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File: AlphaGear 204/05/18
Re: Re: Support for guild tabards
Posted By: Ek1
The gear/skill set depends on the current role/the environment of your character. The tabard should match the guild you're currently running with.I have never thought it like that but I see your point in RPG sense. Then again if the people i am running with are from the guild then I don't understand why they should be told/shown that...
File: DailyAutoshare04/05/18
Somethings wrong, leaves automatica...
Posted By: Ek1
Somethings wrong, leaves automatically every party I join after couple secs. Might have something to do that this one is packed in root, not in a folder itself. Might affect other add-ons as they are in their own folders.
File: Prepare for battle04/05/18
U17 messed this one
Posted By: Ek1
As U17 made this: * HIDDEN_ITEM_HELM_DEPRECATED_DO_NOT_USE Some otherway to hide helmet is needed.
File: Prepare for battle03/31/18
Updated and should work as intended.
Posted By: Ek1
Updated and should work as intended.
File: CraftStore DB03/31/18
I reinstalled everything and it wen...
Posted By: Ek1
I reinstalled everything and it went away. Might be some annoying variable left behind for years.
File: AlphaGear 203/31/18
Support for guild tabards
Posted By: Ek1
Would be nice to get tabards in the gearing too. Or option to circle tabards on each gear change.
File: CraftStore DB03/30/18
Purging won't fix incorrect trait info
Posted By: Ek1
Either /cspurge does nothing or the addon gathers the same info and makes every time the same mistakes. I have four characters and CS insist telling that my first character can create Gauntlets:infused and Graves:Sturdy while none of my characters can make 'em.
File: Wish List05/16/17
Due to the changes and the directio...
Posted By: Ek1
Due to the changes and the direction ESO is going I've decided to not play it any more. If anyone wants to take over this (or any other of my add ons) please let me know.I'll give it a spin. I hope you have made some comments in code.
File: Tamriel Trade Centre04/11/17
Posted By: Ek1
Did a complete scan on a guild and now getting this for time to time when walking around. user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentre/TamrielTradeCentre.lua:237: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentre/TamrielTradeCentre.lua:237: in function 'ScanStoreHistory'
File: AlphaGear Lives03/28/17
Bug aka not supporting tabards and poisons.
Posted By: Ek1
When trying to drag&drop tabards or poisons a Lua bug splat comes up with the following message. bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table/struct expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'pairs' user:/AddOns/AlphaGear/AlphaGear.lua:818: in function 'AG.SetCallout' user:/AddOns/AlphaGear/AlphaGear.lua:515: in function 'AG.OnI...