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Morrowind (3.0)
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Gnevsmerism  New this week!
Version: 0.0.1
by: Gnevsyrom [More]
The purpose of this AddOn is to fix annoyances my guildmates have in Cyrodil, although other players may find it useful as well.

Each fix is named after the player who requested it and can be enabled in the settings menu.

DawnWarrior Mode:
Superimpose a semi-transparent colored box over the player's model and color according it to which weapon bar is active.

I will add more modes in the future.

This is a very simple AddOn and may be useful for beginners to examine while learning.
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Gnevsmerism: Resizing colored box

Love this, I'm always forgetting to check which bar I'm on when beginning a fight and get things screwed up, no more with this .

Now my question/request

Is there a way to resize the window? I'd prefer it to be a lil smaller (no higher then the top of my characters head) as in not to cover the targeting recticle and also not quite so wide. Being an Altmer sorceror My toon is skinny . Since I'm using this in pve mode, With the recticle covered sometimes its a bit hard to tell whether a target is an enemy or not as you cant really see the glowing red of an enemy.
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