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Summerset (4.0)
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This addon helps support your guild financially, which is a requirement in a lot of guilds with traders.
  • Keeps track of when you contributed to the guild via the addon
  • "Rules" determine when you need to give:
    • None (no tracking)
    • Give weekly on or after a certain day of the week
  • "Methods" determine how your contributions are tracked:
    • Manual tracking
    • Deposit to Guild Bank
    • Send in-game mail (POSTAGE FEES APPLY!)

Read the most up-to-date documentation on GitHub
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Unread 07/14/18, 03:57 PM  

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folder rename

The unzipped folder needs renamed to "GuildContributions" no numbers etc.

Great addon though !!!

would also add your Github instructions to the addon explanation, not many folks are likely to follow the link.


How it works
For each guild you're in there are two policies that determine how contributions work.

A rule defines when a contribution is required (how often, etc...). Generally, contributions via the window are not permitted unless the contribution is considered "due" by the rule; this is to prevent accidental over-giving via the GuildContributions UI elements. So for rules that define a due date, it should be set to the day after it is actually required by the guild leaders.

The following rules are defined.

No contributions are required, and you will not receive reminders about it. This is the default setting.

Contributions are weekly, due on the specified day of the week.


Day - Day of the week which you consider this "due":
Contributions are considered due at the beginning of this day.
Contributions are considered late at the beginning of the next day.
When you change this setting, it will target the NEXT occurrence of this day.
A method defines HOW to contribute:

Contributions are simply annotated, no gold is transferred automatically. This is the default setting, and should be used for complex contribution requirements.

Guild Bank
When the guild bank is open, you may deposit gold to the bank via the UI button.


Amount - Amount of gold to deposit to the bank
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Unread 07/10/18, 07:00 AM  
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the .zip package need a folder to unzip it correctly, actually if you unzip it there is no folder at all thank you
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