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Version: 1.5.0
by: Solinur [More]

This addon requires the following libraries to be installed:

The following library is optional:

Additionally the package contains a sub module called CombatMetricsFightData.
This needs to be enabled in the ingame addon manager.
It will take care of saving combat data to keep it separately from your settings.


Please note that the addon is still in beta so don't expect everything to be perfect.

I made Combat Metrics basically for two reasons. First to have a tool to analyse my fights in a useful and comfortable manner. The second was to provide more insightful and meaningful damage parses.

Combat Metrics is an addon to track your fights. You can use it to measure your DPS, you can analyse which skills make your DPS or who caused your incoming damage. You can also analyse the heals you received or cast. You can check which buffs and debuffs were running, how much magicka or stamina per second you used and regenerated. You can Analyse the Combat log, filter it to analyse specific issues.

Combat Metrics basically just records your fight during combat and analyses it when you attempt to view the statistics. That way I hope to keep the impact on the fps as low as possible. Since it saves the data of the whole fight, you might hit the lua memory limit especially when a lot of heavy fights are happening in a row (I suspect Cyrodil is a candidate). If you want to keep the impact on memory small you can select to only keep a few fights in storage. For minimal performance impact there is a light mode that only uses a minimum of resources to show you DPS and HPS of your current fight.

The main report window can be toggled by assigning a key to it or by typing /cmx into the chatbox.
You can also assign keys to post the damage per second (DPS) or healing per second (HPS) of your most recent fight to the chat. Alternatively you can use /cmx dps, /cmx sdps, /cmx mdps, /cmx alldps for automatic, single-target, multi-target or single + multitarget DPS respectively. You can use /cmx hps to post you healing per second.

I want to thank Atropos for letting me use his functions to build the user interface. Coolmodi's addons were also quite insightful especially for handling the event registrations. I also learned from the addons of Circonian and Spellbuilder. Finally I want to mention @EgoRush and all participants in his thread at Tamrielfoundry. The discussions there lead to my motivation for creating this addon.

Common Issues
Q: The main window won't show any statistics in PvP areas, how can I see them ?
A: disable "Light Mode in Cyrodil"
Q: Why is Minor Savagery no shown?
A: It is ignored, since it is too spammy"
Q: How are the effective stats like Spell Damage calculated?
A: Whenever a damage or heal event happens the current stats are noted. At the end of the fight a weighted average is calculated. For example you have a short fight where you only do two light attacks. The first one does 1000 Damage, the second one 2000. During the first attack you have 3000 Spell Damage, during the second you have 3600. Then the effective Spell Damage will be 3400 since the second attack does twice as much damage as the first, so the spell damage from that moment gets twice as much weight, compared to the first. For Critical Damage, only critical hits are considered. When you have a healing category selected, only healing events are considered"
Q: How is overpenetration calculated and what does the tooltip show?
A: The overpenetration % is calculated as how much damage was done while the penetration was too high. In order to reproduce that number you'd have to look at each single damage event and check the current penetration. Also CMX cannot determine the resistance of targets. instead a fixed number is used (default: 18200) which can be changed in the settings. The effective penetration directly shown on the panel gives you a damage weighted average, where any penetration above the set cap (=target resistance mentioned above) is ignored.

When you open the tooltip, the average number you see is calculated like the effective number, but this time no penetration is ignored.
So there is a difference between "effective" which ignores anything past the target resistance and "average" which is just the damage weighted average.

Finally the table shows you which fraction of your damage was done at various penetration: "<18.2k: 42%" means that 42% of your damage in this fight was done while the penetration was below 18.2k, which means that 58% was done while above 18.2k, which with the default target resistance set to 18200 whould directly be the overpenetration value.
Lets assume some other lines for example show "14.2k: 22.1%" and "19.2k: 73.5%" then 22.1% of your damage was done while you were below 14.2k penetration, and 73.5 % was done while below 19.2k penetration. Since with many sources, many penetration values can be reached during a fight, steps are rounded to X.2k values to keep the list to a reasonable size while still providing a good picture how penetration was distributed during the fight."

