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File: Combat Metrics01/06/18
Version 0.7.9 - Change Log
Posted By: Snow
Just for info: According to the Change Log, You updated LibAddonMenu to version 2.0 r25, but the Zip File of Version 0.7.9 still includes LibAddonMenu version 2.0 r23. It is not a big issue as version r25 of the library will be loaded on most installations anyway by libstub, when other addons with the new version are installed.
File: CharDump08/27/17
Error in Version 0.46
Posted By: Snow
Version 0.46 did not work for me - giving LUA Errors when using the slash commands. Then I think I found a typo in Line 444 of CharDump.lua EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(CharDump.name, EVENT_ADD_ON_LOADED, OnAddOnLoaded)In Line 21 the var seems to be defined as CharDump.Name, so I replaced CharDump.name with CharDump.Name in Line 44...
File: CookeryWiz03/29/17
The fix is not as simple as always...
Posted By: Snow
The fix is not as simple as always using "Stellt einen" as a prefix for the german client. zo_strformat is doing some magic with the localization and I do not know how it is doing it. Here are two examples: "cyrodiilisches Maisbrot" <- one item that did not need a hard-code fix is |H1:item:33897:3:40:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:0:...
File: CookeryWiz03/28/17
Possibe Fix for the Writ quest line localization problems
Posted By: Snow
The idea behind this fix is to let the ZOS function zo_strformat build a complete quest line for a given recipe result and thus handling all our problems like e.g. "arenthischer branntwein" becomming "arenthischen branntwein" in the questline. Using zo_strformat only on the item name did not work for me as it seems zo_strfromat is ta...