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Lightbulb need help with weak character


I currently play an Argo/Temp/Healer and I am around 255 cp. I have always noticed that others seem to be a lot stronger than I am and even now that I have switched to duel wield and working a dps build I am still ridiculously weak. I have spent a lot of time online trying to find out why my character is so under powered and have finally gotten tired of watching newbie toons out dps me ten times over.

I have used the skill calculator on Esohead and would love any advice as to how I can improve my character. I have also tried starting a new character for dps and i'm wondering if there is something simple that others are doing that I might be missing. Any advice is welcome.

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I'm not an expert on templars, but your dw bar has 2 heals on it, blade cloak is a defensive ability, whirlwind is good for a lot of mobs at once, I don't know how useful reflective light is and blazing spear is more of a support ability (don't get me wrong: it and its morphs are excellent for support and if there's a templar tank or healer on the team, I expect them to run it) than a dps ability. You've already stated you're a healer and you dislike being outdpsed. Is this in terms of your dungeon damage output or solo? If solo: your dw bar has way too many healing/support abilities, hence your lack of dps. If it's dungeon: I really don't care much about how much dps the tank or healer are doing as long as they are keeping me from dying.
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