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File: Social Status05/09/18
LUA error
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Greetings! Firstly, thank y'all very much for making this addon! :) I was wondering if there's an easy change/addition I can make to the lua file to prevent getting a message like this, along with a nonsensical or blank LUA error? The panel with id 'LAMSocialStatusSettings' was registered before addon loading has completed...
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger04/08/18
Additional functionality?
Posted By: ZoLatKam
First off, thank you for all the work you've done on this mod, Sternentau! :) Is it possible to have "ignore/save/alert" options for each officer chat as well, or does the API not allow separating to that level of specificity?
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)03/04/18
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Fantastic that Cool7 found a fix! I can confirm that changing the code, provided by Cool7, in the InnocentBladeOfWoe.lua file (lines 78 - 81 for me) does restore the expected functionality of the mod. Now, when can those users of the mod that aren't comfortable with directly editing .lua code expect an update?
File: Inventory Insight03/02/18
IIFA beta version
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Greetings! Ty for the beta version. I installed it just a few minutes ago, re-enabled the "Guild Bank Data Collection" & didn't have the error on the original character I was getting it on. However, when I logged on to my healer, I got a different (though I suspect similar) error: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/Libs/LibAsync/LibA...
File: Inventory Insight03/01/18
Persistent error accessing guild bank.
Posted By: ZoLatKam
First off, I'd like to thank you for your time taken to create this fantastic mod! :) So, I'm getting the following consistent error with IIFA installed & activated and Votan's Minimap installed & either activated or deactivated: user:/AddOns/VotansMiniMap/libs/LibAsync/LibAsync.lua:35: user:/AddOns/IIfA/IIfADataCollection.lua:...
File: No, thank you!02/12/18
Error fix!
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Thanks Baertram & jgheld! Commenting out those 2 lines worked like a charm! :D
File: No, thank you!02/07/18
Not working on PTS
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Greetings! Firstly, thank you for all your hard work on this mod! Secondly, I am worried that this mod will no longer work on the live servers after Update 17 (Dragon Bones) comes out on the 12th because I get the following error with it loaded on the PTS: user:/AddOns/NoThankYou/NoThankYou.lua:292: table index is nil stack t...
File: AlphaGear 201/14/18
Transparency settings
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Fantastic addon! Is there any way to add in a transparency slider/input box for all the parts of the mod? That would make it absolutely perfect!
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)01/10/18
Mod not working since most recent maintenance
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Ever since the maintenance on Monday, 01.08.18, this mod no longer functions correctly for me. It does not temporarily disable the "Prevent Attacking Innocents" option when I go to use the Blade of Woe. I get no LUA error; it simply doesn't work. I have tried uninstalling, deleting the saved variables & reinstalling twice no...
File: Unlimited Camera Zoom10/21/17
Confusing Mod Name
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Just my 17 cents: I feel the name of this mod could greatly benefit from a slight change to the last word: "Unlimited Camera Zoom-in" is far less misleading.
File: LorePlay - Emotes, Outfits, and more!10/02/17
Feature Request
Posted By: ZoLatKam
Let me start by saying this addon is FANTASTIC!!! :) I was wondering if it is possible to add an option to control showing/hiding the helm for each outfit set?
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced08/15/17
Re: Need This!
Posted By: ZoLatKam
I am posting again in the hopes that the author, who's been absent for a month now, will come back and update this. There is no other addon that allows moving UI elements around and I would not be able to play without it. I understand making these addons is a labor intensive work of love. I just hope it's updated soon, especially...
File: Reloadui Extra Slash Commands - now with reloadui button on top of chat.04/29/17
hi, i had to rename the folder to "...
Posted By: ZoLatKam
hi, i had to rename the folder to "Reloadui". Otherwise it doesn't work Same here, ty for the fix!! I also had to make this change! Thanks to Scootworks & Saera for posting/confirming, respectively, that this resolves the issue of the commands not working. :)