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Master Writ Queue patch for Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.0.4
by: raj72616a [More]
- updated to latest version of Lazy Set Crafter
- added an "All Writ to Queue" option to add all writ required items to the Set Crafter queue, in alphabetical order (Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworker only. I don't think Jewelry master writs are worth doing.)

This patch offers an alternative work flow for doing large amount of Master Writs.
Right-click on sealed blacksmith/clothier/woodworker writs in your inventory, and choose "Add to Queue", the required item of the writ will be added to your Lazy Set Crafter queue.
After you add all the writs you want to complete to the queue, visit each of the set craft stations to craft them all.
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Unread 07/16/18, 01:44 PM  
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Ok, just found this and is a godsend! I abhor doing master writs because of only being able to do 1 master writ of a type at a time. I just right clicked on 10 alchemy writs and chose "add to queue", and went to an alchemy station, all 10 were crafted, then I accepted and turned each one in all at once. I just did an hours worth of work in about 2 minutes!

EPIC addon and much appreciated for your work. This is highly appreciated by those of us who see the potential and benefit of this!

here's an image showing some of my master writs I queued up at once then just ran to each table in a guild hall and in less than 5 minutes had all my writs done automatically for me. OMG I am so excited to find this as my 100+ master writs were really piling up.

EDIT: Added Image
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Unread 06/17/18, 10:51 PM  
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Seeing a lot of negative comments. Can someone say if this addon is necessary/worth using?

Edit: If uninstalling this, you may need to uninstall then reinstall the real Set Crafter, otherwise numerous errors will be thrown. (at least they were for me)

Edit 2: Nevermind. Anyone using WritWorthy can easily add a Master Writ(s) to its queue & use it to craft. All without altering any of Dolgubon's great work.
Last edited by RavenMind : 06/20/18 at 03:59 AM.
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Unread 05/09/18, 10:03 AM  

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Calling it a patch to auto-install on an unwanted system is unacceptable. Anyone know how to prevent Minion from letting this stuff in?
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Unread 05/07/18, 06:51 PM  

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This is junk, doesn't work
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Unread 05/05/18, 08:47 PM  
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Why do I have a Minion update from version 1.1.11 to 1.1.19 for a mod patch that HAS NO CHANGE LOG?
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Unread 05/04/18, 07:10 PM  
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Something is not working.
[04:01:21] Callback to LLC resulted in an error. Please contact the author of DolgubonsLazySetCrafter
Rest of error didn't copy from chat.

I could not add a master writ to queue but when i enterd the station it started to craft it anyway but after creating it add-on did'nt recognize item was crafted and kept crafting more and more of them.

Also, won't let add other than blacksmithing writs to que.
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Unread 04/12/18, 10:28 PM  

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Exclamation Master Writ Autocrafting

Have you ever used Writ Worthy? It uses Dogulbon's library for his Lazy Writ Creator / Crafter add-on(s).
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Unread 04/11/18, 06:25 AM  
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This looks promising but what woud realy help is an icon on the writs that you have already added to the Queue.

Another idea: Since we have to do the alchemy/cooking writs manually it woud be cool if the writs that are exactly the same had a hint on it, currently no addon is able to sort or the alchemy writs or show the right tooltip info. Bonus: How many of the thing do I have to craft (its not in the tooltip)
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