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File: uespLog02/15/18
With UESPLog (updated) enabled, I c...
Posted By: Highlor3
With UESPLog (updated) enabled, I can't preview items in Crown Store. The magnifying glass cursor or the preview button don't show at all. When I disable UESPLog and reload UI, Crown Store preview functionality works properly.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter12/09/17
For the last few updates, the addon...
Posted By: Highlor3
For the last few updates, the addon has been crafting multiples of the items for the crafting writs. I'm getting quite a bit of resource wastage from it. Is anyone else getting this? I am getting this too however I only noticed it since the last update 36.10 (minion) English version. One additional thing I noticed is you craft...
File: SlowDialogs11/13/17
Would it be possible to exclude the...
Posted By: Highlor3
Would it be possible to exclude the crafting quest boards by default? I'm using SlowDialogs - Custom Control Patch by Tyx to circumvent this.
File: SlowDialogs11/07/17
Posted By: Highlor3
Thank you so much for this addon, Shinni! I'd like to make some suggestions: 1. Create a hotkey, so people can speed up some dialogues. Like daily writs, or even group dungeons' quest dialogues (while doing them with a PUG). Maybe a hot key to turn on/off the delays (or turn it's speed to 0, and then back to X value they had be...
File: UX Dialogue [Updated]11/07/17
Is there an updated version of this...
Posted By: Highlor3
Is there an updated version of this addon (by another author), or another addon that repeats the voice-over?
File: Librarian Book Manager08/22/17
Re: Issue after last update (Horns of the Reach)
Posted By: Highlor3
I'm getting this error msg, but not with all books. Nords of Skyrin for example give to me that error. https://scontent.fgig4-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/20785906_1646714025361608_1615813021977998768_o.jpg?oh=cefddc834e8a98c80e8af45abe427687&oe=59EE10A0 I hope that is a easy thing to fix because I love this addon. Having the...