /uesptrackloot command to track loot received. Data is tracked per character and is saved between sessions. Gold, experience, Tel Var, and Alliance Points are also tracked. The item value shown is the MasterMerchant average value if that add-on is installed and has data for that item. Otherwise the item's gold value is used.
    /uesptrackloot on/off Turns loot tracking on/off.
    /uesptrackloot show Displays all items looted.
    /uesptrackloot show [name] Show all looted items matching the given name.
    /uesptrackloot sources Show all sources of loot.
    /uesptrackloot sources [name] Show all sources of loot matching the given name.
    /uesptrackloot reset Clear all loot tracking data.
    /utl Short command
  • Removed old code for manually monitoring the Mercenary and Ancient Orc styles.
  • Added logging when pickpocketing for the NPC thieving class and other data.
  • Update 13 Changes:
  • API updated to 100018.
  • Added the new special item type to logged item data.
  • Added ingredient quantities to logged recipe data.
  • Added furniture category data to logged item data.
  • Updated item logging with change to multiple tradeskill requirements.
  • Fixed UI error with autolooting containers enabled. Note a small change in the behaviour of autolooting containers when your inventory is full. It will autoloot as many items as your inventory can hold but will no longer display the open container showing remaining items.
  • Fixed known/unknown display of recipes.
  • Added the 4 new styles: Silken Ring, Mazzatun, Ra Gada, and Ebony

[b]v0.90 - 5 October 2016[b]
  • Hireling logged data now includes the crafting and hireling passive levels.
  • Added the "/uespmsg inspiration [on|off]" command.
  • Crafting writ footlockers now log the character's crafting level.
  • Fixed logged dye data from achievements not matching the achievement. Also all data within an achievement line is now logged.
  • Dye stamp data for item links is now logged.
  • Fixed the Grim Harlequin style ID.
  • Increased API to 100017.
  • Increased item mining max ID to 130000.
  • Fixed a bug related to the new stat comparison feature on the inventory menu. If you still run into issues you can disable custom stats with the "/uespcustomstats off" command.
  • Shortened the labels for custom stats to make room for the stat comparison feature. Note that comparison of custom stats is not yet available.
  • Added the "/uespcustomstats custom" option. This displays the change in stat value for the new statistic comparison feature in the inventory stats window.
  • Added the 3 new styles (Celestial, Yokudan, Draugr).

v0.80 -- 1 August 2016
  • "/uespstyle" now works with the 3 new styles added in DB.
  • "/usc addcharskills" now also adds CP passive abilities to coefficient tracking.
  • Improving items will show the correct improved item link in the chat window now.
  • Poison data is now collected when mining potion item data.
  • Fixed saving of werewolf stat in character/build data.
  • Added the "/uespcontloot [on|off]" command to autoloot items from containers in your inventory.
  • Spell and Physical Penetration stats are added to the character and inventory window. Use "/uespcustomstat on" and reload the UI to take effect. The current list of custom stats are:
    Spell and Physical Penetration
    Spell and Weapon Critical Damage 
          These values are calculated from scratch as the game gives no way to get their values.
    Effective Spell and Weapon Power
          These are custom stats meant to gauge your overall damage potential in terms of
          Magicka/Stamina, Spell/Weapon Damage, Critical/Critical Damage, and Penetration.
          It currently uses a target resistance of 18.2k with no critical resistance.
  • Improved the display of the startup message.
  • Changed how some of the more useful chat messages are output and added the "/uespmsg" command to control their display.
    /uespmsg                   Shows the current stats
    /uespmsg [on|off]          Turns all messages on/off
    /uespmsg loot [on|off]     Turns loot related messages on/off
    /uespmsg npc [on|off]      Turns NPC related messages on/off
    /uespmsg quest [on|off]    Turns quest related messages on/off
    /uespmsg other [on|off]    Turns all other messages on/off
  • Now "/uespdebug" only controls the display of less useful debug related messages. Initially all new messages are off unless you have "/uespdebug on" set in which case they are initially turned on.
  • A little better support for other languages. If you are using a non-English version and are having problems or wish to help test things let me know.
  • Shadows of the Hist related Updates:
    • API updated to 100016.
    • Added the 5 new styles (Dark Brotherhood, Akatosh, Dro-m'Artha, Minotaur, Grim Arlequin, Hollowjack).

