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SALTI - Gold Totals
Version: 1.0.2
by: Phinix [More]
SALTI (Save ALT Info) - Gold Totals

This addon improves the tooltip you see when hovering over your currency totals in the various inventories. Instead of simply "gold" it will now show a tally of all your tracked characters' current gold, TV, and AP, as well as your total banked gold and (optionally) the total gold in all your current guild banks.

I made this before I discovered Inventory Insight (From Ashes), which does something similar in it's own way, though not for the gold tooltips themselves. This will work with or without that addon with no conflicts and no performance decrease to give a nice, easily accessible gold tally. The addon is extremely efficient and will cause no performance issues.

There are several features to configure from Addon Settings:
  • Choose which characters to show tooltip data for by enabling/disabling tracking.
  • Enable or disable the additional class/faction color icons from the tooltip.
  • Remove individual characters from the list of saved data (and update totals instantly).
  • When deleting data for still existing characters, they will be automatically set to not track.
  • Log into a character and enable tracking (on by default) to include their currency in the tooltip.


If anyone would like to help, HERE IS A LINK to the text (the parts in quotes) that I need translated.

Future plans:

As I said, I started this before I discovered Inventory Insight. I had originally intended to expand this to include full inventory item tracking, and I still may. However, since Inventory Insight has already done this in a way that seems comprehensive and well thought out, it may just be re-inventing the wheel.

So for now I thought I would upload this as a nice way to include gold tally data on the inventory currency tooltips without having to disable Inventory Insight, if you use that.


This is 100% original code and does not use anything from Inventory Insight or other addons in order to present the currency data. Thanks sirinsidiator for LibAddonMenu, and for help getting the function to delete individual characters from the database properly integrated in the Addon Settings menus it provides without requiring a /reloadui.

Please read the donate tab!

Click here to view my other addons, or view my Skyrim mods here.
- Improved alignment of the black backdrop behind the gold totals window.
- Formatting.

- Initial release.
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01/15/17 07:07 PM

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I was just wondering how much gold I have between my 9 toons in prep for Homestead... now I know without having to worry about doing math myself :-) Thank you!
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Unread 01/17/17, 03:26 AM  
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Love it!
Thank you
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