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File: Skylike Dialog02/13/18
A fix to those heavily annoyed with...
Posted By: CaptTatsu
A fix to those heavily annoyed with hearing the same line over and over again when you go to the store. EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent("SkylikeDialog", EVENT_OPEN_STORE, function() SetSetting(SETTING_TYPE_AUDIO, AUDIO_SETTING_VO_ENABLED, 0) end) EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent("SkylikeDialog", EVENT_CLOSE_STORE, function(...
File: Skylike Dialog11/22/17
Could you add/indicate Gamepad mode...
Posted By: CaptTatsu
Could you add/indicate Gamepad mode support please? :) This addon seems quite nice sorry, but i'm not supporting gamepad mode. :( i also updated the description