v0.70 -- 31 May 2016
  • REQUIRED UPDATE: uespLogMonitor updated to v0.40 with updates to the character data upload.
  • Fixed "Show Item Info" menu item when smithing an item.
  • Updated clock/moon phases to be more accurate and match the lore date given by other addons.
  • Improved skill data logging.
  • Tweaked skill message when finding a Skyshard.
  • Many changes to skill coefficients. The saved stat data is now saved account wide when logging out so you can save between multiple characters. Calculated coefficients are not saved.
  • Fixed crash on OSx clients when catching a Wet Gunny Sack.
  • Output in "/uespdebug extra" mode displayed in a different color (light gray).
  • Added the "/uespdump skills missing [note]" command for dumping skills that are missing from the current PTS character templates.
  • Added the "/uespshowcoor [on|off]" command to turn the map coordinate display on/off. Thanks to Ptits de Barbe for submitting this patch.
  • Added the "/uespminecollect [note]" command for logging collectible data.
  • Updated achievement data logging.
  • Fixes for PTS update 10:
    • Updated API to version 100015.
    • Removed use of deleted API function GetStatSoftCap().
    • Changed VR related items to CP.
    • Fixed some minor looting display issues.
    • Styles updated.
    • Fix crash when mining items with subtype of 0 and some other values.
    • Character data saves the craft bag inventory.
  • Added several commands to /uespskillcoef (/usc):
                   /usc showdata [name/id]     Shows raw data for the particular skill
                   /usc showbadfit [R2]        Shows all coefficients with an R2 value less than the given value.
                                               A default value of 0.99 is used if omitted.
                   /usc addskill [id]          Adds a specific skill to track when saving statistic data in future
                                               calls to "/usc save". The character does not have to be able to 
                                               learn or know the skill.
                   /usc addcharskills          Adds all skills available to the current character to be tracked
                                               in future calls to "/usc save".
                   /usc addmissing             Adds all currently defined missing skills from PTS to be tracked in 
                                               future calls to "/usc save".
                   /usc resetsaved             Clears all saved data points from "/usc save".
                   /uespreset skillcoef        Same as /usc reset.
                   /uespcount                  Shows the space taken by skill coefficients.
  • As a result of these changes the method to compute skill coefficients on PTS has changed somewhat:[code]
    1. Reset all champion points and attributes
    2. Run: /usc addmissing
    3. Run: /usc addcharskills
    4. Purchase one rank of all passives and repeat step 3 up to (MaxRank-1) of all passives
    4a. If dumping skills run "/uespdump skills passive" in the previous step as well
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 for all character classes
    6. Add any missing skills (Emperor, etc...) using: /usc add [id]
    7. On any v16 character run multiple "/usc save" as usual
    8. Calc and save coefficients using: /usc calc
    9. To reset saved parameters but keep the list of tracked skills use "/usc resetsaved"
  • This should give you skill coefficients for all skills in one calculation.

v0.62 -- 12 March 2016
  • Slash commands that don't start with "/uesp..." are checked to see if they exist before they are set. This prevents them from interfering with any other add-on that might happen to use them.
  • Added the "/rl" chat command as a short form for "/reloadui".
  • Added the "/afk", "/away" and "/back" chat commands for setting the player status (seen in guild).
                /afk                            Toggles AFK state on/off (away/online)
                /afx [on/off]                   Turns AFK state on and off (away/online)
                /afx [away|online|dnd|offline]  Sets player status to a specific state
                /afx status                     Shows the current player status
                /away                           Turns state to "Away"
                /back                           Turns state to "Online"
  • Fixed logging of Thieves Troves.
  • Added "/uespmineitems reloaddelay [seconds]" command for adjusting the minimum reload delay when auto mining items.
  • Shortened the output from "/uespstyle". Added the "/uespstyle long [style]" command to format output in the long format.
  • Another fix to try and eliminate the little bit of lag that some people experience when killing mobs with a Destruction Staff equipped.

v0.61 -- 10 March 2016
  • Adjusted log message when selling multiples of something.
  • Char/build data tracks the 6 new styles.
  • Added the "/uesptreasuretimer list" command to show timer durations as well as timers currently in progress. Timers shown in this list will persist through logins and /reloadui but the timer log notice will not.
  • Fixed "/uesptreasuretimer thieves trove [duration]" to work.
  • Updated some item style labels with new values.
  • Fixed bug that prevented book data from being logged.
  • CRITICAL: Fixed bug that was causing extreme lag when killing things with a Destruction Staff (and Two-Handed/Bow to a lesser extent). Root cause was due to the EVENT_ACTION_SLOT_UPDATED event being called 40-50 times at once when you kill a mob with a Destruction Staff equipped. The event was triggering the saving of action bar data which caused the lag when done +40 times in the same frame. Action bar saving is now only done at most once every 5 seconds.

