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Shadows of the Hist (2.5)
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ESO Daily Quest Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: v0.3c
by: Phinix [More]
ESO Daily Quest Tracker

IMPORTANT NOTE: Daily reset notification and quest indicators will not be reliable until you have selected YOUR local reset time in the addon settings (account-wide, only needs to be done once). Daily reset occurs at 2am EDT/11pm PDT (during Daylight Savings) or 1am EST/10pm PST (after Daylight Savings ends). It is currently NOT Daylight Savings. You will need to calculate your local reset time based on the above information (or personal experience). This site may help.

ESO Daily Quest Tracker will notify you when daily quests have reset. It can also show you per-character which crafting writs and Wrothgar world boss dailies have already been completed on the current character. Many options for customization are available including:
  • Moveable, key-bindable, resizeable icon strips for crafting writs and Wrothgar daily status.
  • Alternative slash command toggles: /dqtcrafting and /dqtwrothgar.
  • Shift-click individual indicator to toggle completed/not completed.
  • Helpful tooltip information about boss, quest objective, writ availability, etc.
  • Displays "Daily quests are now reset!" system message if you are logged in during reset.

FUTURE PLANS: This addon is currently in beta. Please report any and all issues you encounter. I plan to include Undaunted dailes and Wrothgar delves (all boss dailies already covered), and welcome any other suggestions.

English, French, and German currently supported (need better German and French translations).

Click here to view my other addons, or view my Skyrim mods here.
Version 0.3c:
- Updated LibAddonMenu to r22.

Version 0.3b:
- Updated API to latest.
- Updated libraries to latest.

Version 0.3beta:
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause crafting status not to show completed if you reset the addon saved variables after picking up a writ.

Version 0.2beta:
  • Switched reset time tracking variables to global account table and added year ~= 0 check to reset timer tracking to prevent reset of status when switching to uninitialized characters.
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Unread 06/20/17, 02:45 PM  

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Update, please!

I would love to see this addon get updated & make a return.
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Unread 04/06/17, 11:16 AM  

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Originally Posted by Kenza
Any chance of this addon getting updated? Perhaps with options for other common dailies? Or is there another addon that does this now?
I would love to know if this would get updated or if there is another addon for the other dailies as well.
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Unread 03/11/17, 04:42 PM  

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Any chance of this addon getting updated? Perhaps with options for other common dailies? Or is there another addon that does this now?
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Unread 02/28/17, 10:37 AM  
CFMcghee's Avatar

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Not Working

This addon does not display any information as of 2.7.8
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Unread 09/19/16, 07:20 PM  

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Hi, I like this addon thank you for making it! Is it possible to somehow make a page/window of all the characters so I don't have to be logged in to see if I've done the writs or not?
Thanks for your time!
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Unread 08/25/16, 10:20 AM  

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any chance you could add Gold Coast dailies? I know there is only two, but i still mess them up when i do it on all my characters
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Unread 08/06/16, 02:56 PM  

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Feature request

Thanks for the update!

Would it be possible to add the Daily TG Heist and/or Daily DB Dark Sacrament quests?
This is a great addon, thanks so much for making it
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Unread 03/04/16, 05:59 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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If is possible to make color of icons configurable? Or include several styles. Just dimmed "completed" crafting icon is not really different from "available" icon, having it in yellow color would be much better IMHO. Otherwise seems to be working as expected, thanks a lot!

Oh, btw, also an option to autohide it when you are in menu would be helpful too. I have positioned two icon frames at the very bottom of my screen and it overlaps with buttons when I'm trading or in bank menu for instance.
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Unread 02/26/16, 08:31 PM  

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I have this installed and I have tried the slash commands and setting the daily quest tracker to auto show but nothing ever shows up. I see no window or anything. Anyone else having this issue?
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Unread 02/09/16, 11:54 AM  

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Exactly what I needed! Big thanks.

