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updating to 3 issue

when using the prior current app, ie: what was current the day before... since i don't know what that version number was :-)... on windows 10.

if i clicked on the update button, it would do something and relaunch the app... and be right back at where it was... letting me know there was an update to 3. the only way i was able to do the update was to go to the download page and use the installer for windows 64bit.

also looking at the log for minion there were no issues, in minion1.log... not sure why there was a minion0.log that it seems to be not using any more ... it looks like thats because there is a .lck file of the same name? hum... maybe it crashed once and left the lck file... anyway i moved those out and it started using 0 again.

lastly even though i am using windows 10... it lies to itself and says in the log that its using windows 8...
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The Minion self updater can't preform these updates, sadly. It would have taken too long to roll out an update to old minion so that you could update to Minion 3. The reason for this is that there were a ton if internal path changes and library changes. We also updated the Java virtual machine's jre to the latest version available.

Thats why I put a big download button in the update notice notes on the old minion.

Future updates to Minion 3 will work like normal and not require a re-install.

My log says windows 10 when I run Minion. Are you running Windows Home or Pro?

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windows 10 pro 64bit

all updates from windows update are current...
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