v0.60 - 7 March 2016
  • REQUIRED UPDATE: uespLogMonitor updated to v0.30 to include the character data upload.
  • Added the "/uespsavebuild screenshot" (or "/usb ss") command to take a nicely framed screenshot of your character.
  • The set count of equipped items is now saved with the "/uespsavebuild" command.
  • Added the "/uespmineitems count" parameter.
  • Added missing item level/subtype combinations for item mining.
  • Fixed minor bug with "/uespreset all" and build data.
  • Added the "/uespmineitems level" parameter.
  • Added new Thieves Guild mobs to ignore list and removed "Mudcrab".
  • Add support for logging "Thieves Trove" along with treasure timer.
  • The new item tags are logged and shown in item info.
  • Fixed bug in manual tracking of Ancient Orc and Mercenary styles (although they should now be tracked correctly in-game after the Thieves Guilds update).
  • Werewolf character state is properly saved when saving a build.
  • Action bars are saved between sessions so you should no longer have to swap weapon bars each time you login to save a character build. Also fixed a bug which incorrectly considered action bar data to be not saved even though it was.
  • The last food/drink consumed will be properly tracked for build/character data. Potions and other items consumed will be ignored.
  • Added chat message when you take gold from mail attachments.
  • Added the "/uesptrait" command to show known trait information:
                 /uesptrait       			Shows all traits for all crafting skills
                 /uesptrait blacksmith		Shows known traits for blacksmithing
                 /uesptrait clothier			Shows known traits for clothier
                 /uesptrait woodworking		Shows known traits for woodworking
    Note that traits shown as "[trait name]" in this command are being researched and are not considered as being "known". Reworked the "/uespcount traits" command to just show the known trait counts.
  • Added the "/uespskillpoints" or "/usp" that shows the total number of skill points used and acquired on the character.
  • Quest item links are now logged (this is currently the only way to get information about quest items).
  • Removed the "Quest conversation updated", "Quest Advanced" and "Updated conversation" log messages from normal output.
  • Changed default of data logging (/uesplog on/off) to false to prevent collection of data and increasing the sized of the saved variable file for people not interested in collecting data. This only affects new installations. Use "/uesplog on" to ensure data collection is enabled.
  • Fixed bug where menu settings were not being displayed the first time you open the add-on's settings menu.
  • Handle eating food/drink from the quickslot bar.
  • Beta: Show log message when creating a glass motif chapter.
  • Resulting glyph levels will be shown in Enchanting Potency Runestone tooltips.
  • ***BETA: Skill Coefficients***
    Added basic skill coefficient mining with "/uespskillcoef" or "/usc". The equation for the base skill tooltip is
                 BaseTooltip = A * Stat + B * Power + C
    where "Stat" is Magicka/Stamina and Power is Spell/Weapon Damage. The A/B/C parameters are not exposed in the game's API so must be calculated indirectly. The usual way to calculate these parameters is to record several different Tooltip/Stat/Power value combinations and do a "best fit" calculation. The "/uespskillcoef" command encapsulates all the math so all you have to do is provide several different Stat/Power combinations and "/uespskillcoef" will return the A/B/C parameters along with an "R" parameter (R-squared) indicating how accurate the fit is. An R value of "1" indicates a perfect fit with lower values indicates a worse fit.

    The /uespsavecoef (or /usc) command has the following parameters:
                 /usc save          	Save current skill data for the character. Note that only purchased skills
    									will be saved. All 3 versions of each skill will be saved (original and two morphs).
    									Note that logging out or "/reloadui" will clear the saved skill data.
                 /usc calc          	Calculate coefficients using previously saved skill data and store
    									coefficient data in the log. The "tempData" section of the saved
    									variables will also contain a CSV version of the coefficient data.
                 /usc coef [name]   	Shows the calculated coefficients for the given skill name.
                 /usc coef [id]     	Shows the calculated coefficients for the given skill ID.
                 /usc status        	Current status of saved skill data.
                 /usc clear         	Resets the saved skill data. Note that logging out or "/reloadui" will
    									also clear the saved skill data.
                 /usc savewyk [prefix] [start] [end]  
    									Saves skill data using Wykkyd's Outfitter add-on. 
    												ex: /usc savewyk Test 1 9
    									would try to load the sets 'Test1'...'Test9' and save the skill data
    									for each of them.
                 /usc stop           Stops a Wykkyd item set save in progress.
    The quality of the skill coefficients depend on the number and variety of stat/power combinations saved with "/usc save". A minimum of 3 saved sets are needed but in general you want many more. Ideally you want to vary all stats (Stamina, Magicka, Spell Damage, Weapon Damage) as much as possible to get more accurate results. To capture more data also vary things like armor types and weapon types as much as possible.

