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Originally Posted by ZOS_ChipHilseberg View Post
If the characters show up when using another font then it's just that the Japanese game font doesn't have glyphs for those characters. We are not able to fix that. However if it shows up as a box with a font that does have the glyph (like it shows up fine in notepad) then we can look at adding more to the character set for the game.

Can we have an option to alter the original game fonts? Perhaps change to key-value pair to a new one?

For localization, these fonts need to be replaced by others:
Lua Code:
  1. <String name="MEDIUM_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  2.     <String name="BOLD_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  3.     <String name="CHAT_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWUDC_70-M.ttf" />
  5.     <String name="GAMEPAD_LIGHT_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  6.     <String name="GAMEPAD_MEDIUM_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  7.     <String name="GAMEPAD_BOLD_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  9.     <String name="ANTIQUE_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  10.     <String name="HANDWRITTEN_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />
  11.     <String name="STONE_TABLET_FONT" value="EsoUI/Common/Fonts/ESO_FWNTLGUDC70-DB.ttf" />

Or we have to modify all the add-ons which use these fonts one by one. That's not good for other languages.

Currently we can replace the font in this way in {lang}_client.str:
[Font:ZoFontGame] = "CustomLang/fonts/univers57.otf|18|soft-shadow-thin"
Is there any way to change GAMEPAD_LIGHT_FONT's value?
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