Sep 06, 2023 - 9:41 AM - by Dolby
If you're an AddOn author make sure to check out the changes with 101039 in this thread sirinsidiator created.

UI Changes:
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would display the incorrect time remaining until the "Get Me Unstuck" button would be available again.
  • Updated many fish icons.
  • Fixed an incorrect alert message that would display when attempting to withdraw from a Guild Bank with a full inventory.
  • Added Arcanist-related icons to the Armory.
  • Fixed a rare UI error that could occur when clicking a keybind in a dialog.
  • Stack counts on radial menus, such as quick slot wheels, are now abbreviated once the quantity reaches 1000. Once the quantity surpasses 9000, the stack count will simply show as 9k+.
    • Note: This also applies to the quick slot button on the ability bar.
  • Fixed an issue where your name on a Trial or Challenge leaderboard would not update after changing your display name.
  • Edit boxes will now lose focus, and not gain focus, when the game client itself is not focused.
    • For example, if you launch ESO and switch to another program, the Username and Password fields will no longer indicate that typing will enter text into them. (No longer share your password with all your friends thinking you're entering it in ESO!)
  • When laundering items in the keyboard UI, items with 0 cost will now correctly display 0 for their laundering cost.
  • Fixed a UI error when interacting with social lists.
  • Removed the ability to try and add a locked house to favorites from the right-click context in the keyboard Collections UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio for a group ready check starting would play every time a group member responded if you hadn't yet.
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction prompt was incorrectly greyed out if you blocked right as you sheathed your weapon to gather a node.

  • Updated the name of the keybinds in the various crafting UIs to be clearer about what the keybind does, especially in Gamepad Mode.
    • For example, "Refine Selected" is now "Refine Multiple".

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the random mount options in the Collections UI would disappear if all the mounts in the category were favorited.
  • Fixed an issue where you could navigate through the advanced stats panel even though an attribute panel is shown.
  • Fixed issue where locked collectible icons were showing as white silhouettes instead of the intended greyed-out visual.
  • Furniture containers will now correctly be removed from your inventory after you empty them.
  • Vendor windows will now display an icon indicating items that cannot be sold, just like in the keyboard UI.

Help & Tutorials
  • Added a new help entry to explain ability terminology between direct effects, over time effects, single target effects, and area of effects.
  • Updated almost all existing help entries on core combat mechanics such as Roll Dodge, Block, and Break Free to extrapolate on their behaviors and use cases, to better arm those who read them with vital knowledge.
  • Added a new help entry on describing Off-Balance and its many behaviors, and properly called out in other help definitions such as Interrupts and Block where Off-Balance can be applied, rather than just a description of what Off-Balance is.
  • Updated various tutorial/help entries to reference the daily reset language instead of the incorrect 20-hour reset language.
  • Various currency tutorials will now only be displayed when you gain that currency instead of when there is any change to that currency (gain or lose).

  • Fixed a rare UI error that could occur when adding/removing a furniture item to your inventory.

Target Markers
  • Target Markers on enemy summons and combat pets will no longer appear on the compass while in PvP areas.
  • Target Markers are now cleared for both players and their summons both at the beginning and end of a duel.
  • Fixed some issues with syncing Target Markers across zones when you form a group and when you are in a group.

Jun 05, 2023 - 6:30 AM - by Dolby

If you're an AddOn author make sure to check out the changes with 101038 in this thread sirinsidiator created.

UI Changes:
  • Completing quests now has confirmation prompt if currencies being rewarded will be capped by their upper limit (most common with Event Tickets).
  • Fixed some issues involving monster nameplates in the base game.
  • Fixed an issue where UI screens wouldn't sort items properly specifically in the Chinese game client.
  • Fixed an issue where HUD quick wheels could end up being incorrectly visible if the keybind to bring them up was pressed at the same time a menu was opened.
  • Fixed a missing background highlight that appears in the Emperor Leaderboard behind your name.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when switching from keyboard to Gamepad Mode while an armory equip or save was in progress.
  • Updated the UI error panel to include an Error Code that can be copied and included with bug reports or forum posts, and added an option for Advanced UI Errors that contains more options.
    • This option is located on the Addons screen.
  • Added a /roll chat command that broadcasts random roll messages to group chat.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over the backbar in the Armory when it is locked was not showing the proper tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where ready check prompts were not showing up on some UI screens, such as at crafting stations or the Armory.

  • Added screen narration to several screens and corrected some narration errors.
  • Added an accessibility setting for toggleable quickslot wheels. When enabled, your quickslot wheel can be toggled on rather than having to hold the keybind, and each slot on the wheel has a keybind that can be used to select the slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen narration volume setting would not save between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the housing editor would not re-narrate the screen after toggling the tooltip.

Crown Store
  • Fixed issue where the Crown Store UI would scroll to the top of the page whenever a collectible was unlocked.

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed several instances of keybinds improperly displaying their Gamepad version when the setting to show keyboard keybinds was enabled.
  • The options menu of the Achievements screen now includes an option to link the achievement in chat.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when opening the Champion quick menu or entering the Champion bar while zooming out of a cluster.
  • Fixed an issue where you could still scroll through the Send Mail screen while the currency selector was open.
  • Fixed an issue where you could still scroll through the Guild Store screen while the price range selectors were open.
  • In the deconstruction assistant's options menu, the filters dropdown is now properly aligned with the rest of the menu.
  • The divider in Guild History tooltips now correctly displays on top of the tooltip background.
  • Fixed an issue where searching in the Guild Store sell tab would sometimes kick you out of the search box while in the middle of typing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some malformed housing links to fail to at least appear as a house preview link.
  • Cadwell's Almanac tooltip objectives now correctly appear to the right of their bullet points.
  • Completed quests that are ready to turn in now correctly display the "tasks" header.
  • In Collections and Emotes, when assigning a collectible or emote to the quick wheel, the "assign" keybind no longer appears if you do not have a wheel slot selected.
  • When re-opening a store, the previously viewed tab no longer flickers before switching back to the first tab.

