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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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EZReport  Updated this week!
Version: 1.08
by: Phinix [More]

Report bots, cheaters, and toxic players from a distance with a single click!

NEW: Now comes with a graphical interface which lets you browse all previous reports by account or character name or the location reported, delete individual entries, or text copy entire reports to paste elsewhere (such as support emails).

Chat commands:
/ezreport - Toggle the user interface (can also set a keybind for this).
/ezreport "@accountname" - Show entire reporting history for an account in chat.
/ezreport "character" - Show entire reporting history for a character in chat.

Many addon settings for customizing icon colors and information display, including an optional 'Reporting Cooldown Mode' which lets you block reporting the same character within a 24 hour period so you can spam the report button on a cluster of bots and know you will never waste your time reporting the same one twice (as the report interface won't even come up if the selected player was already reported and this option is on).

Overview of features and options:
  • Report last targeted character with the push of a button.
  • Auto-fill in report fields according to preset options (still must hit 'Submit').
  • Addon populates text field with target player location, coordinates, timestamp, character name, history, etc.
  • Optionally show reason reported icon and last reported timestamp on target frames.
  • Enable Reporting Cooldown Mode, preventing report window opening when player already reported within 24 hours.
    Allows you to spam the report button on a group of bots to easilly get them all!
  • Show list of previous reported alts and report reason on the report player interface.
  • NEW: Graphical interface for browsing report history, deleting entries, or text copying reports.
  • Show @account/character reporting history using keybind or chat command.
  • Keeps a history of every time you report an account/character, and updates if they change account ID's!
    Bots will now have to PAY FOR A NAME CHANGE to hide from this addon's history!
  • Adds icons and auto-configuration to the reporting interface for ease of use and convenience.
  • Set a default reporting category to auto-select when opening the report interface from the keybind.
  • Set a default reporting reason to auto-populate the report text entry field.
  • Many options to customize appearance and behavior.

Translations needed! (Feel free to PM me if you can help.)

Please read the donate tab!

Click here to view my other addons, or view my Skyrim mods here.
Version 1.08:
  • Changed behavior of clicking database entries to allow the following actions:
    Left-click to view all entries for the selected character.
    Shift+Left-click to view all entries for the selected account.
    Right-click to delete selected entry.

Version 1.07:
  • Corrected a couple rare nil value errors which could occur on updating or on character load.

Version 1.06:
  • Added sanity check to prevent rare nil value error on target change.

Version 1.05:
  • New GUI for displaying selectable text of report history for copy/paste into other applications/web reports, and for removing individual database entries. Allows browsing past reports by account, character name, or report location, sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Added option to include date, time, and name/account data about previous reports of the current character or known alts when sending a report.
  • Fixed manual reports not always saving name or moving to known accounts properly.
  • Fixed reporting hour off by 1 (and 0 at 12pm) when using am/pm time stamp and reporting at/after 12pm.
  • Many formatting, optimization, and other cosmetic/functionality changes and bug fixes.
NOTE: It is recommended to clear out your report database from addon settings when updating to 1.05 from previous versions, so that the database contains all the information for report locations. However, it is possible to keep your old report data as the addon will migrate this to the new format. You will see an "Unavailable" entry under the list of zones when viewing reports by location in the UI which contains all this older data.

Version 1.04:
  • Overhauled the database and how the addon stores data. It will now keep a log of every time you report the same character/account. It is also intelligent enough to see if a character name was reported but the account name was changed, and will update the database automatically, keeping a record of past account ID's.
  • Added a new option to bind a key to show the entire report history in chat for your current target.
  • Also added chat commands to show the report history: Use /ezreport "@accountname" or /ezreport "character" to print the entire history of reports to chat.
The chat history will make it easy to send a detailed list of what bots have been running for how many months worth of reports so ZOS can prioritize who to BAN FOREVER!

It will also show them the history of all the times they changed account ID's trying to hide from justice!

Bots will now have to PAY FOR NAME CHANGES in order to hide from this addon!

Version 1.03:
  • Minor localization change (replaced incorrect translation of 'botting').

Version 1.02:
  • Minor formatting and code maintenance.

Version 1.01:
  • Fixed error on mouse-over target in non-English language client.
  • Added option to choose 12 hour time (am/pm) or 24 hour 'military time' for timestamp format.
  • Added localization for German and French (machine translated, needs human improvement).
  • Cleaned up some language-related functions.

Version 1.0:
  • Initial release.
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Thanks, fixed. :)

Thanks for the report; I fixed this in 1.01 (just uploaded). I also added French and German language support (needs better/human translation though) plus an option to format timestamps using either 12 hour time (hour plus AM or PM) or 24 hour 'military time' format.
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Unread 11/07/17, 11:45 PM  
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in french game...

user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZUtility.lua:81: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZUtility.lua:81: in function 'GetDateTime'
user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZUtility.lua:147: in function 'EZReport.GetTargetInfo'
user:/AddOns/EZReport/EZReport.lua:52: in function 'OnTargetChanged'
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