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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Version: 1.0
by: aldericon [More]
A very simply addon that modifies the tool-tips when viewing over keeps, outposts or capturable towns in the Cyrodiil map while in Cyrodiil. It keeps track in your current session (so it doesn't carry over if you crash or log out) when each location was under attack. The goal here was to relieve some of the pressure of having to recall when a particular location was last taken. If you're running solo or a group, you could check to see - by viewing the activity of the location you want to go to - when it was last captured and then make assumptions based off that information about whether you'd encounter any people there.

The addon works by displaying 'Latest Activity: '. If it says 'NOW', it means it's currently under attack. If it says 'Unknown', it means it hasn't been attacked in your current session. If it says 'XX:XX:XX' (for examples, see attached images), then it was last attacked that long ago.

Currently it only tracks 'keep under attack' status. So if a keep goes under attack and the battle lasts 10 minutes, then when you view it 5 minutes after the battle ends, it'll say that there was activity there 15 minutes ago, not 5 minutes ago. I may modify this in a future patch.
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