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Shadows of the Hist (2.5)
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Trials Weekly Reset Tracker
by: Randactyl [More]
This is a simple way to know if you have weekly coffers available.

You need to have looted a coffer with the addon installed and activated in order to start tracking the cooldown.

Use "/twrt" in chat to see your coffer report. Until you have looted your first coffer with the addon installed, the output will be blank.

The output is for the current character only. This addon will be incorporated into a larger alt focused addon I'm working on, so it is unlikely anything will change in here unless there is a glaring problem.

Example output:

Assaulting the Citadel
- [Warrior's Dulled Coffer] is available!
Into the Maw
- [Mage's Ignorant Coffer] is available!
- [Mage's Knowledgeable Coffer] will be available in 1d 10h 17m 36s.
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Unread 10/09/16, 09:02 PM  
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Any chance of adding a keybinding to post the info?
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Unread 09/04/16, 04:50 AM  

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Perfect addon. Was tired of guessing when each of my characters was ready for their next coffer
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Unread 09/02/16, 04:29 AM  
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Great addon!
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