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Combat Indicator (Update)
Version: 1.5.1
by: Crabby654 [More]
This is an updated version of the Combat Indicator addon created by GetBackYouPansy

Combat Indicator

This is the description from the original addon page not created by me (Crabby654)

This addon turns your compass outline red (by default) when you are in combat. Then, it puts it back to normal when the aggro has gone.

You go into combat whenever you attack a mob, or pick up aggro. When everyone who is aggro'd has died, or you die, then you leave combat. When in combat you cannot mount your horse, and do certain other actions, so this addon provides a simple and clear visual indication that is intended to complement the default UI.

To use the addon just install (unzip in your Addons dir) and then run the game. If the game is already running, go to to Menu > Add-ons > Reload UI, or type /reloadui.


The addon has some basic settings under Settings > Addon Settings > Combat Indicator. This will allow you to change the aggro and non-aggro colours. You can also turn on or off a feature which change the compass colour when you're in danger of picking up aggro while in disguise.

Can you make this addon also do X other thing?

Sorry but I'm probably not interested. Especially if your request relates to making this addon work with other addons which change the stock compass. My philosophy is to make an addon that does one thing well, and integrates with the stock UI as cleanly as possible.
12/14/2016 Version 1.5.1
- Added missing library file

12/13/2016 Version 1.5.0
- Updated APIVersion to 100017
- Updated LibaddonMenu to newest version
- Updated LibStub to newest version
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