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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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RaidBuffs  Updated Today!
Version: 0.5.6a
by: Wheels [More]
WARNING: If you have been using RaidBuffsTank or RaidBuffsHealer and are updating to RaidBuffs, completely delete the old addons to prevent potential conflicts!


RaidBuffs is designed for tracking important debuffs for organized trial runs. It tracks the state of debuffs on bosses in real time, giving visual feedback if a debuff is active, and how much time is remaining on it.
This addon will work on any mob that has a boss aura in the game, and will track up to 10 debuffs on up to 6 bosses at once (the current max number of bosses in ESO).

What's New:

In version 0.6.5a, RaidBuffs, RaidBuffsHealer, and RaidBuffsTank have been consolidated into one convenient addon. Each addon has been giving it's own preset you can select in the new GUI menu. In addition, another preset has been added for Dps, tracking more Dps oriented debuffs.
The ability to have the health of each boss displayed has also been added, along with a setting for which direction the boss frames grow in (up vs down).
RaidBuffsHealer and RaidBuffsTank are no longer being developed, so it is highly recommended that this addon is used instead, as there have been significant tracking improvements made.

Beta Feature:
WARNING: This feature is still being developed and likely has some bugs. If one is encountered, please leave a comment describing it and the circumstances under which it occurred.

Also added in version 0.6.5a is the ability to setup a custom tracking profile. Again, up to 10 debuffs can be tracked for up to 6 bosses, and you can select which debuffs you want tracked, as well as their position in the boss frame.

Huge thank you to Dolgubon and other addon devs who helped sort out improving RaidBuffs.
Version 0.5.6a:
  • Generalized tracking to be much more consistent across all debuffs
  • Unified the three RaidBuffs addons into one
  • Added GUI menu
  • Added ability to track HP of bosses
  • Increased number of bosses that can be tracked at once to max number of bosses in ESO
  • Added additional Dps tracking preset
  • Added Custom tracking options

Version 0.1.5a:
  • Added additional IDs for Off-Balance. This should now be timed more consistently.
  • Removed startup message
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Great addon, thanks.
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