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10/28/16, 01:43 AM   #1
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Minion problems since the Update [SOLVED]

Since the update I have been having problems with Minion.

1. Initially it was set to use LiveEU, which the update seemed to wipe so I found all my AddOns and settings had disappeared.

2. I discovered that Zeni had moved them all to Live as part of the One Tam change and so changed the Minion settings to use LIVE instead of LIVEEU, and i deleted LiveEU.

That seems to have solved the problem within the game, but I still have a Minion problem in that every time I load Minion it creates a new LIVEEU folder. Even though it isn't using it.

The folder it creates is empty apart from an empty ADDON folder, and it still detects all my AddOns in the LIVE folder, but the existence of the LiveEU folder confuses the game launcher prompting to ask which settings I want to use to run my game NA or EU.

You would have expected EU to be the right answer as I'm playing on the EU Server, but in fact NA is the correct answer as SavedVariables are now in the LIVE folder. Took me while to work that out, as the message implies its asking which server you play on.

It's not game breaking, now I understand whats going on, but it is annoying, and I'm told its Minion thats the cause.

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What version of Minion are you using? Sounds like an older version.
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10/30/16, 01:47 AM   #3
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I'm using 3.0.5.

However, with the help and advice of a fellow guild member I have managed to resolve the problem since posting the issue above. The solution is detailed below, just in case anyone else is suffering.

Find the Minion folder on your PC.
1. Change the Minion.xml file name to Xminion.xml.
2. Restart Minion and sign the EULA and allow it to through its initial detection process again.
3. Once complete check the set-up to make sure it is using the Live/Addon folder, and if not change it to do so.

This finally worked and it's no longer constantly recreated a LiveEU folder every time I run it.
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