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File: HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)04/26/18
Craglorn shows nothing
Posted By: jpdouble69
Hi, Craglorn is blank for me and only shows the nodes i am collecting. I ran teh bat-file to update but nothing changes. Please help, thank you
File: Lui Extended03/30/18
Re: Re: Default Unit Frames - Transparency
Posted By: jpdouble69
Hmm not sure I understand. When I set transparency to 0 - only bars that are under 100% value display for me in/out of Combat. This seems to be the same behavior as default UI? You might have to enter/exit combat after changing the menu setting for the bars to update but otherwise should work. It seems to work for me now, weird. S...
File: Lui Extended03/25/18
Default Unit Frames - Transparency
Posted By: jpdouble69
hi, would it be possible add a checkbox to turn on/off the transparency settings for default unit frames? I am using the Default Ability Bars (Settings -> Combat -> Attribute Bars --> Automatic) and having the LUI Custom Player Frame disabled. The LUI setting for Transparency - Out of Combat '> 0' prevents the default ability...
File: Inventory Insight03/09/18
thank you!
Posted By: jpdouble69
I just want to say thank you to the addon authors for their continuous efforts to make this addon work with DLC Dragon Bones. Much appreciated!
File: Master Merchant03/05/18
Posted By: jpdouble69
hi philgo, i gt this lua-error when i open MM the first time at a guild trader: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:1949: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:1949: in function 'MasterMerchant:PostScan' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2178: in...
File: Inventory Insight02/26/18
What version of Inventory Insights...
Posted By: jpdouble69
What version of Inventory Insights are you currently using? Any advice? I think patience is the key :) The Dragonbones patch introduced a lot of new things and at the same time seriously broke so many addons. This addon was working fine in the past and I feel it will be fine again we just need be patient :)
File: Inventory Insight02/26/18
Posted By: jpdouble69
user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:31: in function 'IIfA:InventorySlotUpdate' user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfAEvents.lua:68: in function 'IIfA_InventorySlotUpdate' Got the error while putting stuff for sale at the guild merchant and using AGS for splitting u...
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)02/12/18
I get the same lua-error - with < 5...
Posted By: jpdouble69
I get the same lua-error - with < 50lvl chars only though /edit: the first time the char receives XP after login user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:286: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:286: in function 'WPamA:UpdSVSkills' user:/AddOns/WPamA/WPamA.lua:2516: in function 'WPamA.OnSkillXP...
File: Lost Treasure02/11/18
Vvardenfell Treasure Map IV location
Posted By: jpdouble69
hi, with the latest update v4.32 the position of the Vvardenfell Treasure Map IV is misplaced: {0.0100, 0.0100, ] should be {0.4489, 0.6933, ] like in v4.31
File: Assist Rapid Riding02/01/18
Un-morphed Blade Cloak
Posted By: jpdouble69
I am not 100% sure why, but it seems that the un-morphed skill Blade Cloak (Duel Wield) is reset to zero when mounting.
File: Lui Extended02/01/18
Re: Re: Short term Buffs disappear
Posted By: jpdouble69
That's odd, there shouldn't be any events firing when mounting that would cause this. You don't have the option toggled in UnitFrames to hide buffs when out of combat do you? Under Player/Target frame settings. My bad, it seems to be a problem with the Addon "Assist Rapid Riding". It resets the timer to zero of the un-morphed Blad...
File: Lui Extended01/30/18
Short term Buffs disappear
Posted By: jpdouble69
Hi, short term buffs attached to the player unit disappear after mounting- un-mounting. I haven't tested other scenarios where they might also disappear. But when (un-)mounting multiple times all buff have disappeared. Probably a silly question, but is there a minimap feature in this addon? LUI does not have a minimap module...