If you find a bug or another issue with Combat Metrics, please report errors in the comments here, in game (@Solinur (EU-PC)) or on Github.
Solinur (EU)
Version 1.5.0
  • Added tracking for Critical Damage Bonus of Warden's "Glacial Presence"
  • Changed the way the effective Critical Damage Bonus is calculated (It is now similar to the way Penetration values are calculated and shown). It will now consider the cap of 125% when calculating the effective value. The actual average and a breakdown of the portion of damage done at different values are shown in the tooltip.

Version 1.4.6
  • Fix an issue that appeared when using the graph resulting in a lua error
  • Added Crimson Oath to penetration ability tracking.
  • Fixed an issue, where incorrect durations were calculated for stackable abilities when only a few stacks got removed (e.g. Harpooner's Wading Kilt).

Version 1.4.5
  • Added tooltips to Live Report Window to indicate what each of the panels shows.
  • Changed the single target DPS panel to show boss DPS instead during boss fights.
  • Fixed rescaling of live report window.
  • Fixed an issue in logs where one could not scroll to bring the top into view.

Version 1.4.4
  • Added chinese locale. Thanks to Juijote for providing the translation.
  • Added ability IDs to log when the "debug IDs" setting is enabled.

Version 1.4.3
  • Fixed an issue where the uptime of stackable buffs was incorrectly calculated when you entered fights with more stacks than one already active.
  • Updated crit damage value for Elemental Catalyst
  • API bump to Blackwood (100035)

Version 1.4.2
  • Fixed an issue where penetration values on Trial dummy where incorrect, when using LUI extended (Thx to xfroggerx for reporting this)

Version 1.4.1
  • Fixed inconsistent version numbers

Version 1.4.0
  • Added tracking of target based stat modifiers (Elemental Catalyst, Minor Brittle and Spell Strategist)
  • Added support for target dummies. They are detected via a unique version of Minor Sorcery, which they apply to you every second. For target dummies a selection of debuffs is assumed with 100% uptime
  • Removed tracking of Alkosh penetration amount, as it now works in a way where it is no longer possible to detect the exact amount of penetration applied. Instead the maximum value is always assumed, which should be fine, since the value is reached quite often.
  • Fixed an issue where stats where shown as 0. This happened especially when wearing Band of Malacath, where the zero crit rate value silently broke some calculations. (Thx to shira for pointing this out)

Version 1.3.4
  • Finally fixed an issue where effective penetration values were often significantly too low.
  • Added italian translation by Dusty82. Thanks!
  • Added an asterisk and tooltip to critical damage bonus display, to indicate that the value might be overestimated. The API doesn't allow to detect when one is flanking a target, so it is simply assumed flanking is always happening.
  • Added protection to avoid a rare lua error.

Version 1.3.3
  • Fixed an issue where too big weaving times were shown for channeled or casttime abilities which are faster than one second. (Thx to Liko for reporting this.)

Version 1.3.2
  • Fixed a lua error which appeared when showing resources in the graph

Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed a lua error which appeared for players using custom languages.
  • Fixed a lua error which appeared for tooltips of CP 1.0 stars.

Version 1.3.0
  • Added support for CP 2.0. Parses done with CP 1.0 will be shown in the old style (but without tooltips).
  • Updated the system to calculate effective Stat values. This is also done to allow future implementations of advanced stats, which are recorded already but not shown yet.
  • Fixed some skill timing issues with vampire toggle.
  • API Bump to Flames of Ambition (100034)

Version 1.2.6
  • Added Skill Timings for the werewolf bar. You can toggle it on via a button on the top right of the skill analysis. The button will be hidden, when werewolf wasn't used.
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Fragment Proc casts were not being tracked properly.
  • Fixed a typo where the output string when posting buff uptimes would refer to HPS instead.

