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Morrowind (3.0)
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Reticle Compass  Updated this week!
Version: 2
by: Scootworks [More]
Compass left to the reticle

Open ReticleCompass.lua with an Windows Editor (or another Texteditor) and change the file.

- Allow the compass outside of Cyrodiil, change it to "false"
- Change the compass mode with "1" + "2" + "3"

v2 - added more options, look at the description
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Direction Location Relative to Reticule

Your add-on is an interesting idea, especially if a player uses the No Compass add-on to remove the Compass bar on the default HUD / UI and/or they don't use a mini-map add-on. I don't know whether I want to use Reticule Compass, but I want to offer the following suggestions:

First, whether the direction letter is blinking or is shown without blinking should be the choice of the player. (I find blinking to be distracting and irritating.)

Second, I would like to be able to choose which point of the reticule to display the current direction, such as the arrow pointing up or the arrow that points down, etc.

Or third, if you are really ambitious, you might be able to make the reticule function like a digital compass. That is, "N" would be shown above the vertical arrow which points up (toward the top of the screen) while the player -- not to be confused with the character's facing -- is looking North. The letter "E" would be shown to the right of the horizonal arrow that points to the right while the player looks East. The letter "S" would be shown below the vertical arrow which points down (toward the bottom of the screen) while the player looks South. The letter "W" would be displayed to the left of the horizontal arrow which points to the left while the player looks West.

And I suppose that NE, SE, SW, and NW could be shown between the respective reticule arrows while the player looks Northeast, Southeast, Southwest or Northwest.

That keeps it simple. Please don't even consider displaying the angle from North in degrees or radians instead of using the letters in their respective positions.
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