File: Lui Extended01/19/18
Idea: Social Icons for Target Frame
Posted By: jpdouble69
Would it be possible to display icons for friends, guild mates and maybe ignored in the target frame (and in the default target frame if LUI target frame is not enabled)? Would be nice to have but i see you get a lot of requests so no worries :)
File: Combat Metrics01/19/18
Toggle Fight Report only displays but not removes report
Posted By: jpdouble69
Hi, i assigned a Keybind (F10) for 'Toggle Fight Report'. While the fight report shows up it does not disappear after pressing the keybind again. Any idea? (It disappears when moving but the toggle is not a toggle for me atm)
File: Combat Reticle01/17/18
+1 Is it possible to add an Cust...
Posted By: jpdouble69
+1 Is it possible to add an Custom Default? Maybe Default+ That means that the Custom Reticle is shown but Color change for Friends, Enemies, Critter and Boxes.
File: Lui Extended01/17/18
Tab for Chat Announcements
Posted By: jpdouble69
I'd find it comfy to be able to send chat announcement to a tab of choice. What's your take on this, @ArtOfShred?
File: WritWorthy01/16/18
Re: Re: Auto-craft Master Alchemy Crafting Writs?
Posted By: jpdouble69
Would be nice to have an option to switch from costs to number of reagents owned. That way one can save "rare" reagents how does the Writ Worthy Alchemy crafting algorithim choose which combination of reagents ... ? By reagent cost.
File: AUI - Advanced UI01/01/18
Re: minimeter
Posted By: jpdouble69
Wrong addon. LUI Extended removed the damage meter not AUI I see today that Minimeter is not supported??? Is this true? Saw this in settings/addons.. I really love my DPS meter....Is it coming back?
File: AUI - Advanced UI01/01/18
Workarounds for subtitles
Posted By: jpdouble69
This error has been introduced in August 2017 and has been reported ever since. Workarounds are: If you still want to see subtitles: Disbale AUI module Frame Mover If you still want to see subtitles AND move frames: Disbale AUI module Frame Mover Install Azurah - Interface Enhanced and move the Frames like you want...
File: WritWorthy12/16/17
Re: LibLazyCrafting updates (1.7, 1.9)
Posted By: jpdouble69
Thanks for the update :) It is fair to say that you aren't responsible for the WrithWorthy throwing errors lately while new LLC's causing troubles and not being backward compatible. Btw. is there any need for LLC to be included? What are the benefits? I know WrithWorthy running perfectly fine in earlier version w/o LLC :D I'...
File: Assist Rapid Riding12/08/17
Re: v2.0.3 has been uploaded
Posted By: jpdouble69
v2.0.3 - Fixed a bug that "Account Wide Configuration" is saved at character level which should be account wide. - Added an option of "Always switch when mounted" enabled when "Auto switch when mounted" is turned on. Thank you very much for the update :) Account-wide setting is working now for my. After the update it changed...
File: Assist Rapid Riding12/02/17
Account Wide Configuration not working
Posted By: jpdouble69
Enabling "Account Wide Configuration" does not work. When enabling it with one character the option is still turned off on the others. /edit: It would be nice to have an option to keep the RapidRiding-Skill on the skillbar as long as you are mounted. Makes it easy to recast when you need it
File: Bot Scanner 200011/26/17
Bot-Train locations
Posted By: jpdouble69
Just an idea for further development: Include known bot-train locations as a list eg. - Grahtwood -> Karthdar (south) - Bangkorai -> Kerbol's Hollow - Rivenspire -> Silverhoof Vale (east) - ... and update this list. This forum might be a good place to report bot-train locations. The more locations players know where to che...
File: CraftStore DB11/25/17
RuneStore sound
Posted By: jpdouble69
Can you add an option to turn off the sound at the end of a rune creation/deconstruction process? Seems to be new. Any plans to integrate the settings via LibAddonMenu in the future? AlphaGear 2 just made the transition and it is really nice to see the settings being split in subdirectories instead of each setting being a part of...
File: AlphaGear 211/25/17
Posted By: jpdouble69
Thanks for the transition to LibAddonMenu. Personally i like it very much and it offers more ways to display the settings. ToolTips might help users too to figure them out.