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File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time01/11/18
Slash Commands & Lore Date / Time
Posted By: Shadowshire
Hello, I really like the Clock add-on, especially the Moon phases. But I want to configure its output in some ways that I might prefer instead of the default. As far as I can determine, none of the /slash commands has any effect at all upon the output displayed by the Clock add-on, even after I use /reloadui. The configuration opt...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter01/10/18
Re: Re: Which Add-on is Which?
Posted By: Shadowshire
2) This is the addon for Master Writs. In terms of errors, it's extremely unlikely that you'll encounter one. I still however suggest reading the chat output because when there's 60k on the line, I want to be sure no matter how confident I am in an addon. Hmmm..... I assume that the addon uses the /zone channel for its Chat Window...
File: WritWorthy01/10/18
Auto-craft Master Alchemy Crafting Writs?
Posted By: Shadowshire
First, I've been using Writ Worthy from the beginning to evaluate the cost of producing items required by Master Crafting Writs. But I have not been aware that it can be used to auto-craft anything until today. In the screenshots posted on the Add-on Info tab, apparently Writ Worthy can auto-craft Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisionin...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter01/08/18
Which Add-on is Which?
Posted By: Shadowshire
(1) What is the name for the original Dolgubon add-on for ESO Crafting Writs? Are you continuing to maintain it? (In my experience, the downloaded file is named DolgubonsLazyWritCreator v.vv.zip.) Note: the add-on auto-crafts non-set armor and weapons specified by the original ESO Crafting Writs, and it is ordinarily used at a non-se...
File: Pet Health01/05/18
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Addon Info tab states: /pethealthcombat - enables/disables the health bar only in combat (default off) After I enter the command, the health bar for the Twilight Matriarch is no longer displayed while the character is not in combat. However, it is also not displayed while the character is in combat. FYI: I had only the Twili...
File: pChat01/02/18
Re: Huh?
Posted By: Shadowshire
At this point, it almost seems like the addon is abandoned. No responses from Ayathir at all, no word about development :( I never understood comments like this. Is something not working (it works fine for me)? If so, put in a bug report with as much info as possible. .... Yes, personally I understand what you've said and how you f...
File: pChat01/02/18
Re: Re: pChat Keybinding
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... Yes, they are hidden here and there. at the bottom of ui section if I remember well. it's basically Shift+tab to switch from a tab to the next one and a keybind to minimize chat. I recall the keybind to toggle the Chat UI display, which I do not use. But I don't recall whether pChat uses Shift+tab to switch from the current tab...
File: pChat01/02/18
pChat Keybinding
Posted By: Shadowshire
It would be great if I could change to a specific Chat UI tab, and did not have to also press Enter (or / ) and enter a /command to change to the appropriate channel before I can send a message that will be displayed on that tab. Currently, I have configured 5 tabs, one for each guild of the 5 guilds of which I am a member, so tha...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)12/26/17
Disabling Camera Rotation Prevents Preview from Inventory UI
Posted By: Shadowshire
According to the output you use some addon that deactivates the preview in the inventory, such as "No thank you". When "No thank you" disables the camera spin in the inventory, it also deactivates the possibility to preview while the inventory is open. Ah, so .... I have posted a request to the No, Thank You developer to ask that a...
File: No, thank you!12/26/17
Option: Do Not Rotate Camera .....
Posted By: Shadowshire
Enabling the subject option prevents the Item Preview (Furniture+Armor) add-on from showing a preview of an item that is the character's inventory (Bags): http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1622-ItemPreviewFurnitureArmor.html#comments Is it possible to change the No, Thank You option to allow the player to disable rotating the came...
File: Harven's Chat Completion12/25/17
Whether to use Harven's Chat Completion
Posted By: Shadowshire
It seems that the game include this function now since last patch ;) True, but like any other feature that the ZOS developers introduce, it is not as good as Harven's add-on.
File: Furniture Catalogue12/25/17
Furniture Catalogue 2.0.81 - Missing Folder
Posted By: Shadowshire
Ok I see what happened :) My bad, I was running the old 2.0.8 with 2.0.7 files. 2.0.81 does not install through Minion because the archive is missing the top level folder FurnitureCatalogue to contain the addon in the addons directory. Installing with Minion just effectively removes FurC. Manually installing while adding the folder,...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)12/24/17
Item Preview - Preview Furnishing in Bags - Debug Output
Posted By: Shadowshire
After I launched the game client and logged-in to Ace Firelight, I pasted the script that you provided into the Chat UI entry field. No output was displayed immediately (as far as I could determine, the channel was the default Say). When I subsequent attempted to preview a piece of furniture in Firelight's bags, while the Chaut UI w...
