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File: ESO Master Recipe List03/02/18
thank you very much ;)
Posted By: NeKryXe
thank you very much ;)
File: Assist Rapid Riding02/20/18
Re: Un-morphed Blade Cloak
Posted By: NeKryXe
I am not 100% sure why, but it seems that the un-morphed skill Blade Cloak (Duel Wield) is reset to zero when mounting. i think i'm having a similar problem. on my dual wield bar it never swaps back from RM, and even the key doesn't work. when i dismount using dual wield i always need to replace the skill manually. but it works fi...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper02/16/18
this amazing addon has been resisti...
Posted By: NeKryXe
this amazing addon has been resisting all updates but now it's no longer working on bank guilds. anyone found a way to fix it?
File: FCO ItemSaver02/13/18
i lost all my markers too. i love t...
Posted By: NeKryXe
i lost all my markers too. i love this addon but i don't think that i'll start all over marking all items again. ZOS is making a great job destroying the game. i'd prefer not to have the outfit update than to lose my markers again.
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)02/12/18
user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:286: a...
Posted By: NeKryXe
user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:286: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:286: in function 'WPamA:UpdSVSkills' user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:2516: in function 'WPamA.OnSkillXPUpdate' getting this error every time i get xp on a new character.
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)02/03/18
I'm having the same issue on login...
Posted By: NeKryXe
I'm having the same issue on login today after patch: user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:2395: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:2395: in function 'WPamA:UpdFestivalsInfo' user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:1528: in function 'WPamA:UpdCharInfo' user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:1683: in function 'WPa...
File: ESO-Database.com Export AddOn01/30/18
Re: Update failes
Posted By: NeKryXe
Since 10. November 2016, it looks like, the client does not update the stats for my character called Isur'Ra. Instead, the character called Isurra get's updated 4 times. Also, I get following error on startup: https://kromonos.net/misc/gallery-images/esodb_error.png yesterday i started to get this same error. it's weird why it...
File: ESO-Database.com Export AddOn12/12/17
i've been using eso-database for a...
Posted By: NeKryXe
i've been using eso-database for a long time with no problem at all, but recently it started to behavior like a malware. eso-database client is now permanently uploading stuff every time that i'm out of the game, for hours, hours and hours, draining all my bandwidth. i'm trying to understand what changed on eso-database and how to fi...