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Wykkyd's Full Immersion (BSK Corp Fix)
Version: 0.0.2
by: BSKCorp [More]
Life has called but After some free time I was able to test a few things and finally been able to update. Nothing has changed but the API number so it doesn't list as out of date. Everything still seems to be working fine.

So I have decided to turn this into a full patch. I will do my best fix what I can, when I can. The coding done is well beyond what I know of LUA at the moment. The fix was mostly a lot of research and adjusting and/or removing sections to get it to work. Since the initial fixed I have noticed the cross hairs are a little finiky at times. I will be looking into it as much as possible given I have free time to see what I can do to fix this. But over all I suggest you guys continue to keep a look out for a proper update from Calia and the original add on.

I am uploading this fix until a proper one can be put out by the original devs. I have been using this fix myself for about a week with no issues. Only thing this patch does is fix the LUA error that plagued the add on since Summerset. Once a proper update has been uploaded I will remove this fix.
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06/18/18 09:02 AM

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Originally Posted by Marazota
what about other wykkyd addons?
I personally only use this one and while I can do Crude fixes (as that is what they are basically) my LUA knowledge is below amateur at best. I just am smart enough to google a lot and know where to look at code because of prior JAVA experience with plugins for Minecraft basically.

That is not saying I wont look at the others. If there is one that is not working send me a screenshot of the error code and the name of it I can see what I can do to make a personal fix for you.

With all this said Do know this is not Official at all. I am not taking over the add ons in any shape or form. I am just providing simple fixes the best I can.
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what about other wykkyd addons?
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I will be working on update for this shortly. This latest patch changed many things and if you all didn't know. I am still very new to LUA. I am working on it though and learning as quickly as I can. So please bare with me.
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