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File: Auto Category [Inventory Grid View Integrated]01/21/18
Posted By: CarbonX
Great addon, but it's laggy to me. It takes about 2 secs to open/close inventory and do some other actions withing the inventory, it's not smooth. Can't use it like this.
File: LoreBooks10/27/17
Letter to Baloth Bloodtusk lorebook
Posted By: CarbonX
Lorebook "Letter to Baloth Bloodtusk" is now also located in the first floor of The Greedy Gut inn in Orsinium city. https://image.prntscr.com/image/-C2XRjkaRQekSpjMI4Xxag.jpg Please update the addon.
File: AUI - Advanced UI09/09/17
Minimap for Battlegrounds Chaosball game not working?
Posted By: CarbonX
At least to me, the minimap shows me the chaosball carrier in the wrong place, not where he/she really is. Any info you need from me to test/fix this? Thank you.