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One Tamriel (2.6)
Updated:11/30/16 01:33 PM
Created:11/23/16 09:57 AM
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Version: 1.06
by: DaveC524 [More]
Type "/fence" into chat to find out how many sells and launders you have left for the day, when this limit resets, and how many stolen items are in your bag, as well as their total value.
As of update 1.06, there is an optional GUI for those who don't like spamming "/fence" in chat to find out their limits, how many stolen items they have, etc. If you want to disable this feature, go into the addon settings (Settings > Addons > FenceData) and turn OFF the GUI if you prefer command line only.

For users of pChat and possibly other chat addons. You must enable "Compatibility mode" in the FenceData settings to allow chat output to work properly (Settings > Addons > FenceData > Manage Chat)
Version 1.06
-Finally added a draggable GUI!
-First line is sells, second line is launders, third line tells you how many stolen items you have and their sell value
-Added options for those who want to keep the command line only (Settings>Addons>FenceData>Show GUI)
-Added option for those who want to activate "compatibility mode" to solve conflicts with certain chat mods (e.g. pChat)
-Added option to reset the GUI's position in case something goes horribly wrong
-Fixed stolen items in split stacks messing up item cost calculation (oops)
-Removed addon blacklist for chat compatibility because it was redundant (can now be toggled on/off in addon settings)

Version 1.05
-Created a compatibility mode, that removes icons from chat spam to prevent breaking with certain addons (pChat)
-Any loaded addon that is on the blacklist will automatically trigger compatibilty mode

Version 1.04
-Made text readout more attractive, with the inclusion of different colored text, as well as embedded icons

Version 1.03
-Tiny fix to time calculation, to control for edge cases where Zenimax provides junk information (negative time)

Version 1.02
-Now also provides the total number of stolen items in your backpack, as well as the total gold value of those items, assuming they are fenced (including the Haggling bonus from the Thieves Guild skill tree, if you have it)
-Fixed time information from bugging out if Zenimax provides junk information through the API (no longer will it say >5,000,000 hours until reset)
-Added more comments to source code, in case anybody wants to steal a few functions from my code

Version 1.01
-Fixed typo in addon description when viewed in-game
-Code cleanup to prevent adverse reactions with other addons (make everything local instead of global)
-Code cleanup to improve readability

Version 1.0
-Initial release of FenceData
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No problem with recent patches?
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Originally Posted by Skooma Diet
hi, love this little addon but having issues with the updated version.

not sure how to fix it so i've reverted to the previous version, ty and keep up the good work.
Alright, I looked into it, and it seems that pChat breaks the addon As it turns out, the stock ESO chat allows printing of icons, while pChat apparently doesn't jive well with this. I'll see what I can do about this, as pChat seems like a fairly popular addon lol.
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Skooma Diet

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hi, love this little addon but having issues with the updated version.

not sure how to fix it so i've reverted to the previous version, ty and keep up the good work.
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