Version 1.2.5
  • Fixed an issue, where a lua error appeared during opening of the main report window, due to misformed saved variables introduced in an old version.
  • Added an option to reset the settings to default in the addon settings menu.

Version 1.2.4
  • Fixed an issue, where a lua error appeared when loading the fight list.

Version 1.2.3
  • Fixed an issue, where max/min hits weren't working. You can use recalculate fight via the option button to fix it for saved fights. (thx to Eymix for the report)

Version 1.2.2
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in shown DPS numbers.

Version 1.2.1
  • Reworked display of thin lines by using textures. This should result in more consistent display of line UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue, where damage to shields was awarded twice for total DPS (You can use recalculate fight via the option button to fix it for saved fights from version 1.2.0).

Version 1.2.0
  • Added colorization of enchant quality in the item overview panel. (Thx to Rhyono for the code)
  • Reworked the feedback menu. It's now accessed by a new button "S" that will also be implemented in my other addons sooner or later. As a consequence the dependency for LibFeedback (along with it's own dependency LibStub) has been dropped.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some preapplied buffs to be registered. (For example Minor Force when wearing Medusa or potions taken before combat start)
  • Added a workaround for Minor Magickasteal. Since the API currently reports the wrong source, it will always be shown as a buff added by a group member.
  • Fixed an issue where Blastbone casts were not registered.

Version 1.1.2
  • Added Crystal Weapon and Breach/Fracture Poisons resistance debuffs to be recognized for penetration stat calculations
  • Fixed Minor/Major Breach not being considered as physical resistance debuff

Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed an issue with Grim Focus and its morphs for the reworked skill timing and weaving stat

Version 1.1.0
  • Reworked skill timing and weaving stats. Now only one weaving time is shown, it shows the time wasted when weaving a skill, i.e. the gap between the global cooldowns or cast times of the skill and the following one. For light attacks it shows the time until the next skill was cast (it can sometimes show small negative values due to the way the API works). A new column "miss" will show the number of missed light/heavy attacks after a skill. In case of LA/HA it shows the number of times no skill has been casted between two subsequent LA/HA attacks.
  • In the log you can now see for casts when an input was registered, an early input automatically activated (from queue) and the cast actually fired.
  • While some of the weaving stats are also shown for old fights, recalculating an old fight will remove the stats.
  • Added new buff values for Minor/Major Breach for penetration calculation in the new patch (Already works on PTS)
  • API Bump to Markath

Version 1.0.9
  • Renamed the left part of the the stat summary to "effective" instead of "mean" which is more accurate.
  • Changed the effective penetration value to cap values at the total unit resistance (can be changed in settings, default = 18200) during the calculation.
  • The old "cap-ignorant" penetration average is now shown in the tooltip
  • Requires LibCombat version 33
  • [LibCombat] Corrected the calculation for the critical damage bonus to mind the new values from shadow mundus. It will now extract the value from the same tooltip which you can see in the character window, instead of using a hard coded base value and the extracted bonus from divine pieces.

Version 1.0.8
  • Prevented a lua error which appeared when Alkosh values were unkown. Instead a warning is shown via LibDebugLogger. (Thx to Citizen for reporting)
  • Added LibCombat version to version string
  • Made some adjustments to the tooltip of penetration values to improve readability
  • Requires LibCombat version 32 to ensure Alkosh tracking is working

Version 1.0.7
  • API Bump to Stonethorn (100032)
  • Added tracking of the new Alkosh penetration debuff
  • Added tracking of Tremorscale penetration debuff

Version 1.0.6
  • Fixed an issue with russian fonts for real this time

Version 1.0.5
  • Put back tracking of skill timings for Necro Siphon since it is back on GCD
  • Removed tracking of skill timing for Blood Frenzy and it's morphs, since they are off the GCD
  • Fixed an issue with russian fonts
  • put in checks to prevent unreasonably sized windows after resizing
  • fixed some issues that occured after resizing the live report window

Version 1.0.4
  • Fixed an issue where streaming the log to chat was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where a lua error would appear during fight calculation.
  • Removed preliminary code to handle penetration given by the new Piercing Spray set (vAS Bow). As this is a conditional resistance modifier it is more complicated to implement and will be added in a future patch.
  • Added handling for a lua error that would show if libdebuglogger wasn't up to date.

Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed an issue causing a lua error when previous saved vars didn't exist (e.g. new char or when they were deleted)
  • Fixed an issue where icons where missing in the buff panel for older fights

Version 1.0.2
  • Improved some code for posting to chat (thx @Scootworks)
  • Fixed missing buff/debuff Icons in graph

Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed a lua error that happened when showing Parses.
  • some small fixes
  • renamed Cyrodil options to PvP for clarification (They work for Cyrodil and BGs now)

Version 1.0.0
  • Rewrote buff/debuff calculation system. It can now handle cases of stacked buffs or minor/major buffs from various sources properly.
  • In the buff/debuff display you can now open/collapse buffs with additional data (like uptimes of individual stacks, different sources)
  • If a buff has multiple stacks the total uptime now reflects the maximum number of stacks and their averaged uptime. This allows to directly calculate the benefit of this buff. E.g. for Siroria given 20 stacks with a total uptime shown of 53% the total benefit is 20 * 0.53 multiplied by the sets spell damage bonus.
  • Added skill input lag to skill timing events. It shows the time difference between activating a skill on your bar and the skill actually firing.
  • Added performance stats in form of ping and fps. Together with input lag their averages are shown at the bottom of the main window and can also be viewed in the graph and the log
  • Added deaths and resurrections to combat log. To show them you have to allow info messages (which also show weapon swaps).
  • Combat Metrics now optionally depends on libdebuglogger. It is set up to handle all debug output and also saves them for later review. When it is not installed no debug output will be shown. Consequently, the debug settings have been removed.
  • The size of the main report window can now be changed by dragging the corners/edges.
  • The settings that apply when the player is in cyrodil, now also include battlegrounds.
  • Additional minor fixes and performance improvements.

Version 0.9.18
  • Fixed a lua error that occured when saving fights with bosses.

Version 0.9.17
  • Added an error handler for the issue when a too old version of LibFeedback is installed. When you see it, please update LibFeedback to the latest version.

Version 0.9.16
  • Fixed a bug introduced in last version that could cause display issues with dividers and several lua errors (graph display, combat log). (Thx at Benny and others for reporting this)

Version 0.9.15
  • Fixed an issue with skill timings due to the Necromancers siphon ignoring the global cooldown.
  • Added a notification icon on the fight report window to help me finding players for my raid group. At the moment it's only shown sometimes on german clients and can be disabled.

Version 0.9.14
  • Added an option to show display names (@names) in the fight reports.
  • Added an option to toggle pets shown in heal panels in the fight report window. You can also set it via the settings menu in the opened fight report window.

Version 0.9.13
  • Fixed a few issues caused by some ability ids that were removed by ZOS. (Thx to SnakE for the report)
  • If you see some irregularities regarding stats (like penetration or critical damage), please let me know.
  • Combat Metrics will now generally require the latest version of LibCombat, please make sure to update both.

Version 0.9.12
  • Fixed an issue where in the incoming damage page inconsistant data was shown. You can now select to show block or crit data with the % column adjusting accordingly.
  • Average column can now also show the average block values.
  • Let me know if you'd find block statistics also useful for the damage out page.

Version 0.9.11
  • Removed embedded libraries. Please install them yourself. Check the Addon description page for a list of required libraries.
  • Fixed a display issue in fight stats panel
  • Some code formatting and cleanup
  • Small fixes to prevent rare lua errors

Version 0.9.10
  • Added a fix to fix the fix. I shouldn't try fixing from work where I can't check ingame if I didn't break things :D.
  • Combined instances of different spellings of Off Balanced so they are treated as always.
  • Updated LibAddonMenu

Version 0.9.9
  • Added a fix to prevent the lua error introduced in last update

Version 0.9.8
  • added a small fix to LibCombat to properly detect Soul Trap activations on both magicka and stamina chars.
  • Info: The next update will remove bundled libraries. This won't affect internal libraries (CombatMetricsFightData and LibCombat).