    The general procedure to accurately record/calculate skill coefficients is:
    1. Reset all champion points.
    2. Reset all skills.
    3. Purchase the base rank of all passives.
    4. Remove all skills from both ability bars.
    5. Equip/unequip items to change stats.
    6. Wait at least 5 seconds after changing equipment to let the game correctly update the skill values.
    7. Run "/usc save".
    8. Repeat steps 5-7 for 10 or more different stat combinations (magicka, stamina, spell/weapon damage).
    9. Run "/usc calc".
    10. Run "/reloadui" or logout to update the saved variables.
    11. Upload the saved variable file or copy/paste the coefficient data from the "tempData" section.

    Uploaded and parsed skill coefficient data can be found at http://esolog.uesp.net/viewSkillCoef.php or in the mined skills database at http://esoitem.uesp.net/viewlog.php?record=minedSkills
  • ***BETA: Offline Character Data***
    Expanding on the recent "Build Data" uespLog now has the option to automatically record more character data in order to view it offline. By default this feature is disabled. It can be enabled by the command:
                  /uespchardata on   		(or	/ucd on)
    When enabled character data will be saved whenever logging out, quitting or UI reloads.

    Character data uploading can be done the same way as build data:
    1. 1. On Windows use the included uespLogMonitor program to automatically upload data.
    2. 2. Use the http://esolog.uesp.net/submit.php form to manually upload all log, build, and character data.
    3. 3. Use the http://esochars.uesp.net/submit.php form to manually upload build and character data.

    Once uploaded the characters can be viewed at: http://esochars.uesp.net
                    /ucd							  Short command name
                    /uespchardata [on/off]            Turn automatic saving on/off (default off)
                    /uespchardata save                Manually save the character data
                    /uespchardata password [text]     Change the character data password
                    /uespchardata password clear      Set no password
    PASSWORDS: You can and should set a character data password with the command:
                    /uespchardata password [text]
    By default there is no password which means anyone can potentially upload and overwrite your character data. If a password is set then only uploads with that password will be permitted. You can clear a set password with "/uespchardata password clear".

    Data saved by the offline character data system includes:
    • All skills/abilities/champion points and character stats
    • All characters on account (you must login with each character to save it)
    • Equipped items
    • Character and bank inventory
    • View combined account wide inventory of all characters + bank
    • Crafting motifs learned
    • Crafting traits researched
    • Current status of crafting research (automatically updates research finish date/time)

v0.50 - 17 December 2015
  • REQUIRED UPDATE: uespLogMonitor updated to v0.20 to include the character build data upload and some critical related bug fixes.
  • Fixed known/unknown display of the Mercenary style motifs. While the base game API is is still bugged for this style (it always says the style/chapter is unknown), uespLog now manually tracks the mercenary style. To setup simply visit a blacksmith and a woodworking station for the add-on to automatically save your currently known mercenary chapters. This will be saved between sessions and updated automatically when you read a new mercenary chapter. If the status of a mercenary motif is uncertain no text/icon will be displayed.
  • Added the /uespstyle command for displaying which chapters of a particular motif are known or unknown.
    /uespstyle [stylename] Shows which chapters you currently know or not
    /uespstyle list Shows all the style names accepted by the command
  • CHARACTER BUILD SAVING (needs testing): A new feature which permits the saving of character build data (equipment, action barsskills, champion points, buffs, etc...) and the uploading of the build data to the UESP.net website for display (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData).
    For more detailed instructions see: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/UESPWiki:EsoCharData
    To Save Characters: Use the /uespsavebuild (or /usb) command in the game:
    /usb [buildname] Saves the character data
    /usb forcesave [buildname] Saves data and ignores any errors
    /usb status Shows how many saved builds are in the log
    /usb clear Deletes all builds currently in the log
    To Upload Characters:
    On PC/Windows you can use the included uespLogMonitor program to automatically
    upload the saved build data when the uespLog saved variable file is updated.
    http://esolog.uesp.net/submit.php Uploads all logged and character data from a saved variable file.
    http://esobuilds.uesp.net/submit.php Uploads just the build data from a saved variable file.
    Submit bugs and feature requests to @Reorx in game or at http://www.uesp.net/wiki/UESPWiki_talk:EsoCharData

