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File: Map Pins08/14/18
Re: Patch
Posted By: Hoft
Update today but not patched for 4.1 Wolfhunter? :confused: Change log: 1.32 - Update API for Wolfhunter - Added Vvardenfell "Pilgrim's Path" achivement pins
File: Bandits User Interface08/14/18
BUI_Actions.lua:213 Fixed
Posted By: Hoft
BUI_Actions.lua:213 Fixed
File: Bandits User Interface08/13/18
how do I turn on my target frame to...
Posted By: Hoft
how do I turn on my target frame to show the name of the character instead of the account name? Added target frame name format option did the title shift from center to right? No In Misc addon setup you have the option move frames and move default and I would like to ask if you could not add in the move menu Default the ability t...
File: Bandits User Interface08/09/18
Как уб...
Posted By: Hoft
Как убрать цифры набора ульты ? На панели умений: Settings>Compat>Ultimate Number На &...
File: Bandits User Interface08/07/18
It may happen if your tank was dd w...
Posted By: Hoft
It may happen if your tank was dd with magicka pool and just changed its gear.No, he is Full Tank, was always Tank, and didn't change his gear while in grp Stat sharing is not perfect and will be rebuilded in future.
File: Map Pins08/06/18
Thank you for the AddOn.:) I can...
Posted By: Hoft
Thank you for the AddOn.:) I cannot imagine playing ESO without it anymore. Thank you too. Is there anything I can do to help you with that data collection?. Just wait few moths more. Later I'l ask for your and other players data to made full base.
File: Bandits User Interface08/06/18
Re: I really like your addon
Posted By: Hoft
I really like your all in one addon. :) I have used is since several weeks now and it will replace many other addons I used before. Where can we do donations to support your futher developement? Thank you for your praise. No donations needed. I do not want a burden of responsibility. The parts of the UI that this add on should a...
File: Bandits User Interface08/04/18
Re: Minimap + Zygorguides
Posted By: Hoft
Are there a minimap and Zygorguide issues? Newer used this add-on. Just disable minimap in settings.
File: Map Pins08/04/18
Hi. I just wanted to check - do you...
Posted By: Hoft
Hi. I just wanted to check - do you need to have the treasure map on your inventory for the pin to show on the map? Yes I see them on all map that are active to the quest. Currently in Valenwood, "X"s show as they should before I find them, but all are not disappearing once completed (some are). All data is right! O-o-k... Now I d...
File: Bandits User Interface08/03/18
Re: Re: Re: no zoomable mini map
Posted By: Hoft
I have a major issue (for me it is) with the mini map. I can't zoom in and out. It is sub zone in your screenshot. Settings>Bandits UI>Minimap>Sub zone>100% As I write, I tried it and did not work. No effect in changing the sub zone scaling. The mini map seems locked. Try to disable all add-ons Try to reset minimap settings to...
File: Map Pins08/01/18
What is your game language? Engl...
Posted By: Hoft
What is your game language? English It was just a question to understand your situation. And... idk. Works perfect for English version. Do you have Summerset? Do you started Psijic quest? Do you acquired Augur? Do you readed Psijic map? What is your Psijic skill line level? On what map are you see cross markers? Use slach...
File: Bandits User Interface08/01/18
Re: no zoomable mini map
Posted By: Hoft
I have a major issue (for me it is) with the mini map. I can't zoom in and out. It is sub zone in your screenshot. Settings>Bandits UI>Minimap>Sub zone>100%
File: Bandits User Interface07/29/18
Re: Прицел
Posted By: Hoft
Привет! Хотел спросить - какой "модуль баффов" нужно включ&...
File: Map Pins07/29/18
its not for quest marker its for f...
Posted By: Hoft
its not for quest marker its for fragment itself when you need follow for white things to track them down But we still can't dig it without activating breach on quest marker. So, it useless. When doing psijic time breeches, pins do not change status after I close the breech. IsTimeBreach={ =true, =true, =true, =true,...
File: Map Pins07/28/18
I noticed that Map Pins does not sh...
Posted By: Hoft
I noticed that Map Pins does not show the skyshard location on a delve map if the player is not on the same vertical level as the shard. Additional levels are added for some dungeon in 1.31 version. coordinates for 8 fragments from Psijic order quests Thank you, but allready have it. Crystal tower staff fragments locations are di...
File: Bandits User Interface07/27/18
Re: Adding buffs to notable
Posted By: Hoft
Hello, first of all thank you for this awesome UI. It quickly became my favorite. I was just wondering if there was a way to manually add buffs to the notable list (specifically Major Aegis), is there a line I need to add? I've never delved into addon code but I guess there's always a first. Thanks a lot! BUI_Buffs.lua 132 line ad...
File: Map Pins07/27/18
hest pins randomly appearing on the...
Posted By: Hoft
hest pins randomly appearing on the compass even though I have deselected chests in the map filter due to the flooding issues another poster mentioned. Not game breaking but can be frustrating to have to turn the filter on and off again to clear the compass. /reloadui after disable chest pins working on it is this mod supposed t...
File: Bandits User Interface07/24/18
Dang thanks for the fast answer, an...
Posted By: Hoft
Dang thanks for the fast answer, any way to toggle them on/off or make it transparent then? Bandits User Interface is only shows minimap. It do not places or removes map pins.
File: Map Pins07/23/18
I just wanted to say: thank you. T...
Posted By: Hoft
I just wanted to say: thank you. This is an awesome tool, and does everything I could possibly want it to do. Thank you! I tried to do a couple surveys today, and they didn't show up. Fixed
File: Bandits User Interface07/23/18
Re: Mini map mappins size
Posted By: Hoft
Hello I would like to request the option to allow map pins on the mini map to be dropped below 50 size maybe even as low as 10 Pin size lower than 50 is restricted by game.
File: Bandits User Interface07/22/18
There's something wrong with your m...
Posted By: Hoft
There's something wrong with your method for controlling buff transparency. Sometimes some buff icons are trans 0% or they range up to trans 100%. Buffs are never become transparent. Blank position it is just separator: passives buffs debuffs http://cdn-eso.mmoui.com/preview/pvw6168.png
File: Map Pins07/20/18
Re: Map Pins 1.29 - Missing Filter for Crafting Stations
Posted By: Hoft
When I display the Map and look at the list of filters, there is no filter to disable the Crafting Station data display. Quite apparently it is enabled by default. (This is driving me crazy! I don't need the data because I just go to a Guild Hall to craft Master Writs by using Attunable Crafting Stations.) Please add the missing filt...
File: Group Loot Notifier07/19/18
why it notify Light but no Heavy or...
Posted By: Hoft
why it notify Light but no Heavy or Medium words at medium or heavy gear? Idk. You are first with this problem.
File: Bandits User Interface07/19/18
Using the 'Reset Unit Frames' butto...
Posted By: Hoft
Using the 'Reset Unit Frames' button on the 'Curved Frames' tab reset the entire addon for me. It is just Unit Frames reset And. Current "Curved Frames" is on hold. Working on new version. Sometimes a few buffs will be solid, while others are transparent. This seems to be very random. Can we have a way to control fading on buffs?...
File: Bandits User Interface07/17/18
BUI_Menu.lua:161: function expected...
Posted By: Hoft
BUI_Menu.lua:161: function expected instead of nil Will be fixed in next update Also, there is a bug with transparency in/out of combat Additionally, when changing player frames (if set to MMO style) they are moving to the right side of the settings page. But not moving back after close settings. I'l check it