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Summerset (4.0)
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In-Character - Role Play Addon
Version: 1.0
by: Skotharr-do [More]
About raised concerns that this addon could get you banned or it might get disabled:
It is only using the official API. Thus it should not violate any terms. If you find any violations, please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.

What does it do?

You can write a short description about your character in a text window and submit that via chat to others. Once they recieve it, this information will be displayed when they hover with their crosshair over you. Both parties need the addon, of course.
Hint: To spread the text quickly, you can send it via guild chats or zone chat. Just mind others, not to appear like spamming them.
You may use the Japanese Zone Chat (/jpz) on EU servers and German Zone Chat (/dez) on NA servers to spread your character descriptions without bothering anyone. The addon will register incoming messages, even if not being displayed for you in the chatbox.

What kind of description to write?

My intention is to put in short descriptions, like what you wear, additional info to what you wear, or scars etc.
Example: "Wears a steel sword on his left side, a dagger coated in silver on his right. His face has two scars going down the left half. The right ear is missing."

Why should I bother with an addon for that?

You have to write those texts every time again and again in RP. By writing it just once via the addon and then sending it only when either someone does not have the info yet, or it changed, you save time and effort and nerves.

How to use it

There are three key-bindings in the Settings you can use. Alternatively, use /ic help to see all available commands and explanation.
The FAQ below contains a lot of information regarding the usage.

Other info

The addon is currently available in English and German. If someone wishes to provide additional translations, they may use the file en.lua in the languages folder and then provide it to me to update the mod + credits.

Feedback is most welcome. Suggestions for further features, too.

Why does this addon utilize ESO chat to distribute your information?

Because otherwise it needs a centralized system with external executable file. It adds a lot of security risks for you, and is inconvenient and unflexible to use in the ever-changing dynamic RP environment.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How to install this addon?
A: Put the addon folder to "My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\"

Q: What is this addon for?
A: To write a very short description about what other role-players could see on your character visually.
Example: "Wears a steel sword on his left side, a dagger coated in silver on his right. His face has two scars going down the left half. The right ear is missing."

Q: How or where do enter I my character description?
A: You can either type '/ic edit' in the chat to open the window or set up a key in the Controls to toggle it.

Q: How long can my character description be?
A: 348 standard english letters. If you use special characters of other languages, the amount is reduced due to how ESO chat system works (bug-report sent to them).
The addon will show a warning in the edit window if the text becomes too long when using special characters.

Q: Who can see my character description?
A: Only those using this addon can see it permanently.

Q: How do I allow others to see my character description?
A: The description must be sent via any text channel to a player. This way their game can recieve your description.
Write '/ic print' in the chat to automatically input your current character description to it, or use 'Save & to Chat' in the edit window.
You can also set up a key in the Controls to insert your current character description to chat.
Once the text has been inserted to your chat box, you must just press enter to send it.

Q: Someone who uses this addon cannot see my character description! What to do?
A: They must have recieved your chat message (see question above) with the description. If they were out of range or not online, they do not recieve it.

Q: How can I see other players' descriptions?
A: If they use this addon, too, and you recieved their description via chat message, move your crosshair over them to make a pop-up appear.

Q: I cannot see the description of other players! What to do?
A: See the question above.

Q: The edit window or character description pop-up blocks my view! Can I move it?
A: Yes you can. Simply enable your mouse cursor and drag the windows to the desired places.
If you want to set this up without having someone under your crosshair, type '/ic always' in the chat to display the pop-up permanently.
To reset this, type '/ic normal', to display it just when someone is under your crosshair.
Those positions will be saved character-wide.

Q: What is this silly time there for at the end of the description of others?
A: It displays the time you recieved their displayed character description. By this you can decide yourself if there might be a more up-to-date description of them by now, and perhaps ask them to send you a fresh one.

Q: How can I disable the description pop-up without having to disable the addon and reload my UI?
A: You can set up a button to toggle it in the Controls, or type '/ic disable' to the chat. To re-enable it via command, type '/ic enable'.

Q: How do I ensure the description pop-up always resized relative to the bottom of my screen?
A: Type '/ic bottom' to the chat to force the description pop-up being anchored to the bottom, and resizing upwards.
To make it resize downwards and being anchored to the top again, type '/ic top' to the chat.

Q: How can I see a character description of someone who is not under my crosshair right now?
A: Type '/ic <CharacterName>' to the chat. It will, if available, print out the character description of the given character.

Q: How can I see what character descriptions of a player are known for my game client?
A: Type '/ic list <CharacterName/AccountName>' to chat. It will display a list of character names that are known to your game client.

Q: What more commands are there?
A: Type '/ic help' to get a list of all commands and descriptions.
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