Version 0.9.7
  • API Bump to Dragonhold (100029)
  • Added bossfight to LIBCOMBAT_EVENT_FIGHTRECAP callback object by request
  • Added a warning to stream log to chat option to indicate that it uses quite a lot of CPU.

Version 0.9.6
  • Made some performance improvements. (thx to @andy.s for the idea)
  • Attempted a fix where the fight could reset once you enter a portal in the Nahviintaas fight.
  • Replaced enchants with poison in equip overview when a poison was equipped.
  • Updated Libraries

Version 0.9.5
  • Fixed an issue where heal ratio in live report was always 0%.
  • Fixed an issue where group heal amount in fight report was always 0.
  • Added Entropy and Soul Trap ability detection for Scalebreaker.

Version 0.9.4
  • Added total weapon and skill attacks on info panel.
  • Add an option to show absolute heal (= effective + overheal) to live report window. it can be accessed in the addon settings or via the cogwheel button in the fight report window.
  • Added an option to show absolute heal in ability panel
  • Added some code to ensure functionality with scale breaker due to API changes
  • Updated French translation (thx to @Floliroy)
  • Fixed an issue where fights were not completely loaded
  • Fixed cast delay of channeled and cast time abilities
  • Fixed a rounding issue on combat time
  • Fixed an issue where the main window position was changing between relog / reloadui
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a lua error or wrong data when posting the DPS to a selection of units.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in wrong versions to be sent when submitting feedback ingame

Version 0.9.3
  • Fixed an issue where divine armour pieces were not detected correctly on languages which use comma as decimal separator. Thx again to @Pymad for pointing this out.

Version 0.9.2
  • Fixed an issue where divine armour pieces were not detected correctly, when calculating bonus from shadow mundus.
  • Fixed base value of shadow mundus. ( I relied on a bad source :( )
  • Fixed an issue where shadow mundus was still considered active when it was actually removed during the session.
  • Fixed an issue where critical damage passive bonus was incorrectly awarded in the calculation even when it was not available or active
  • Thx to @Pymad for reporting the issue which made me find all of those bugs.

Version 0.9.1
  • Updated brazilian localozation (Thx @FelipeS11)
  • Fixed version numbers

