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File: A Super Useful Gadget Bar - by Gol05/07/18
Posted By: autocatalyst
The toolbar itself looks very useful. I know it's potentially a lot of work to strip out the guild features, but the info panel looks very clean. Would definitely use.
File: AUI - Advanced UI01/08/18
Champion Point Player Frames
Posted By: autocatalyst
The target frames for other players frequently display champion point levels in the 800-900 range. I can't find any apparent setting to adjust the level display. Anyone else have this issue?
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin12/28/17
Re: Re: This addon isn't being maintained anymore
Posted By: autocatalyst
While I understand your frustration for game not offering their minimap I am not to be blamed. I may or may not do anything about supporting it after each game release. This is purely voluntary matter on my part. No one pays me to do this work. As a matter of fact I've dedicated many hundreds of hours to this add-on which could be qu...
File: Advanced Filters11/08/17
Not working since CC
Posted By: autocatalyst
I love this addon but it doesn't seem to be working since CC came out. I haven't had error messages or anything from it, just the filters are missing. Search bar is still intact. :confused: