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File: Dressing Room Reborn06/26/18
Has this adon been unreborn?
Posted By: Elijafire
Can anyone pick it up, its the best out there for this type of thing still. Eli
File: MultiCraft06/06/18
needs more
Posted By: Elijafire
edit the MultiCraft.lua at the Line 82 with: elseif actualCraftingStation == CRAFTING_TYPE_BLACKSMITHING or actualCraftingStation == CRAFTING_TYPE_CLOTHIER or actualCraftingStation == CRAFTING_TYPE_WOODWORKING or actualCraftingStation == CRAFTING_TYPE_JEWELRYCRAFTING then JC has no style materials will we need to make a sepera...
File: Assist Rapid Riding05/25/18
Posted By: Elijafire
Thank you murkalurk2099! Hopefully the author will soon update his great addon, so people can receive it automatically via Minion ;) But for now, to anyone coming here because this addon doesn't work, then here is the fix from Anceane and murkalurk2099 : Find the following code lines, local rapidManeuverRefId = 46488 in...
File: Auto Category - Custom Inventory Categories05/08/18
Posted By: Elijafire
Currently this addon crashes my game when I open the guild bank.
File: GearSetsSort11/10/17
Not perfect meaning?
Posted By: Elijafire
What does it mean "the addon is not perfect" does it bug out? Also does it take into account Named sets like "Waldo's Staff of Wabajack" which is really a part of a set of totally different name "Ebon Set" for example. Why are all you people asking for insignificant sorting options, I would just be happy to have all pieces of...
File: AutoInvite11/02/17
Re: Clockwork city dlc
Posted By: Elijafire
Hi my friends, will this have an update soon considering Clockwork city just came out? Thank you :-) . At least to get rid of the annoying out of date :)
File: DressingRoom09/04/17
Terrific Addon
Posted By: Elijafire
It is very intuitive and user friendly, please don't stop updating! Right now it says it's out of date for 3.1 but it does work, any thoughts on this?
File: MailBuddy09/02/17
Please update for 3.1
Posted By: Elijafire
Thanks! I'll shoot you a donation, love this addon.
File: Destinations08/26/17
So this addon is abandoned?
Posted By: Elijafire
Shows out of date?
File: Deome's DataDaedra08/26/17
Re: Re: Not working.
Posted By: Elijafire
I just downloaded this add on and I'm having a slight issue. I can't seem to get it function. I'm also running Master Merchant and I do not know if that is the problem. But no data shows up in with items at all. Is there a certain process or setting I need to change in order to get this to function. And yes, it is active in my add on...
File: Deome's DataDaedra06/10/15
Re: Leaving ESO
Posted By: Elijafire
Yeah it's been long known that ZoS moderators are hypocrites that play favouritism. They have some sort of disturbing God complex. Just ignore their forums, all serious players do. Just use Reddit and wait for Fallout 4 and then one of the other really great MMO's coming out soon.
File: Deome's DataDaedra04/16/15
Re: Translation and Resolution
Posted By: Elijafire
Good news keep up the good work.
File: Wykkyd Outfitter03/29/15
I have no mouse scroll
Posted By: Elijafire
I have an advanced mouse that has no scroll and the key binding for scroll doesn't work to switch between sets. Any ideas?
File: Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr/De/Ru] API Updates03/21/15
Posted By: Elijafire
Hi Tridman, user:/AddOns/GuildStoreSearchEx/GuildStoreSearchEx.lua:441: operator < is not supported for number < string stack traceback: user:/AddOns/GuildStoreSearchEx/GuildStoreSearchEx.lua:441: in function 'gsse.CollateResults' user:/AddOns/GuildStoreSearchEx/GuildStoreSearchEx.lua:488: in function 'gsse.ResultsReceived'...
File: Deome's ddShopkeeper02/19/15
Excellent features
Posted By: Elijafire
The guild roster Sales/Purchases is genius, works like a charm thanks for the addon and I'll be donating.
File: Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr/De]07/19/14
Thank you fellow nerds!~
Posted By: Elijafire
Keeping the dream alive
File: Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr/De]06/30/14
Re: Re: Too many searches in rapid succession
Posted By: Elijafire
This addon continually comes up with the above error and then restarts back at the start of the search. I have changed the timer to 5 sec, 7 sec and even 10 sec and it still fails. What was once a good addon is now useless due to ESO's cooldown timer and going to next pages in the Guild Store. The error is already in the bug lis...