Version 0.9.0
Added a new Info panel.
  • It shows the Equipment, CP, and Skills used in the selected fight.
  • For the skill panel "Weaving Metrics" are shown. They give some info on how fast you are able to cast subsequent abilities and the average time between two subsequent casts of the same ability.
  • Also some stats about how much time was spent and how much damage was done on each bar are shown. Werewolf is not supported at the moment but will be added in the future.
Added a new Graph panel.
  • Here you can view how DPS or HPS developed over time. You can also show Resources (e.g. Magicka) or Stats (e.g. Spell Damage).
  • You can click on the colour boxes on the left to change the colours of the plots.
  • When you select buffs/debuffs in the buff panel, while the graph panel is shown, the buff uptime will also be visualized in the graph.
  • By drawing a rectangle you can zoom in, a right click resets the zoom.
  • You can also directly edit the maximum and minimum value of the left Y axis by double clicking on it.
  • To activate a cursor with a tooltip that shows the exact numbers, toggle the icon next to the enlarge button.
Other Changes:
  • API Bump to Elsweyr (100027)
  • Note that some of the new features only work for new fights, but not for saved fights.
  • Elsweyr only: Added Overheal to healing category. All heal values will generally refer to effective (i.e. actually HP restoring) heal. Overheal and the absolute heal (i.e. effective + overheal) can be viewed in the healing category of the big fight report. Let me know if you need a display on the livereport, I could add it if necessary.
  • Uptime % in the (De-)Buffs Out Panel are now considered towards the total time the respective units have been engaged in combat. This should lead to more reasonable results when you fight different bosses in succession (e.g. the iterations of Z'Maja in Cloudrest). It won't however help for fights where units are inactive in between (e.g. The minibosses in Asylum)
  • When in a healing category, the "(De-)buffs out" panel now also considers the uptime of yourself
  • Some of the columns in the abilities panel can now be changed. They are coloured in a bright yellow. You can for example choose to show the minimum hit instead of the maximum or show the average critical hit instead of the overall average hit. Just try them out!
  • Added more options in the Combat Log. This includes Skill activations and for boss fights the remaining %HP.
  • Added accountname to the bottom info bar
  • Added a feedback/donation entry to the options menu on the fight report window, providing convenient access to give feedback in case you have suggestions or issues to report.
  • Added an option to go to the addon settings from the options menu on the fight report window.
  • Right click is no longer used to reset the selection in the different list panels, instead this is now set to the 3rd mouse button.
  • Added an option to post DPS/HPS to a selection of targets. When posting data for one unit only, the name of that unit is shown.
  • When right clicking a unit while in the DPS out panel, you can now post the DPS to that unit or all units that share that name. Big Thanks to @Letho for the idea and help with this.
  • Added an option to post Buff uptime (right click on buff).
  • Buff uptime from the "(De-)buffs out" panel can also be directly posted for all bosses or group members without the need to select them in the unit panel first
    (Note: You can also just click on a single unit to select it and then click again on it to deselect it)
  • Added detection for Khajit Passive and Minor Force from the 5 pc bonus of Tzogvin’s Warband to show correct Critical Damage Modifier values. Please let me know if anything is missing there.
  • Added a fix for issues with Briarheart and similar buffs.
  • Updated french localization (Thx @Floliroy).
  • Updated russian localization (Thx @KiriX). Note: This was done for the previolus version, so some translations will still be missing.
  • Updated Libraries. Added LibFeedback.

Version 0.8.4
  • API Bump to Wrathstone (100026)
  • Reorganized bundled libraries (Make sure to activate them in the Addon Panel). This should fix a lua error some received.

Version 0.8.3
  • Fixed an issue, where some sources for Major & Minor Force were not recognized when calculating the critical damage bonus stat. [thx @SnakE for reporting this)

  • Fixed an issue with the new library format introduced in last patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Added a temporary workaround for Spell Strategist. The uptime that is shown refers to the time when at least one buff/debuff is active. Since the buff can overlap with itself (and give twice the bonus) briefly, the theoretical possible uptime would be above 100% (for more on this see here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.co...bug-or-feature). I still have to decide how to ultimately treat this, so this will most likely be updated in an upcoming version.
  • Updated French localization. Thanks to @Floliroy !
  • Updated libraries and changed the way they are loaded. They are still embedded, but need to be activated in the addon list ingame. This requires to check the "Allow out of date add-ons" box.

  • Attempted to fix tracking of Spell Strategist. (Unsuccessful)

  • Improved performance for calculating fights massively. Thanks to ZOS for implementing a profiling tool with the Murkmire PTS that allowed me to identify a function where the calculation was slowed down. I wouldn't have found that without the tool.
  • API Bump for Murkmire (100025)

  • Attempted to fix an issue in Cloudrest where the fight would reset when player goes to the shadow world. While in the shadow world, Combat Metrics will ignore changes to combat status.
  • Fixed outdated API number in CombatMetricsFightData submodule
  • Fixed an error that could occur when selecting a fight via the fight list panel

  • Fixed tracking of Piercing Spear and Hemorrhage

  • API Bump to Wolfhunter (100024)
  • Note: I'm still working on a major update. I'll do some Beta Testing soon. (I'll post it again in the official ESO forums!)

