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File: FCM Quest Tracker07/08/18
Mini-Map addon interface?
Posted By: Sp00sty
I searched the comments and didn't see any refs to mini-map compatibility. Does the addon have any code tie-ins at all to any of them? Mainly thinking about the cursor option to show-on-map and if it interfaces at all with focusing on any of the mini-maps.
File: Research Assistant07/07/18
Is this gamepad mode compatable?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Sorry if answered, didn't see it in the notes and there is no Comment search system.
File: TraitBuddy05/25/18
Too many Anchor errors fix for me at least
Posted By: Sp00sty
Since Summerset I had been getting the following two errors upon load: Too many anchors processed. Tail of anchor list: TBMotifsContainerScrollChildTB_MotifEntry363Text-> TBMotifsContainerScrollChildTB_MotifEntry364Yes-> TBMotifsContainerScrollChildTB_MotifEntry364No-> TBMotifsContainerScrollChildTB_MotifEntry364Text-> TBMoti...
File: Faunter's Crown Crate Tracker04/03/18
Would the code for this work for Event Boxes?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Tomorrow starts another round of boxes and was wondering if the code could be modified to work with any other type of loot box.
File: Quest Map03/02/18
Skill Point Filter - Does it leave the quests in that chain as well?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Sorry I would try to search for this but there isn't a Comments Search function. I didn't see ref to this much detail in the FAQ. For the Skill Point Filter. Those are the exact quest that rewards the skill point? The skill point is usually the last quest in a chain and has per-requisites unless ZOS One Tamriel removed them a...
File: Circonians BuffTracker02/14/18
Well It looks like it is finally dead with Dbones DLC.
Posted By: Sp00sty
I have been using this fine til now even w/o updates because I liked the way it displays. But as of Dbones with it activated, it hard locks the game in WIN7 whenever clicking on items in any inventory window, in any item queue like Guild Store - sell, or crafting tables. I don't know why it would be but it is.
File: Recount (Wolfhunter)08/30/17
Re: Recount Custom - Larger Combat Log Font
Posted By: Sp00sty
For those of you that wish the font size of the combat log was bigger I found out a way to edit it so it's readable. I have my UI scaled down to 80% and it looks great now. I'm hoping that this will also make it readable for people with a higher resolution than 1080p. I haven't tested it as that's my max resolution. Hey thanks to...
File: CharDump06/20/17
Addon Request: Any chance to add total skill points?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Thank you for this Addon, it really helps during major patches. Is there any chance you could add total skillpoints to the header at the beginning of every character? I was trying to answer a question about skill points and it would save me having to log into each character for just that number. = "Character sheet for #######...
File: Votan's Keybinder05/22/17
Does this addon have a dependency?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Since the Morrowind Patch ( I have early access) there is now some kind of error and now a dependency for it? http://pages.suddenlink.net/gamesparkz/FILES/votankey.jpg This is what it looks like after Character Load. At character selection it shows as red and there is no text for the dependency required. My Binder addon a...
File: GearSetsSort05/09/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Name order within each set?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Thank You. That still leaves the Item Type order in the picture. It looks almost alphabetical-up (which is just a toggle in the vanilla inventory tab) but the Martial Knowledge items are not. Is it following a game code order? If it is your code only can I make a personal modification to change the order to my own? i will t...
File: GearSetsSort04/29/17
Re: Re: Name order within each set?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Just asking before I try this out. The Picture you have does not have the sets in Alphabetical first word order within each set. How are items ordered within each set? Is it following anything at all? Set Name -> Item Type -> Quality -> Item Name -> Level -> CP Level -> Trait -> Enchant -> Style. Thank You. That still l...
File: GearSetsSort04/15/17
Name order within each set?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Just asking before I try this out. The Picture you have does not have the sets in Alphabetical first word order within each set. How are items ordered within each set? Is it following anything at all?
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced04/14/17
How do I move werewolf, siege, and...
Posted By: Sp00sty
How do I move werewolf, siege, and mount stamina? Werewolf you just grab it and move after unlocking the frames. I don't think it works for Mount Stam and siege. But I could be wrong. They are greyed out on the Picture for this addon and I couldn't move them. But AUI definitely does Mount Stam and Siege. I use them both t...