v0.41 - 2 December 2015
  • Added some more Orsinium mobs to ignore when logging.
  • Fixed logging of hireling mail items (properly logs hireling type).
  • Added new/missing style icons.
  • Removed the "Craft completed..." log message if no inspiration was gained.
  • Tweaked inventory style/trait icon positions.
  • Added the /uesplorebook (/ulb) command. This turns the various "Lorebook Learned"
    messages seen at the top of the window on/off as follows:
    /uesplorebook Display status
    /uesplorebook help Display basic help
    /uesplorebook on Display all lorebook messages (default)
    /uesplorebook off Only display Mages Guild related lorebook messages
  • Fixed issue with message if you looted something at the same time as a group member.
  • Zipped install file includes the root folder "uespLog".

v0.40 - 2 November 2015
  • Ability icons are logged in skill dumps with the new GetAbilityIcon(abilityId) function.
  • Added new item sub-types for V15/V16 equipment for item mining.
  • Added some creatures to ignore from the Imperial City.
  • "/uespdump globals" now works with private functions with numbers in their name.
  • Trait display fixed for Nirnhoned items currently being researched.
  • Tweaked looting messages and included Safeboxes in logged data.
  • Added the /uesptreasuretimer (or /utt) for keeping track of looted containers. Once a
    container (chest, heavy sack, or safebox) is looted a timer will start and notify you
    with a chat message in a given amount of time. Current defaults are 2 minutes (120 sec)
    which works for chests in delves but may be too short for other containers in some zones.
    /utt : Shows the current status
    /utt [on/off] : Turns the timer on/off (default is off)
    /utt [name]: Shows the timer length for the given container name.
    : Valid names are: Chest, Heavy Sack, Safebox
    /utt [name] [duration] : Set the duration in seconds for the given container.
  • Added more options to "/uespdump skills" to make it easier to dump partial skill logs for
    a certain class/race.
  • The "/umi idcheck" was changed to do an iterative check instead of trying to do it all at
    once which resulted in a game crash. Now when run it will check 5000 items every 2 secs
    until finished. It cannot be stopped/interrupted once started.
  • Added the "/umi quick [on/off]" option for mining items. Only mines/logs the normal v16
    version of each item.
  • Fixed item links with no name showing (for Orsinium PTS).
  • Added Orsinium mobs to ignore when logging.

v0.30 - 30 Aug 2015
  • Tweaked /uesptime output, added day of month and adjusted moon phase calculation.
  • Online game time can be seen at: http://content3.uesp.net/esoclock/esoclock.php
  • Update API version to 1000012.
  • Telvar stones gained/lost will be shown if debug output is on.
  • Added style icons for the new Glass/Xivkyn styles.
  • Added the "/uespd [cmd]" (or "/ud [cmd]") command which is a short form for "/script d([cmd])".
  • "/upf" is now a short form for "/uesppvp showfights".
  • "/ue" is now a short form for "/uespenl".
  • All colored text is closed by a "|r" to make sure it doesn't 'leak',
  • Added known/unknown display to motif tooltips and rows.
    - Tweak position of style/known icons in lists.
  • Changed the skill dump command and output. Now outputs a lot more information to the log.
    Now has the format:
    /uespdump skills
    /uespdump skills [basic/progression/learned/types/all] [note]

v0.26 - 31 July 2015
  • Fixed another crash bug when the guild store is first opened.
  • Style of rings and necklaces will no longer be shown.
  • Item tooltips for stacks of items in the guild store include a "price per item" line.

v0.25 - 30 July 3015
  • Add "/uespdump skills".
  • Fix bug with negative xp values sometimes displayed.
  • Added the "/uespenl" command to show the character's enlightenment pool.
  • Added viewing of PVP events toggled by the "/uesppvp on/off" command (default is off).
    This is currently in testing and may be a bit spammy if you are in an active campaign.
  • "/uesppvp showfights" will show all known fights in the current campaign.
  • Fixed bug that results in a very large saved variable file.
  • Fixed more crash bugs related to the guild store.
  • Tweaked startup message.

