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Item Finder
Version: 1.04
by: Rhyono [More]
This addon allows you to easily look up any item by name or ID. As an added bonus, it also can attempt to show you all qualities of an item and show you the text makeup of an item's link.

Find Item

/finditem will take the piece(s) of the name you enter and return search results of just those items. This can contain spaces, multiple words, punctuation (such as "mother's sorrow").

The included picture was generated by "/finditem ambrosia recipe"

If you are looking for an item/set of items with the same trait, you can use the "trait:" flag. For example: Night Mother gear in divines could be found with "/finditem night mother trait:divines" You can use partial trait names for convenience. For example "trait:div" It is currently only intended to search for one specific trait at a time.

If you just feel like browsing through a section of items (the limit is 100 at a time because of chat display issues), then you can use "/finditem <start id>" such as "/finditem 64223" to begin browsing data at Psijic Ambrosia Recipe and on.

Note: The item table is rebuilt once per session. It cannot easily be saved for future usage due to size and ZoS updating the items semi-frequently.

Show Item

/showitem does the opposite: it takes an item's ID and returns the item.

Example: /showitem 97243

Break Item

/breakitem will take an item link and dismantle it in your chat input so that you can modify it as you wish or simply read it. Submitting it will reconstruct it back into an item link (with whatever modifications you made being applied).

Example: /breakitem [Dagger]

Grade Item

/gradeitem will attempt to take any item with a changeable quality and output all qualities of the item. Qualities are very complex and poorly documented. This was an afterthought so if it doesn't work on an item, please post the item's data (/breakitem [item_link], then copy what it returns).

Example: /gradeitem [Dagger]

Set Quality/Level

The addon defaults to attempting to show results as CP160, legendary quality. If that isn't your cup of tea, then you may want to adjust that.

/ifsetquality will take an item link's quality AND level. It is character specific so if you have a CP300 main but a level 30 alt, they can have different settings.

If you have an item of the level you wish to specify but not the quality, simply use /gradeitem [item] to get all of the qualities and then use the relevant resulting quality as the item link for this command.

Example: /ifsetquality [Dagger]


You could always ask me if need be, but the more on demand option is /ifhelp. The command will return usage instructions for the aforementioned commands.
Version 1.04 - Added filtering by trait.
Version 1.03 - Added trait to applicable items.
Version 1.02 - Added id only searching.
Version 1.01 - Added /ifsetquality.
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Unread 12/17/16, 04:24 PM  
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I was originally trying to find a few IDs, saw yours and figured I could make an improved version. So I added multi-term searching, then I expanded the search range and ran into the crashing. After getting it resolved via time delayed cycling, I now had the problem of the chat system limiting lines to ~150 or so, which required limiting output. It quickly grew from "I can make a slightly better version" to "I can see why he didn't bother." It turned out, though.
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Unread 12/17/16, 04:58 AM  
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Very helpful, thanks! Already used it to mine the ID's for the new recipes when updating Master Recipe List.

I had something similar but it caused the game to crash searching more than 99k ID's at a time, and I was too lazy to set up a cycling array that took it in chunks.

The extra options will likely come in handy as well. Nice work.
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