Would it be possible to add a hide for Wrothgar dailies while out of Wrothgar?
Last edited by Martan : 02/09/16 at 12:14 PM.
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Unread 02/06/16, 08:12 AM  

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hi there

love the addon but HOW the hell do you move it its stuck there in the left upper corner and i cant find a way to move it

aaah found it but is there some way to include the daily delve to????
Last edited by justo : 02/06/16 at 12:17 PM.
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Unread 12/31/15, 11:38 AM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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OK then - Craglorn Dailies, datamined: (This may not be all of them; there are more quests in Craglorn but I'm not sure if they're dailies or not)

"Critical Mass"/"Masse critique"/"Kritische Masse"
"Supreme Power"/"Puissance supérieure"/"Unbeschreibliche Macht"
"The Fallen City of Shada"/"La cité perdue de Shada"/"Die gefallene Stadt Shada"
"The Seeker's Archive"/"L'Archive des Sourciers"/"Das Archiv des Suchers"
"The Trials of Rahni'Za"/"Les épreuves de Rahni'Za"/"Die Prüfungen von Rahni'Za"

"Iron and Scales"/"Fer et écailles"/"Eisen und Schuppen"
"Souls of the Betrayed"/"Les âmes des trahis"/"Die Seelen der Verratenen"
"Taken Alive"/"Capturés vivants"/"Lebendig gefangen"
"The Blood of Nirn"/"Le sang de Nirn"/"Das Blut Nirns"
"The Gray Passage"/"Passage gris"/"Der Graue Lauf"
"The Truer Fangs"/"Les crocs ajustés"/"Die wahren Giftzähne"

If anyone knows of other dailies in Craglorn (in any language), post the name and I can datamine the other languages
ESOTU Community Ambassador

UESP: The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages - A collaborative source for all knowledge on the Elder Scrolls series since 1995
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Unread 12/13/15, 04:08 PM  
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Thanks for the information, Wandamey.

It is good to know that these quests do in fact follow a fixed cycle. It would still be quite fun to track that cycle however, as you would need to have a timestamp for each individual one for each character, since you could of course take a day or more between picking them up, and individual quest time stamps would be the only way to determine the current quest before you grab it (current time - most recent quest stamp).

The idea to set available on pickup is a good one and I will definitely add that ASAP.
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Unread 12/11/15, 11:58 AM  

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Hi again,

I've messed with a few chars over 2 days of writs (i did update my last post with day 1 - results yesterday)

So far all I can tell is that all quests except alchemy are linked together and cycle in a fix order over 3 days
example if you have to craft shoes, you'll have to craft greatswords, desto staves, glyph of health, and potato (for AD or Corn for EP) and the next day you'll have robe, sword, resto staff etc...

How the cycle starts is still unclear. Maybe it's random, maybe it's based on a combo race+alliance (none of them alone) It'll be safer to consider it random, and it wouldnt really be of any use if it were different.

alchemy quests however : health, stamina, magicka + 1 ravage.

I cant tell yet if they cycle in order over 4 days, or if they are random, or if they cycle on the 3 positive effects and the ravage replace it randomly.
But unless they cycle over 4 days, it'll screw your results from time to time for sure. More results tomorrow.

Edit Day 3 : It's a 4 days cycle for alchemy so you should be able to make the check if you ever decided it's worth it.

Note that your addon never corrects the completion state on its own, we have to use shift click at some point if we installed it while a quest from a former day was already active. Even if there is no way to tell what quest it was in this case, you should force the "uncomplete" state at least on quest pick up. It would be easy to do and 100% reliable, to synchro the data. (it's not super intuitive that shift+click, and you know how nobody ever read the normal text in a description - me included)
Last edited by : 12/12/15 at 08:01 AM.
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Unread 12/10/15, 11:12 AM  
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Originally Posted by Kenzo

since i'm using this addon i got stucked sometimes in loading screen, this happens in the last 2 days 4-5 times. Without the addon it's allright.
Intermittent infinite load screens has been a problem since ZOS "fixed" the 2+ minute load screens a couple patches ago. It got better after the last patch but still happens randomly. The only fix is to reboot the game.

It seems to happen most often when porting into a busy area. For example, Rawl'kha on AD side, or the wayshrine closest to the daily turn-in in Orsinium.

I don't see how it could be related to this addon though. You could try turning the performance option up to 5000 or more (only checks for update once every 5 seconds), but honestly the number of processing cycles needed to basically check the time and compare it to a stored variable is so low it should have virtually no impact on performance, let alone loading times, since it isn't adding any resources to load.
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