File: Furniture Catalogue12/24/17
Current Furniture Catalogue Version -?-
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Furniture Catalogue Addon Info tab states that the current version is 2.0.8, but the file has the version number 2.0.7 at the end of the filename string. Which version is in the file that I've downloaded? Did you upload version 2.0.8? Clerical errors happen. ;)
File: Chat Tab Selector12/22/17
Re: Re: Chat Tab Selector 1.9 Feedback
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... Sure. But it changes not only channel, but also it changes specified (in menu) tab. And you can configure each tab for that channels what you want (in tab options). And. I know: ingame chat is very hard to fully understand. Just be patient )) I don't understand your assertion "but also it changes specified (in menu) tab". To w...
File: Chat Tab Selector12/21/17
Chat Tab Selector 1.9 Feedback
Posted By: Shadowshire
As far as I can determine, the CTS keybind changes the Chat UI Enter field to the configured channel. This is evident when I use the keybind to specify the channel, then press the keyboard < Enter > key. The name of the channel is shown to the left of the data entry field. However, using the CTS keybind does not appear to change th...
File: Furniture Catalogue12/19/17
Furniture Catalogue 2.0.5 Pane obscures displayed output
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I select a character (Ace Greysmoke) for which to display the known furnishing "recipes", the displayed output is obscured by a small pane in which the statement "recipes for Ace Greysmoke" is enclosed in a rectangle. In my humble opinion, that "label" is not necessary, since it is obvious from the options in the UI heading abov...
File: Master Merchant12/19/17
Master Merchant 1.9.9 UI Error
Posted By: Shadowshire
Please see: https://imgur.com/a/dCB43
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)12/18/17
Item Preview 1.9
Posted By: Shadowshire
When I use the left-click on a furnishing item in inventory while diplaying a character's Bags (without the Bank UI or a Guild Store UI displayed), then the display shows the character turns to face the player and nothing else changes. That is, a preview of the item is not displayed. The same outcome occurs when I select the Preview...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)12/11/17
.... @Shadowshire Clicking on the...
Posted By: Shadowshire
.... @Shadowshire Clicking on the same item again ends the preview, but I also added a keybind, see the change log. You can select preview in the menu when right clicking on an item. That's how to preview if you disable the preview on left click. https://i.imgur.com/pxFznT2.png Thank-you for your reply. Changing the LMB to allow th...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)12/10/17
ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor) .....
Posted By: Shadowshire
Is this add-on named "Item Preview" the same add-on that was named "Furniture Preview"? The fact that I don't run Minion does not mean that the names and version numbers of add-ons are not significant. If you change the name, then please at least have the good sense to disclose that on the "information" tab for the add-on. Then again...
File: Heal Counter11/29/17
Posted By: Shadowshire
Okay, aside from healing ad-hoc groups while we attack Dolmen NPCs, I am still "new" to the role of Healer. The character is a Breton Templar using exclusively Magicka abilities, so far, although I am considering whether it is possible to re-morph a couple of his DPS abilities to Stamina instead, and he needs more Health. .... Curren...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)11/18/17
Furniture Preview 1.7a - Missing Keybind in Inventory View
Posted By: Shadowshire
(1) Question: If I disable the left-click to display a furnishing "recipe", then which key or mouse button can I use to preview a furniture crafting "recipe"?? I don't recall seeing an Addon Keybind for Furniture Preview. Nor is there any configuration option that I can use to specify an alternative. (2) As far as I can determine,...
File: ItemPreview (Furniture+Armor)10/23/17
Furniture Preview Version
Posted By: Shadowshire
The version number shown on the main information tab is 1.7a (updated to ESO 3.2), but the version number in the name of the downloaded .zip file is version 1.7. Has the previous version 1.7 software been replaced by the current download?
File: LoreBooks10/08/17
Which Lorebooks version is current and available?
Posted By: Shadowshire
The Lorbeooks tab states that the current version available for download is 9.1. However, when I download it, the name of the file displayed is Lorebooks - 9.zip. So, is the file mis-named, or has the prior version not been replaced by the current one?