  • Fix version numbers in manifest and ingame

  • added Russian localization by KiriX
  • added Brazilian Portuguese localization by Brazilian Portuguese
  • removed some undesired debug messages

  • API Bump to Summerset (100023)
  • Update LAM to r26
  • added option to show left-aligned numbers in live report window
  • fixed an issue resulting in a lua error when deleting a fight while having something selected

  • reworked resource tracking algorithm. This means includes adding the ability to track dodge rolls and bashs. As a result now all resouce events that cannot be attributed to a source will be shown as "Unkown". Therefore resource consumption and regeneration is tracked more accurately now. Before those unattributed resource events were ignored. If you see anything suspicious there please let me know.
  • Some minor code improvements

  • Fix Resistance Values for Major Breech and Major Fracture
  • Added a throttle to a function that can cause stutter on PTS
  • Fixed an issue with vertical layout of Live Report Window
  • Fixed an issue where Crown Store Poisons and normal ones where pooled together even though they stack
  • Updated data for resistance debuffs on PTS to reflect changes to certain sets

  • Bump API for PTS
  • removed context menus from PTS due to an issue with the new API (this will be fixed until the patch hits live)
  • added a single target damage display to the live report window (disabled by default)
  • added an option to post DPS or HPS to the options menu on the main report (cogwheel)
  • fixed an issue where debuffs that affected spell resistance weren't tracked properly when another addon changed their name
  • added CombatMetrics Version to the info bar at the bottom
  • some small improvements

  • fixed two issues that would cause an error message in some cases
  • fixed an issue where the wrong class/race icons could be shown for old parses

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error message

  • Fixed an issue were loading of a fight could fail if a fight of the same date had been loaded already. (thx @Liko)

  • Fixed tracking of Night Mother's Gaze for penetration stats
  • Fixed an issue where the window position would sometimes not be saved when it was dragged around.

  • fixed wrong version numbers
  • added internal override for Line-breaker debuff, to prevent calculation issues when it gets renamed by other addons.

Version 0.8.1
  • Added an option button to the side bar. For now it just has a shortcut to toggle IDs
  • Added tracking of Equip and Skillbars for future use.
  • Several bug fixes introduced in 0.8.0

Version 0.8.0 (beta, not released on Minion)
  • Combat Metrics can now be found on Github: https://github.com/Solinur/CombatMetrics.
  • The UI has been completely rewritten. It still works the same for most parts, but the code behind it is cleaner and more performant. Hopefully I didn't introduce too many bugs :D.
  • Reworked the system how fights are stored. A seperate "Sub-Addon" (CombatMetricsFightData) is used for this, so it uses its own file in the SavedVariables folder. When saving a fight it will check if it can be safely stored. An error message will appear if there is not enough space. The new storage system is way more efficient for fights where you want to store the full combat log.
  • Added a setting to specify the maximum memory for saving fights. (Note: this sets the memory of the data in game, which usually doesn't match the size of the file on your harddisk in your SavedVariables folder.)
  • Added character info (class, race) to the report panel (top left)
  • Added the current version of the ESO client to the report panel (lower right)
  • Added "Critical Damage Done" to the respective stats panels. (Separately for Spell/Weapon Attacks)
  • Added "Spell Penetration" and "Physical Penetration" to the respective stats panels. It will update based on the targets selected in the unit panel. An entry in the settings menu allows you to change the assumed resistance of your targets and the assumed value for the Crusher debuff as it cannot be read from the API.
  • Reworked how average values of stats are calculated. Before all damage effects would be used to weight the stats. Now magicka related stats are only weighted by magicka damage effects. "Critical Damage Done" is only weighted by crits.
  • Buffs and Debuffs cast before the start of the fight will now be tracked.
  • The fight label can now be edited. Just double click it!
  • Added an option to prioritize keeping boss fights when deleting recent fights due to reaching the limit.
  • Added an option to mark buffs/debuffs as favourite. Just right-click one in the buff panel. Favourite buffs will be shown on the top of the List.
  • The fightlist (when you "load" a fight) shows a few more bits of information about the fight, like zone, character, time. Depending on the Selected Category, (e.g. "Damage Caused", "Healing Done") DPS or HPS will be shown.
  • Fixed an issue where the name of the fight was not set in the fightlist if the fight had not been calculated yet.
  • Fixed an issue where nothing got shown in the combat log if a unit and a debuff were selected.
  • Added an option to change opacity of the live report.
  • Added an option to lock the position of the live report.
  • Added an internal parameter called hpstime. This allows to calculate the HPS based of the time you have been healing, while DPS can be calculated based on the time you did damage (In both instances its the time that passed between your first and last damage or healing respectively). In the live report window the bigger one of the two will be shown. In the main report the active time will reflect hpstime when a healing category is selected. This should also address an issue where refreshing path would cause your dps to lower at the end of the fight despite nothing really happening anymore.

