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File: Grim Focus Counter03/05/18
Came to throw in my two cents about...
Posted By: Azerdraco
Came to throw in my two cents about Relentless Focus morph not registering with the addon. My Relentless Focus is only rank I, so I'm thinking that the addon is just not "seeing" the applicable skill ID. And from the "grand oversight" comment, I'd hazard a bet that that is exactly what is happening. Hope to see the addon worki...
File: Research Assistant Remix04/17/14
Great Addon
Posted By: Azerdraco
Great Addon. If I may make a suggestion. There are those of us, myself included, who are colorblind to some degree. Would it be possible for you to incorporate a unique icon for each of your categories. The color scheme sounds good, but a different icon to go with each color would make this addon nearly foolproof.