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Aetherius Badge Filter  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.6.12
by: sirinsidiator, Arkadius
Originally a simple addon to filter the different badges on the Aetherius Trade guild roster it has now evolved a bit and is usable for any guild that has an interest in using badges.

The addon will add a new button on the guild roster right of the "Filter By" label, which toggles the badge filter window. It is possible to select multiple badges in the filter list by pressing and holding shift when clicking on an entry.

The slash command "/abf" allows to toggle the window.
It also accepts an additional parameter to access different functions:
  • /abf toggle/show/hide - controls whether the filter window should be shown
  • /abf lock/unlock - allows to (un)lock the position and dimension of the window
  • /abf reset - resets the position and dimension to the default values
  • /abf mode - switches between showing defined and scanned badges
  • /abf help - shows a short summary of available commands

What are badges?

Badges are simply labels with a color format placed in the notes of a guild member. For example |cFF0000My Badge|r is a badge. It is important that it has a "|c", 6 hexadecimal values for the color and the "|r" after the label.
Unlike ranks, badges are a lot more transient and versatile as they are not limited in their number*. They also do not require you to set up any permissions and thanks to the description property you can confer more information about a badge than you can add about a rank. With a good set of badges you can add a lot of value to your guild.

Some examples:
  • Crafting badges allow to easily discern which types of items a member can craft
  • Werewolf and Vampire badges let members know who they can ask when they need a bite
  • An officer badge lets members filter for the upper echelons of the guild
  • Activity based badges can be used to keep track of members that participate in the guild

*Only the number you can award to a single member is limited by the character count of the note

Creating badges for your guild

There are two ways to activate the filter for your guild.

1) You can simply add the name of the addon - Aetherius Badge Filter - with or without spaces to the MotD or About Us section in your guild.
The addon will then activate itself upon detection and show all badges that are found in the roster.
To deactivate it again, you just need to remove the text and it will simply disappear on the next UI reload.
This mode is convenient if you don't want to create a data file, but due to the way it all works you won't be able to define a description for a badge and groups will also be unavailable.

2) You can create a data file that registers your guild name for a server. The filter then automatically scans for these badges and lists them in alphabetic order when the "Show scanned badges" mode is active.
Lua Code:
  1. AetheriusBadgeFilter:RegisterGuild(AetheriusBadgeFilter.SERVER_NA, "Your Guild Name")

In addition you can also define a list of badges with custom order, groups and descriptions in said file, which allows for a more elaborate badge setup in the "Show defined badges" mode.
Lua Code:
  1. AetheriusBadgeFilter:RegisterGuild(AetheriusBadgeFilter.SERVER_EU, "Your Guild Name", {
  2.     {
  3.         badges = {
  4.             {
  5.                 name = "MyBadge", -- mandatory field, this name must match what is used in the badge list
  6.                 description = "My Description", -- optional, shows a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the entry in the filter list
  7.                 color = "FF0000", -- optional, if not specified it will use the first color found in the notes, or a grey color if the badge is not in use
  8.                 relations = {"MyOtherBadge"}, -- optional, allows to show other badges simultaneously when this badge is selected
  9.             },
  10.             {
  11.                 name = "MyOtherBadge",
  12.             },
  13.         }
  14.     },
  15.     {
  16.         name = "MyGroup", -- optional, groups without a name do not have a header. This is only really useful for the first group in the list.
  17.         description = "My Group Description", -- optional, shows a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the entry in the filter list
  18.         badges = {
  19.             {
  20.                 name = "MyGroupBadge",
  21.             },
  22.         }
  23.     },
  24. })
In this mode the order of badges and groups entirely depends on the order you use in the data file.
The example can also be found in _Example.lua in the data folder.

In order to test a newly created data file for yourself, you need to add the path to the end of AetheriusBadgeFilter.txt in the addon folder. Otherwise the game won't load the new file in the data folder. Afterwards you need to reload the UI with the /reloadui slash command. Once you finished testing, upload it somewhere and send me a link. I will then proceed to upload a new version of the addon which contains the data file for your guild.

