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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Deome's Settings Profiles Updated by BSKCorp  New this week!
Version: 1.09
by: BSKCorp [More]
**This first of all is a simple fix to get this addon to work with the latest ESo Patches. I haven't changed the main coding or anything. Only thing I have done is removed the strings that are no longer used in the Settings due to the changes of the recent patches.** - BSKCorp

I like to first thank Deome for first creating this mod and to Trymi for the updates to Morrowind.

About -
Isn't it a pain in the keister every time you have to redo your Main Menu settings for a new character? This is a very, very, very simple addon that will allow you to save your settings to a profile. Profiles may then be loaded on another (ie, new) character. Now you'll never have to remember to turn on "Prevent Attacking Innocents"! Just load up your settings profile, and all your Interface, Gameplay, and Social settings will be copied to your new alt.

Currently, video, audio, and camera settings are not included in profiles.

Works now with Dragonbones DLC.
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Same as before.. ok will look into and see what I can do to get that fixed again. Thank you.
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This is what I get when trying to load a settings profile. I've tried it a few times, and even disabled all of my other mods. Saving a profile seems to work fine, but loading them onto another character does this and then nothing.

Kaedanis Pyran, tai faernae.
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