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced03/04/17
Re: Alert Text Notification Text Alignment
Posted By: Sp00sty
I want to move the Alert Text Notification box to the center of the screen, right above On-Screen Notification, but the alignment of the text is still top right hand corner, how do I set the alignment to the center? I played around and think I found the code to change it. It is working so far but I am not a coder at all. maybe @...
File: Action Duration Reminder02/16/17
ESOUI Webpage Version mistake?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Just FYI, I do manual updates to my addons. I pulled a version 1.31 this 6:23AM CST. Now my favorites alerted a new update a few minutes ago and it says it is back to Version 1.30 as of 6:40AM CST. I installed the V1.31 earlier, do I need to go back to this new V1.30 ? Thanks
File: Circonians Addon Selector02/15/17
Re: Re: What addon state gets loaded at character load each time?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Hi Sp00sty,..... Thanks, I wasn't sure I was seeing the Addons list at Character List screen changing after I applied Selector in-game, but I just set a new Hirelings minimal list and after checking each character all is great! Thank You for one of the most useful addons out there.
File: Circonians Addon Selector02/15/17
What addon state gets loaded at character load each time?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Just want to confirm if the last set/saved addon state is what gets loaded at each new character load? Is it loading from saved variables store of last chosen set/state? I currently have all non-essential addons manually set to outdated API so I can run quick 8-character hireling mail logins twice a day. I do this because the a...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter02/14/17
Does Lazy Writ Crafter auto-goodbye the Master Writ acceptance dialogue?
Posted By: Sp00sty
I can't check until tomorrow writ reset and I can't remember if I had to decline this AM. Does this auto-decline the Master Writ so it goes directly to the inventory? I know it grabs the turn-in very quickly and deposits the writ reward(s). If not, any chance you can grab that dialogue prompt in code and auto-goodbye? Thanks
File: Master Merchant01/30/17
A great add-on! Once you get used...
Posted By: Sp00sty
A great add-on! Once you get used to it, you just can't imagine selling or buying without it. Is it possible to use it to see what a price for a certain item would be, it that item would be in a different color? Yes turn on Quality Indicators in settings. Then when using the item popup, you will have << >> buttons to change...
File: Master Merchant01/13/17
Guld Trader Purchase Icon - does it show guild members too?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Had a question from someone else and it made me wonder also. The Guild Trader Icon (gold coin bag) is supposed to designate the buyer bought from the guild trader. But if a Guild Member used the Guild Trader to buy my item using the Trader instead of Guild Store, would they still get the icon or would they revert to a Guild Sto...
File: MailR11/01/16
Does the SavedVariables deletion al...
Posted By: Sp00sty
Does the SavedVariables deletion allow for saving any new messages? Or will it re-corrupt them again until the patch is ready?
File: Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)10/08/16
Designate only Group Loot to a specific chat window?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Ayantir, I'm trying to help another player on Reddit. They want to be able to see group loot separately from other chat. I know that most loot addons only use the chat window for group loot. But if Circonians Chat It addon is still working, is the the group loot output of Loot Drop a specific channel in the chat options of...
File: Nail Down GUI08/27/16
Base UI includes the Interface Custom Scale setting?
Posted By: Sp00sty
Does this lock the Custom Interface Scale setting? http://pages.suddenlink.net/gamesparkz/FILES/GUI2.jpg
File: ChampionXP08/09/16
Re: Re: Edit XML to the in-game Custom GUI Scale setting?
Posted By: Sp00sty
It looks to me that you haven't extended the window width enough, or haven't made the rightmost column wide enough, so you can probably fix this editing the XML file. Can you tell me what size you have set your GUI to so I can try and replicate what you're seeing? I may even be able to build into the code the ability to scale t...
File: ChampionXP08/08/16
Edit XML to the in-game Custom GUI Scale setting?
Posted By: Sp00sty
ZEN, The GUI display on this doesn't seem to scale with the Custom UI scale setting in-game. I use a very small GUI Custom Scale that works with most others that have size settings, but CXP isn't one so it gets too small to read for me. I've played around with the XML file by upping the font size and just adding the same amoun...