v0.24 - 27 July 2015
  • Fixed item mining due to new item link format (1 more unknown data field).
  • Added a basic settings menu using LibAddonMenu-2.0. Settings can
    be accessed through the game's Settings--Addon menu or via "/uespset".
  • Bundled uespLogMonitor updated to v0.16 (minor performance based improvements).
  • Added the "/uespreset log" option to reset just the normal logged data section.
  • Fixed display issue when turning crafting display on/off.
  • Removed the autoloot function since ingredients don't have levels after update #6.
  • Provisional ingredients updated from update #6.
  • Item style text/icon only displayed for weapons and armors.
  • Craft/trait/style info is now shown in the guild trader windows.
  • Added the "/uespmineitems idcheck" command. Simply loops through all IDs and checks
    if it is a valid item or not and outputs a list of valid item ID ranges to the log.
  • Added basic icons for Yokudan and Akaviri styles.
  • Updated the experience messages. Veteran players will no longer receive the double
    experience debug message.
  • Fixed game crash bug when trying to buy a horse.
  • Fixed a game crash bug when using a quartermaster in Cyrodiil.
  • Gold stolen from safeboxes will now be displayed.
  • Shortened/tweaked the log message displayed in the chat window.
  • Fixed the trait known/unknown display for nirnhoned items.

v0.23 - 3 June 2015
  • Fixed bug with Justice System / bounty error (no longer errors out when a guard acosts you).

v0.22 - 11 March 2015
  • Added "/uespmail deletenotify on|off" to turn the mail delete notification prompt on/off.
  • Created item links use the item's name if available and valid.
  • Added the "/uespcomparelink" (/ucl) command for testing item link comparisons.
  • Added more data to the show item info output and item data logs.
  • Warning is shown if any section data exceeds 65000 elements. The game seems to truncate
    arrays loaded from the saved variables to under ~65540 elements.
  • Added the "/uespmineitem autostart [id]" mode. In this mode the item-miner will create 50000
    log entries before automatically reloading the UI, resetting the logged data and continuing.
    It will stop when you do "/uespmineitem stop" or the itemId reaches 100000.
  • Changed color of item mining output to be more unique.
  • Added the "/uespmineitem qualitymap".
  • Added the "/uespmineitem subtype [number]" for only mining items of a certain type.
  • Added the "/ut" shortcut for "/uesptime".
  • Added the "/uespmakeenchant" (/ume) command.
  • Fixed showing and logging of item trait abilities (crafted potions).
  • Fixed crash on looting items from Update 6.
  • Fixed crash due to renamed INTERACT_WINDOW object.
  • Changed API version to 100011.
  • Fixed issue with autolooting.

v0.21 - 17 November 2014
  • Fixed "/uespdump achievements" due to removed function.
  • Fixed issue with facial animations.
  • More conversation data is now logged.
  • Added Dwemer style icon.
  • The "Show Item Info" context menu works in more places now.
  • "Show Item Info" displays much more item information.
  • Much more item information is now logged.
  • If you receive a "Low LUA Memory" warning you can try to increase the "LuaMemoryLimitMB"
    parameter in the UserSettings.txt file.
  • Dumping globals works better. Removed duplicate entries and unecessary objects. Userdata
    objects now dumped. Duplicate "classes" no longer dumped to save space.
  • Dump globals now outputs the string for SI_* values.
  • Added a method to iteratively dump all the global objects.
    /uespdump globals [maxlevel] Normal method all at once
    /uespdump globals start [maxlevel] Start iterative dumping
    /uespdump globals stop Stop iterative dumping
    /uespdump globals status Current status of iterative dump
  • Started work on "/uespmineitems" (/umi) for mining item data. Use with caution as it can easily
    crash your client.
    /uespmineitems [itemId]
    /uespmineitems status
    /uespmineitems start [startItemId]
    /uespmineitems stop
    ItemIds are just numbers from 1-100000.
  • BUG: Sometimes the saved variable data gets corrupted. This seems to occur during a global
    dump on rare occasions and is most likely an ESO/LUA engine bug. Use "/uespreset all" to
    clear the saved variable data back to an empty state which can usually fix this.
  • Added short initialization message on startup.

v0.20 - 4 November 2014
  • Fixed updated GetNumLastCraftingResultItemsAndPenalty() function.
  • Updated API to 100010.
  • Fix the CSV export utility.
  • Attempted fix to replace the now remove 'reticleover' target position (uses the player position instead).
  • Show item info fixed (updated new function names).

