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Clockwork City (3.2)
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Kyoma's Global Achievements
Version: 2.1
by: Kyoma [More]
Do you value looking at your achievements? Do you like to brag about your accomplishments but have to hop around characters for raids and other high-end content? Then this addon might be for you!

  • Viewing achievements per character (once you have logged on that character with this addon enabled). Once selected in the dropdown box the achievement menu will be just as if you're logged on that character!
  • The ability to link achievements that are in line by right clicking the icon itself. A small but nice QoL addition.
  • A (preliminary) global view of all characters combined.

The core of this addon is simple: it overrides the achievement functions in the API and have them return data stored in the saved variables for each character.* As such it might conflict with addons that use these to track progress of achievements. To reduce this potential conflict I am only hooking these functions while the achievements menu is open. In the future I will look into providing some API if needed.

* If there is a crash or for some other reason the saved variables are not properly saved then it might not show the correct data for that character next time you try to view it.

Known Issues
When it displays a tooltip for an achievement it will still show the info for your actual character. This is because the game fills the tooltip internally and there is nothing to hook into. I will need to re-construct it by hand and this proved a bit difficult for the initial version.
- Fixed UI error preventing it from properly working under some conditions.

- Drastically reduced the amount of data saved for each character (from about 44k lines to 11k lines).
- Preliminary "Global" profile, note that the achievements aren't sorted as normal at the moment when viewing them.
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Unread 05/26/18, 11:09 PM  

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with Update 18 / Summerset, the dropdown for selecting a character appears only with the main summary page now. Is there any quick workaround for this until you get a chance to update the addon? Thanks very much.
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Unread 01/20/18, 03:11 PM  

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Very nice add-on, good to track the achievements.
Is there a chance to add an option to show which of my chars finished an achievement if I hover my mouse pointer over the icon?
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