Supported guilds

EU Megaserver
  • Aetherius Eight
  • Aetherius Guard
  • Aetherius Trade
  • Ars Necandi
  • Bait Trading House
  • Hanedan
  • Imperial Trading Company
  • Just Traders
  • Tamriel Stock Exchange
  • Zenithar's Trading House

NA Megaserver
  • Nightingale's Utopia
v1.6.12 ~ Arkadius
  • added compatibility for patch 2.7: HomeStead

v1.6.11 ~ Arkadius
  • updated data for Ars Necandi
  • updated data for Just Traders
  • updated data for Tamriel Stock Exchange

v1.6.10 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Trade

v1.6.9 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added data for Hanedan
  • updated libraries

v1.6.8 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Imperial Trading Company

v1.6.7 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for ALDMERI

v1.6.6 ~ Arkadius
  • updated data for Bait Trading House

v1.6.5 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Eight

v1.6.4 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for Zenithar's Trading House

v1.6.3 ~ Arkadius
  • added badge definitions for Ars Necandi
  • added badge definitions for Just Traders
  • added badge definitions for Tamriel Stock Exchange
  • added German translations

v1.6.2 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for Bait Trading House
  • updated API version for update 12

v1.6.1 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for Aetherius Guard
  • updated data for Aetherius Eight

v1.6 ~ sirinsidiator
  • fixed badge definition getting wiped when the About Us section or MotD contains "Aetherius Badge Filter" when it is updated
  • updated data for Aetherius Trade
  • updated API version

v1.5.4 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for the Imperial Trading Company

v1.5.3 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Trade

v1.5.2 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Eight

v1.5.1 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Eight
  • updated data for Nightingale's Utopia

v1.5 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge filter usage without a data file
    • to activate it, just add "Aetherius Badge Filter" (with or without spaces) somewhere in the MotD or About Us for your guild
    • if you want to deactivate it again, remove the string and reload the UI
    • the filter will automatically show all found badges
    • if you want description tooltips or groups for your badges, you still need to create and send me a data file
  • added message when no badges are visible in the filter list
  • added option to hide the number of badges in the filter list
  • added support for different servers
  • fixed filter entry not being deselected when clicking it again
  • updated data for Nightingale's Utopia

v1.4.3 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Aetherius Trade

v1.4.2 ~ sirinsidiator
  • updated data for Nightingale's Utopia
  • fixed filters not showing up on the first guild the first time the roster is opened after the UI has been reloaded

v1.4.1 ~ sirinsidiator
  • added badge definitions for Nightingale's Utopia

v1.4 ~ sirinsidiator
  • refactored majority of code
  • made filter window adjustable
  • added member count for each badge
    • NOTE: the shown number may differ from the amount of filter results, because it does not include related badges
  • added button to toggle filter window visibility
  • added menu to switch between scanned and defined badges
  • added support for color field in badge data
  • improved /abf slash command
    • added show, hide, toggle, lock, unlock, mode, refresh, reset and help
    • changed default command to toggle window visibility
  • updated compatibility
    • NOTE: the addon works on live and pts

v1.3: ~ sirinsidiator
  • renamed the addon to "Aetherius Badge Filter" (formerly "Aetherius Trade Badge Filter")
    • IMPORTANT: make sure you remove the old addon folder to avoid conflicts!
  • added multi guild support and moved badge data into dedicated files
  • added badge groups

v1.2: ~ sirinsidiator
  • added descriptions to badges and hid all badges without a description per default
  • added relations to badges (e.g. Craft God will show when filtering for any crafting badge like Master Crafter)
  • added slash command /atbf to toggle showing all badges in the filter list

v1.1: ~ sirinsidiator
  • fixed compatibility issue with Sisshu's Guild Tools
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Originally Posted by Ckau
Возможно ли заставить аддон работать с режимом геймпада?
I don't speak Russian, but if Google Translate is correct, you are asking about a gamepad version?
As I don't play with the gamepad interface myself, I don't have any plans to support it on my own.
If someone wants to contribute gamepad support, they can send a pull request on github.
>siri.exe MyAddon
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There is a typo in there.
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Возможно ли заставить аддон работать с режимом геймпада?
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For adding us, every guild should have this addon
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Thumbs up Awesome!

Awesome addon!
It adds a very useful feature for keeping track of Guildies and it is quite an unique feature for the Guilds that use it.
Thanks a lot for this addon and for supporting other Guilds.
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Cheers for such great addon. Keep up the good work.
I'm not a LUA programmer, i'm just a good system engineer
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Really helpfull addon, big thx to author.
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