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DBGN (Change notes for Guild members)
by: ForgottenLight [More]
About addon
This addon was written at the request guild master of "Daggerfall Bandits" (EU), however any player from any other guild can use it.

This addon adds new functionality to edit notes in the guild members roster. In the context menu of a member of the guild there is a new item - "DBGN Edit note". It opens the edit window of the addon. After you save the changes to the end of the note text is added to a string of 27 symbols like {DBGN000000000000000000000}. This string contains the Packed binary information. If the note contains a addon packed string, the note icon in the guild roster changes. When you hover the mouse over the icon instead of the standard notes window displays the addon window.

Stored in the note information
All information stored in the note can be divided into several sections.
1. Main flags
- Vampire (On account player has a character a vampire)
- Werewolf (On account player has a character a werewolf)
- Forum (The player has registered on the Guild forum)
- TeamSpeak (The player can voice chat on the TeamSpeak Guild Server)
- House (The player's house is available to guild members)
2. Vacation and Protection
- Protection (The player important for the Guild and can not be kicked)
- Vacation (The player is on vacation until a specified date and can not enter the game)
3. Craft
- Weapon, blacksmith (On account of the player has blacksmith character who has researched 9 traits of weapons)
- Weapon, woodworker (On account of the player has woodworker character who has researched 9 traits of weapons)
- Armor, heavy (On account of the player has blacksmith character who has researched 9 traits of heavy armors)
- Armor, midle (On account of the player has clothier character who has researched 9 traits of midle armors)
- Armor, light (On account of the player has clothier character who has researched 9 traits of light armors)
- Armor, shields (On account of the player has woodworker character who has researched 9 traits of shields)
- Enchant (On account of the player has enchanter character)
- Alchemy (On account of the player has alchemist character)
- Cook (On account of the player has cook character, also you can specify whether he is able to cook ambrosia/new ambrosia)
4. Attestation
Ranks in the Guild can depend on the results of attestation of the player. Attestation is conducted by the officers of the Guild. For example, attestation of DD can be performed on the first boss in vWS1. The DPS shown on the attestation is recorded in a note. For attestation of healers and tanks, each guild sets its own criteria.
For each role, you can specify exactly what top content player passed with the guild:
- AA: none/nAA/vAA/vAA HM
- SO: none/nSO/vSO/vSO HM
- HRC: none/nHRC/vHRC/vHRC HM
- DSA: none/nDSA/vDSA
- MSA: none/nMSA/vMSA/vMSA PR
- MoL: none/nMoL/vMoL/vMoL HM
For PVP, you can specify a rank from 0 to 5 and two flags - Duelist, Emperor.
Attestation only makes sense if the right to edit notes is the Guild master and officers. In the case when anyone can edit selfs note information in it is declarative.
5. Notes
In ESO guild notes can consist of 255 simbols maximum. Of the 27 simbols is the encoded string. The remaining 228 characters you can use at their discretion for writing text notes.

Compatibility with other addons
Potential problems may occur with other addons affecting the guild roster and guild member notes. Currently tested to be compatible with the ShissuGuildTools addon, with him no problem.
If you use EGN addon and guild member note contain both of encoded strings the tooltip window will be shown this addon. In the future, I plan to improve compatibility with the EGN.

About packed string
Packed string contain 27 symbols:
- Prefix, 5 symbols, {DBGN
- Format version, 1 symbol
- Data, 18 symbols
- CRC, 2 symbols
- Suffix, 1 symbol, }
Each symbol except in the prefix and suffix can be one of 64:
and can encode 6 bits of information.

To do
I plan to add a panel with addon settings to change the way of displaying information in a tooltip.
I also want to intercept the standard ZOS function of removing players from the Guild to prevent the removal of the players are marked in the note as "do not remove".
version (2017-02-16) (DL:314/252)
- Added new main flag - House
- API version changed to 100018

version (2017-01-10) (DL:62/62)
- Change font from "ZoFontChat" to "ZoFontGame" (Independence from the size of the chat font)
- Craft string in tooltip is split into three strings. Added gray icons for inactive craft sections
- Some others small changes

version (2017-01-03) (DL:0/0)
The first published version. Previous had the status of beta versions.
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