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Homestead (2.7)
One Tamriel (2.6)
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Radiant Time
Version: 1.12
by: Fortan [More]
Alert about optimal start Radiant Opression

Update 1.1: I forgot to add a dynamic calculation of the damage from the Blockade (use conct for full-penetration and full-buff) and the checkbox for the inferno staff. Now everything is fine.


On the basis of sreadsheet by Asayre I made a small addon. I do not have too much experience in programming and I first time worked with Lua, but i think it is works correctly. Addon allows you to look directly in the game when optimal point to start execute.

Most of the parameters for the function it takes automatically. You must specify a few options, and you can use it. Can display prominent warning in the center screen, can show table with need boss percents ("Block" - start radiant+blockade (ATTENTION! In the calculations used in the damage from the blockade to solo-target), "Spam" - start spam radiant only). Now I want to share it, maybe someone will be useful.

The addon is designed under the Homestead, but there is a patch for the past few days One Tamriel. Enable it in the menu.
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