  • Target markers applied to enemy players and their summons will now only appear on their nameplate, and no longer in the compass.

Mar 13, 2023 - 8:18 AM - by Dolby

If you're an AddOn author make sure to check out the changes with 101037 in this thread sirinsidiator created.

UI Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where some fixtures would block you from interacting with targeted NPCs.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur at character select in the Mac or Chinese game clients.
  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation for declining a ready check would display when dismissing the notice that a group leader queued for Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue in the Keyboard UI where a large amount of whitespace could appear in the dialog window when completing a quest that doesn't show any rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where some tooltips, like the Armor Station tooltip, would not always display.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when double-clicking in the PEGI country selection.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur after changing regions, such as using a Wayshrine or jumping into a dungeon.

  • Fixed a series of errors that could occur if you got into a state where you had multiple chat windows.
  • Added an option from the chat options that resets all chat changes, removing all extra tabs and containers and putting chat back to its default position.

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed some word wrapping on the bottom right of the Battleground scoreboard screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not delete items from the Bank screen.
  • The error message in the Crown Store when attempting to purchase above the max cap of an item (such as bag upgrades) now appears more consistently.
  • Fixed a UI error in the Zone Guide that was caused by jumping to an entry not currently visible on screen.
  • Fixed a UI error that would appear in the bank UI while choosing an amount of currency to deposit or withdraw.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur in the Crown Store UI when starting a preview and quickly changing categories.

  • Added a confirmation dialog when using an attribute respec scroll and when committing attribute points.
    Fixed an issue where the ability bar was not displaying the correct slotted skills if the bar changed while zoning, such as when transforming into a Werewolf.

Help & Tutorials
  • The Enchanting tutorial now shows the correct keybindings when using a keyboard in Gamepad mode.
  • The Lockpicking tutorial now contains more appropriate information regarding exactly how to pick said locks. There is also now a listing in the game's help entries that duplicates this information.
  • Updated the Help Menu entry for Loading Quickslots.

Nov 01, 2022 - 2:51 PM - by Dolby

If you're an AddOn author make sure to check out the changes with 101036 in this thread sirinsidiator created.

UI Changes:

  • Declining a Ready Check will now have a secondary confirmation to help prevent accidental declines.
  • Fixed an issue where numeral fonts would appear off center (most obvious on Tribute cards) in Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue where the keybind to change guilds at the guild store could disappear if changing to a guild that didn't have the store unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where searching in the buyback tab at a vendor did not function.

  • The following scripts will now open the Activity Finder rather than the group menu:
    /script GROUP_MENU_KEYBOARD:ShowCategory (DUNGEON_FINDER_KEYBOARD:GetFragment())
  • Fixed a UI issue with ResizeToFitDescendents and DimensionContraints not respecting 0 as not being set.

Alliance War
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Battleground weekends would display in the Activity Finder UI while in a Battleground.

  • Added a new column in the potency rune tab at the Enchanting station that communicates what level glyph the rune makes. Runes that have not yet been translated will display a "?".

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed an issue in the Claim Keep screen where text would wrap prematurely and not tell you how long you had to wait to claim the keep if the ownership recently changed.
  • Fixed an issue on the keybinds screen where keyboard keys would display in the instructions even when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where some dialog screens (mainly tutorials) would have overlapping keybinds or would appear non-responsive.
  • Corrected some tutorial pop up text that stated "not bound" when playing on a PC with a keyboard in Gamepad Mode.
  • Fixed issue where when backing out of the character creation screen with a grid option selected, nothing would be actively selected upon re-entering.
  • Fixed an issue in the character select UI where the character tooltip could appear above an event announcement.
  • Fixed a UI error caused by filtering out the Smithing creation level spinner while it was currently focused.
  • Added PEGI country select screen on the Gamepad UI for those who haven't yet accepted the new PEGI rating.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use keyboard controls to rotate the character in various preview scenes when in the Gamepad UI.

Help & Tutorials
  • The Deadlands DLC entry and the High Isle help entry now displays the correct icon associated with it.
  • Added several new help entries for new features, including:
  • Linking to homes in chat
  • Customized Actions
  • Target Markers

  • Fixed an issue where you could not immediately read mail after being notified of new mail, the mailbox would appear empty, or mail would be displayed with no contents.
  • Added a visual spinner when loading mail.
  • Fixed an issue where your mail could erroneously display a message stating that your inbox is full when it is not actually full.
  • When opening mail, you will now see a loading spinner icon while mail is retrieved.

  • Zone Story quests will now display the Zone Story quest icon next to them when tracked in the journal instead of the normal quest icon.
  • Fixed an issue where using Zone Guide to find the Xal Thak world boss would bring you to the map to Tsanji's Hideout.
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CQuestTracker is a customizable yet extremely stable Quest Tracker add-on.
We have now fully integrated the Quest Timer functionality and completed the implementation of the planned features.
It could replace all the features of the standard Quest Tracker.
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