v0.19 - 21 August 2014
  • Changed API version to 100008.
  • Fixed crash when using "/uespdump inventory" due to API change.
  • Fixed "nil string" crash bug due to strings over 1999 bytes being output to the saved variable file. Long strings are split.

v0.18 - 2 July 2014
  • Items linked in chat messages are logged.
  • Items looted from mail messages are logged.
  • Added a simple craft inspiration summation meter.
    - Reset via: /uespreset inspiration
    - Check via: /uespcount inspiration
  • Item information shows the weapon and armor types.
  • Added "/uesptime calibrate" to help with time calibration and testing.
  • Improved the game time estimation.
  • Changed API version to 100007.
  • Added check to prevent NIL string outputs to log data.

v0.17 - 24 May 2014
  • Always loot plump worms and crawdads (so flower nodes disappear when looted).
  • Fix crash when autolooting quest items.
  • Fixed display of pepper ingredient.
  • Upgraded to 100004 API version for Craglorn.

v0.16 - 19 May 2014
  • Fixed display of the "Show Item Info" menu item.
  • Ingredient and style information shown in tooltip from a clicked item link (trait info can't be shown).
  • Tweaked looting messages.
  • Game language added to all log data.
  • Footlockers now close properly when autoloot is on.

v0.15 - 18 May 2014
  • Added the "/uespdump smith|smithset" commands
    - Dumps all smithable items to log when using an appropriate crafting station
  • Adds a right-click "Link in Chat" menu option to popup item link
  • Adds a right-click "Show Item Info" menu option on inventory lists and item popups
  • Added the "/uespmakelink" (/uml) command
    - Format: /uespmakelink ID LEVEL SUBTYPE
    - ID is required but LEVEL/SUBTYPE are optional
    - For SUBTYPE description see http://www.uesp.net/wiki/User:Daveh/ESO_Notes#Item_Link_Format
  • Fixed crash when looting some resources in non-english versions of the game
  • Added the "/uespcharinfo" (/uci) command
  • Added logging of veteran and alliance points
  • Trade skill information display:
    - Use "/uespcraft" to turn various components of the display on/off
    - Shows provisioning level of ingredients in inventory lists and tooltips
    - Color codes blue/purple ingredients
    - Shows whether recipe is known or not in inventory lists (english only at the moment)
    - Shows whether weapon/armor trait is known or not in inventory lists and tooltips
    - Shows the item style in inventory lists and tooltips
    - Provides a similar function as the Show Motifs add-on
    - Compatible and similar function as the SousChef add-on
    - Compatible and similar function as the ResearchAssistant add-on+
  • In Testing: Added autolooting of provisioning ingredients:
    - Only loot ingredients more than a specific level
    - Auto loot all other items and money
    - Turn off theloot in the game options to use
    - Use "/uespcraft autoloot on/off" to enable (initially disabled)
    - Use "/uespcraft minprovlevel [level]" to set which level of ingredients to autoloot
    - Normal ingredient level is 1-6, 100 for blue ingredients and 101 for purple
    - Displays a "Skipped..." message for items not looted
    - Skipped provisioning items remain in the container

v0.14 - 2 May 2014
  • Fixed item link/name display for crafted items
  • Better logging of resource node positions
  • Distinguish between group and self loot event
  • Added estimated game time and moon phase for /uesptime
  • Added /uespcount traits
  • Added XP display and logging
  • Improved display of item links
  • Added MG/HP/ST/UT change display in debug output mode
  • More colors (disable color messages with /uespcolor off)

v0.13a - 15 April 2014
  • uespLogMonitor: Fixed incorrect use of blank account names

v0.13 - 15 April 2014
  • Shows inspiration for crafting events
  • Shows the link for crafted items
  • Added the /uespresearch command
  • Added some messages in custom colors
  • Added the /uespcolor on|off command
  • uespLogMonitor: Fixed escape issue
  • uespLogMonitor: Fixed issue not sending log entries with "blank" section in saved variable file
  • uespLogMonitor: Log file is appended to and more things output to it
  • uespLogMonitor: Added two file menu commands
  • Fixed logging of target positions

v0.12 - 8 April 2014
  • Added /uesptime command
  • Log change in skill points (for quest rewards)
  • Now logs maximum HP/MG/ST for NPC targets
  • Logs lock quality on chests
  • Coordinates shown in bottom left on map in range (0,0) to (1,1)
  • Added 'recipes' and 'achievements' options to /uespcount
  • Added the 'extra' option to /uespdebug for testing purposes

