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Lilith's Command History
Version: 1.1.2
by: Drummerx04 [More]
Having just gotten started with Addon Development, one of the most crucial and reliable in game tools is the basic "/script" command. I use this thing to test just about every little change at any intermediate step that I deem necessary...

However, there is no easy way to repeat commands or modify old commands or basically do anything besides type every command completely from scratch after a reloadui...

Until now!

This Addon takes the default "/script" command and gives it some pretty awesome history expansion and post reloadui script recovery, and named command expressions. This Addon will probably not be very useful for the average ESO player, BUT it can be helpful if occasionally you need to run a script item and don't want to remember it or ever type it out again. This Addon is really intended to assist anyone who wants to get into Addon coding or is already experienced and wishes to streamline in game value checking or code exploration.

Usage Instructions:
  • /script -> any lua code will execute properly assuming the lua code does not begin with !,@, or /. The Lua code that gets executed is then automatically stored in the command history and can be accessed with special syntax.
  • /script !# -> (such as "/script !34") execute history item 34 immediately.
  • /script /# -> (such as "/script /5") populate the chat script input with history item 5. The command can then be edited without affecting the history. Running the command (edited or not) creates a new history item.
  • /script @# name -> saves the specified history item as "name"
  • /script @name # -> an alternate form which does the same thing
  • /script !name -> instantly executes the code stored in "name"
  • /script /name -> populates the chat script input with the code stored in name
  • /script \template{arg1}...{argN} -> I'm working on a user friendly way to dynamically generate new templates, for now you can get a feel for templates using the newly builtin "\keydump{}" template. This takes a table as an argument and dumps the "key -> value type" pairs stored in the table (just dumping the table is recursive and can be irritating to sift through and often dumps more than chat history can hold). For instance: if I want to see a list of values bound to KillCounter which is userdata, I can run "/script \keydump{getmetatable(KillCounter).__index} which dumps a nice orderly list of function names.

Utility commands:
  1. /comhist [show|hide]-> toggle/show/hide command history
  2. /comhist dump named -> dumps all named commands
  3. /comhist clear <all|allnamed|history|(named item)> -> clears the specified command items
  4. /comhist max <#history lines> -> change the maximum size of the history as defined by the history display

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do
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Originally Posted by ghostbane

Thank you!
Well I'm glad someone appreciates it! It's not a very complicated Addon, but I like to think it has its place.
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Thank you!
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