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Summerset (4.0)
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xTG Immersive Interface  New this week!
Version: 0.0.1.c
by: xTG [More]
Addon description

Immersive Interface try to give you more immersion in hidding UI elements to let you appreciate the beauty of the ESO world.
Fighting will be more elegant with the addition of heartbeat system to show your health status.
More you are close to death, more the heartbeat will be intense.


Immersive Interface tente d'apporter plus d'immersion au jeu en vous cachant des éléments d'interface afin de vous laisser profiter de la beauté du monde qui vous entoure.
Le combat devient lui aussi plus naturel avec le remplacement de la barre de points de vie par un système de battement de cœur.
Plus votre personnage se rapproche de la mort et plus les battements seront intenses et votre écran teinté de sang.

Features :
  • Hide UI (fully customizable)
    • Quest tracker
    • Compass
    • skill bar
    • HP/MP/Stamina bar
    • Target frame
    • Equipment status
  • Health
    • Heartbeat system that pulse more as you get close to death
    • Teinted red screen if you get below a critical threshold

Console command :
ii_toggle : activate / deactivate the interface (can also be call by a keybind)

Complete your immersion with / Complétez votre immersion avec :
Immersive Interactions by eventHandler

Todo :
  • Stamina system
  • Mana system
  • Groups / Raid UI

Thanks to :
Bethesda to have made a so beautiful game.
Ryan Lakanen for LibAddonMenu-2.0 and LibStub
Rhynchelma and Kwisatz for traductions.
v0.0.1.c :
- Keybind correction (the good one...)
- English translation by Rhynchelma
- Spanish translation by Kwisatz
v0.0.1.b :
- Keybind correction
- syntax error when in fight
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I really like the concept of this addon, but it still needs a lot of work.

1. The red tinted screen is super unimmersive when it's flashing: maybe have it fade in and out, and have it something like the link below?
Link: https://i.imgur.com/97ljD19.png
2. It'd be nice to separately hide/show the HP,MP and Stamina bars independently from each other.
3. It'd be really nice to be able to hide specific UI of other addons, but I think this might be impossible?
4. The UI that isn't hidden shows up in menu and inventory screens; possible glitch?

Otherwise, I really liked testing this; hope it gets somewhere!
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