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Lightbulb Price Tracker - Adapting to my specific needs

Hi guys,

Something I'd like to see in my game is a tooltip extension to accomplish the following.

1. I want to scan all the guilds I am a part of, and have the wares stored in a database.
2. When I hover over listings in guild stores anywhere, I want to retrieve the minimum unit price for that item from the database created in point 1, and display it as a tooltip extension.
3. I want to apply a formula to the retrieved value and display that on the tooltip as well.
4. I want to compare the manipulated value from point 3, with the listing price of the item I am hovering over, and apply conditional formatting to the calculated value.

Now, the Price Tracker addon does what I want in point 1 & 2. But it also does so much more, which I want to eliminate, and add the features in my point 3 & 4 only.

I would really appreciate if someone with experience in coding LUA would be so kind as to give me some guidance how to do so.


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