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File: uespLog06/18/17
When I set Deal Display Type to "mm...
Posted By: VycDarkshadow
When I set Deal Display Type to "mm", it works fine. However, when I set it to "uesp", I keep getting solid 0% on everything I'm selling. This makes it difficult to tell if I should pull items out and resell them at a lower price. Also, with uesp selected, the deal percentage (or whatever you call it) seems to be very random. If I...
File: Master Merchant05/27/17
Getting this error since Morrowind,...
Posted By: VycDarkshadow
Getting this error since Morrowind, does anyone know how to fix it? Try downloading BugEater. Not sure what the error message is, but BugEater eliminates all of those annoying error messages.
File: No, thank you!05/22/17
Same here. Looks like they are usin...
Posted By: VycDarkshadow
Same here. Looks like they are using a global value NOTIFICATIONS_LFG_JUMP_DUNGEON_DATA that was removed in the latest patch.