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File: FCO ChangeStuff02/21/18
Posted By: PhnxZ
Heya, love this addon, but I'm getting the same crashes, as far as I can tell it's happenning after using a wayshrine
File: CookeryWiz12/31/17
Re: Dubious Camoran Throne
Posted By: PhnxZ
Thanks for making this add-on; I use it a lot. I just found an error in the recipes, however. I was making a batch of Dubious Camoran Throne, and there is an error in the ingredients. When I plugged "100" in for the batch size, the ingredient list comes up with 25 of each ingredient, which is usually normal as my provisioner has a...
File: Group Loot Notifier12/17/17
Hi, I'm trying to replicate the set...
Posted By: PhnxZ
Hi, I'm trying to replicate the settings before the recent update: Show all set items with all traits Show everything purple or above but I cant seem to get it to do this, also would like it for both solo and group. Any pointers for what settings I need, or anything you can add to the options?