v0.11a - 31 March 2014
  • Removed money messages used for testing

v0.11 - 31 March 2014
  • Added a list of common NPCs to ignore (Rat, Mudcrab, Familiar, etc...)
  • Removed inventory update message
  • Fixed crash when using /uesplog on/off
  • Tweaked some messages
  • Gold looted and gold quest rewards are now logged

v0.10 - 30 March 2014
  • First release (earlier versions were for beta)
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Unread 04/25/17, 06:53 PM  
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UESP Monitor has stopped working

As stated above the UESP Monitor has stopped working, and I'm not sure why.

I have eight characters and I'm using the UespLogAddOn to capture their build data, and then the Uesp Monitor to upload it into the ESO Build Editor.

And it worked perfectly for the first two characters. But then it just stopped working.

I've captured the build data for my third and fourth character, and i can see it in the log file, but when I run the Monitor programme it says it has uploaded the data, but when I go to View My Builds only my first tow character builds appear, and I can't work out why. I can't see any error messages everything seems to have worked just as it did for the first two builds, but the third and fourth builds just aren't there.

Any idea's?
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Unread 04/17/17, 05:17 PM  
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Originally Posted by preynolds2
Is anyone paying any attention to these comments??

No replies.

My problem being... I've turned Everything off in the settings to try to NOT get the extra displays of extra items in certain menus. Such as.. In the 'deconstruct' menu. Nothing I do (other than completely disabling the addon) will remove the extra displays of items.
What do you mean by "Extra display of items" exactly?
Daveh -- Founder/Admin of UESP.net
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Unread 04/17/17, 05:16 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Originally Posted by Nerevar-Telvanni
This there a way to only show text, while using the Item Style/Trait Display?
I noticed that using the grid view from the Inventory Grid View add-on creates a visual bug, with the style and trait icons.

You can select either the inventory icons or the tooltip text (or both) in the 1.01 update for Homestead.
Daveh -- Founder/Admin of UESP.net
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Unread 04/13/17, 09:04 AM  

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Is anyone paying any attention to these comments??

No replies.

My problem being... I've turned Everything off in the settings to try to NOT get the extra displays of extra items in certain menus. Such as.. In the 'deconstruct' menu. Nothing I do (other than completely disabling the addon) will remove the extra displays of items.
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Unread 04/09/17, 11:30 PM  

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Post Awesome!

I love this, it makes the game very different & amusing.
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Unread 02/22/17, 07:12 PM  

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This there a way to only show text, while using the Item Style/Trait Display?
I noticed that using the grid view from the Inventory Grid View add-on creates a visual bug, with the style and trait icons.

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Unread 02/18/17, 11:56 AM  
Scharesoft's Avatar

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There is currently a problem with the dialogs. The lips do not move and the dialogue starts late.

I'm using the latest uespLog and the German version of ESO.
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Unread 07/06/16, 04:56 AM  

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Addon causing the game to Crash To Desktop

I finally narrowed it down to this addon (as it was the only one I still had enabled). Whenever I try to stow a deployed siege item (ballista, oil, trebuchet, catapault - never tried a ram) my game CTD's. This also happens when attempting to purchase siege from a vendor. It does not happen when moving siege back and forth between my bags and bank.

I don't have any LUA error to report as the game immediately CTD's.
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Unread 05/31/16, 07:57 AM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Thanks for the note...sorry I didn't see it earlier. I'm uploading v0.70 of uespLog today that should fix all DB related issues.
Daveh -- Founder/Admin of UESP.net
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Unread 05/26/16, 08:42 PM  

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Error on Load in Dark Brotherhood PST

When attempting to load the uespLog add-on in the Dark Brotherhood PST, the add-on fails to initialize, as documented in Bug #1729. Upon reloading the UI, the following error is generated:

user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLogUI.lua:542: function expected instead of nilstack traceback:
user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLogUI.lua:542: in function 'uespLog.GetStatText'
user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLogUI.lua:571: in function 'uespLog.GetCharInfoText'
user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLogUI.lua:244: in function 'uespLog.InitOptionControlsData'
user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLogUI.lua:32: in function 'uespLog.InitSettingsMenu'
user:/AddOns/uespLog/uespLog.lua:1772: in function 'uespLog.Initialize'
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