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File: Auto Category [Inventory Grid View Integrated]01/02/18
Amazing addon - great work! One thi...
Posted By: crafty35a
Amazing addon - great work! One thing that would make this even better is if you could access tracking states that have been set up in Set Tracker (http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1518-SetTracker.html) Set Tracker provides easy access to this data (info below pulled right from the add-on description). Being able to access the t...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin01/01/18
Re: No waypoint showing up on the border.
Posted By: crafty35a
...when i go into the map and place a waypoint it doesn't show on the border of the mini map. Can i get any help fixing this? I'm having this issue as well. Any way to get this working currently?
File: CraftStore CC12/16/17
Is it possible to mark only certain...
Posted By: crafty35a
Is it possible to mark only certain traits for research? I see that I can click on an item heading to mark all traits for that particular item, but I run out of storage space quickly this way. It would be great if I can mark only certain traits (clicking on them individually doesn't seem to do anything). Great work on this add-on!