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File: Map Pins07/20/18
Re: Map Pins 1.29 - Missing Filter for Crafting Stations
Posted By: Hoft
When I display the Map and look at the list of filters, there is no filter to disable the Crafting Station data display. Quite apparently it is enabled by default. (This is driving me crazy! I don't need the data because I just go to a Guild Hall to craft Master Writs by using Attunable Crafting Stations.) Please add the missing filt...
File: Group Loot Notifier07/19/18
why it notify Light but no Heavy or...
Posted By: Hoft
why it notify Light but no Heavy or Medium words at medium or heavy gear? Idk. You are first with this problem.
File: Bandits User Interface07/19/18
Using the 'Reset Unit Frames' butto...
Posted By: Hoft
Using the 'Reset Unit Frames' button on the 'Curved Frames' tab reset the entire addon for me. It is just Unit Frames reset And. Current "Curved Frames" is on hold. Working on new version. Sometimes a few buffs will be solid, while others are transparent. This seems to be very random. Can we have a way to control fading on buffs?...
File: Bandits User Interface07/17/18
BUI_Menu.lua:161: function expected...
Posted By: Hoft
BUI_Menu.lua:161: function expected instead of nil Will be fixed in next update Also, there is a bug with transparency in/out of combat Additionally, when changing player frames (if set to MMO style) they are moving to the right side of the settings page. But not moving back after close settings. I'l check it
File: Map Pins07/17/18
I get an error occasionally when Ma...
Posted By: Hoft
I get an error occasionally when Map Pins is enabled but not if its disabled. The error happens when I open the map. I can tell it happens because the game briefly freezes. Try to to disable all other add-ons to make sure this freeze happens when only MapPins is enabled.
File: Bandits User Interface07/15/18
Re: Moving Ui
Posted By: Hoft
Is there a way to move the ui panels added in this addon? Settings>Bandits UI>Misc>Move Frames
File: Info Panel07/14/18
a option to display coordonnates wo...
Posted By: Hoft
a option to display coordonnates would be nice too The one thing that would be nice to add would be the zone / subzone name text, ideally with click-to-chat (or click-to-copy) coordinate data. I'l take a note. The fence field does not update when deconstructing stolen gear. OK. It will be fixed. Btw: newer deconstruct stoen items...
File: Map Pins07/14/18
Treasure chests still do this "ches...
Posted By: Hoft
Treasure chests still do this "chests flood" thing btw - any chance you could have another go at fixing this? Working on it. Jewelry Crafting Survey: Coldharbour II Allready have it. Maybe I missed sth, but I cant change the filters in cyrodiil, like activating / deactivating skyshards/chests/lorebooks They're not being listed...
File: Bandits User Interface07/11/18
Someone has a problems with Dressin...
Posted By: Hoft
Someone has a problems with Dressing Room while using BanditsUI? ... It just didn't work and now without any errors :( Some of my guildmates are using Dressing Room with Bandits User Interface without any problems, as I know. Dressing Room Version 0.9.0 (2018/03/19): If you enter a new zone whose name matches that of one of your...
File: Bandits User Interface07/10/18
Is there a way to show the amount o...
Posted By: Hoft
Is there a way to show the amount of ultimate on our bar? I really hate not being able to see if I can use the ultimate on my other bar without switching to it. *facepalm* Game settings>Combat>Ultimate number>ON in Cyrodil it is not possible to set a marker on the default map (F key). It is not displayed when you try it. Just t...
File: Bandits User Interface07/09/18
Re: Pretty Annoying Bug
Posted By: Hoft
It causes a ping to stay on my map and not be able to be removed, continuously refreshing itself. Settings>Bandits UI>Share Stats>OFF just checked it out and it's awesome, thank you! Yes Thank you so much! This is working perfectly now with Azurah. You are welcome! Hi, for some reasons, the addon don't work with Better UI gamepa...
File: Bandits User Interface07/08/18
Re: ultrwide ui
Posted By: Hoft
thanks for developing this, I like the curved attribute bars but am wondering is there a way I could exceed 600 for the curved bars distance? I have an ultrawide monitor and would need to go to probably 800 or so. thanks Will be rised in next update. But now you can use slash command: /script BUI.Vars.CurvedDistance=800
File: Bandits User Interface07/03/18
ah then its part of your info panel...
Posted By: Hoft
ah then its part of your info panel, i already use that, but it only repairs after combat, thats why i ask for a keybind to rapair in combat if needed :) No need for this feature. Trust me. Items losts its durability on combat start, some additional random damage on combat end and huge dmg on player death. Info Panel watch for all...
File: Bandits User Interface07/03/18
May we get a keybind for repairing...
Posted By: Hoft
May we get a keybind for repairing equipment infight with rep kits, for items lets say below 10% durability or so. I know, the situations, where this really is useful, are rare, but they occur :) Try to use Info Panel, for example. This add-on are integrates to Bandits User Interface and have auto repair functions.
File: Map Pins07/01/18
If I close an Psijik Rift it doesn'...
Posted By: Hoft
If I close an Psijik Rift it doesn't disappear from the map. I know. Working on it.
File: Bandits User Interface06/29/18
Hi, I just want to use "Notificatio...
Posted By: Hoft
Hi, I just want to use "Notifications" part of this add-on, is this possible? Yes. You need to carefully disable all other modules, then use slash command /bui stats. Most of group notifications will be disabled too.
File: Bandits User Interface06/28/18
Re: Re: Re: Re: target frame stat values
Posted By: Hoft
https://i.imgur.com/zO3eDsm.jpg is there a way to hide the text inside the green box? or change the font type/font size? If there was just a setting to disable BUI's target frame display numbers that would be amazing! I'l take a note.
File: Bandits User Interface06/27/18
Re: target frame stat values
Posted By: Hoft
Yeah I'm here about the same thing, or will there be a future option to customize the font, font size etc? because at that point Ill use BUI over Azurah Font and size of all BUI frames can be changed here: Settings>Bandits User Interface>Player Frame Font size of default frames can not be changed in ZoS settings, except chat.
File: Map Pins06/27/18
there is only 22 checkboxes at map...
Posted By: Hoft
there is only 22 checkboxes at map filters of this addon but in saved variables - 23 where 23 is always true what is that?:) Future pins...
File: Map Pins06/26/18
pls add NPCs for Undaunted Rescuer...
Posted By: Hoft
pls add NPCs for Undaunted Rescuer passive Good idea!
File: Map Pins06/25/18
Re: Invisible icons
Posted By: Hoft
Some of the icons on my map seem to be invisible. I can't see lorebooks, skyshards and some other icons, however when i hover my mouse over the map, i can see that they are there. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Check add-on path
File: Bandits User Interface06/25/18
Re: Swap Panel and Loot Window
Posted By: Hoft
I have is the swap panel for Abilities timer. I love this, but I am unable to move it as well. I would prefer for it to be right on top instead of 1/2 covered up. Is this able to move as well?. May be in future version. нужно и автовозвр...
File: Bandits User Interface06/22/18
Posted By: Hoft
Можно как-то скрытие пета в триалах в настройки вынести, &#...
File: Map Pins06/22/18
skyshard in the middle of IC sewers...
Posted By: Hoft
skyshard in the middle of IC sewers missed Barathrum Centrata: 52.5254.84 (cyrodiil/imperialsewershub_base) Fixed
File: Bandits User Interface06/22/18
There is not enough transparency se...
Posted By: Hoft
There is not enough transparency setting for the minimap and the edge off. Also the maximum zoom level is too small, too small. Just try: /script ZO_WorldMap:SetAlpha(.6) it looks ugly no edge? omg! no! )) it is not my minimap it is just ingame map and zoom is capped by game (just try to change map zoom). default health, magi...