Version 0.7.14
  • Fixed an issue where group detection failed.

Version 0.7.13
  • Fixed an issue where the LiveReport window could show after the loading screen even if the option to turn Combat Metrics off in Cyrodil was active.

Version 0.7.12
  • Fixed scene toggle for main window
  • Fixed issue preventing the loading of japanese locale

Version 0.7.11
  • API Bump to Dragon Bones (100022)
  • Bugfix for an arror that prevented to open the report window on PTS.

Version 0.7.10
  • Updated LibAddonMenu to version 2.0 r25 to fix an issue (for real this time)

Version 0.7.9
  • API Bump to Clockwork City (100021)
  • Note: I'm still working on version 0.8.0, but there may be a beta soon.

Version 0.7.8
  • API Bump to Horns of the Reach (100020)
  • Fixed some leaked global variables.

Version 0.7.7
  • Replaced workaround for Minor Magickasteal with a proper fix. This was not a bug by ZOS, but a mistake in my code.

Version 0.7.6
  • Fixed issue that could trigger a lua error under rare conditions
  • Added (most likely temporary) workaround for Minor Magickasteal. Every magicka regeneration tick that is exactly 300 is attributed to Minor Magickasteal for now.

Version 0.7.5
  • Fixed fight reset at the Mage in AA

Version 0.7.4
  • Fixed Ultimate reg and drain tracking
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error message when the player didn't do anything
  • Added an option to turn off display of stacks
  • Some minor changes for integration of a new addon (coming soon)

Version 0.7.3
  • Removed a spammy debug message that got lost.
  • Fixed a bug that caused more fights to be kept in the recent fight list than it was specified in the settings.

Version 0.7.2
  • Added a fix to posting damage via slash commands
  • Added a fix to showing crit % in the ability panel
  • Added a fix to combat log text when receiving damage.

Version 0.7.1
  • Added a fix for the "Turn off in Cyrodil" setting
  • Added a fix to correctly hide the Live Report Window according to the respective setting
  • Added a fix to correctly set group tracking
  • Added a fix where posting DPS didn't work correctly when using options involving bosses
  • Fixed streaming combat log to the chat window.
  • Added option to rename the chat tab where combat log data gets streamed to.

Version 0.7.0
  • Rewrote major parts of the code to improve performance and efficiency. This resulted in a new data structure which makes it neccessary to reset all saved data, including saved fights and your settings
  • Most of the things are still the same (just done differently in the background) so don't expect any larger changes.
  • I will rework the UI code next. I don't plan to change much, but feel free to send me any ideas or comments regarding the interface.
  • Posting damage to chat can now be done anytime and is no longer affected by the current calculation status of the fight. You won't accidentially post low DPS numbers anymore.
  • Fights will no longer be calculated after the end of the fight. They now will get calculated when you attempt to view them the fight report. The progress of the calculation is now shown, so you no longer have to wonder if the addon got stuck. The calculation is now faster, and also uses a more aggresive setting that might cause minor frame drops but further increases the speed.
  • Support for stackable buffs: Each number of stacks will show up as a separate buff. This potentially increases the number of buffs quite a bit. I have ideas how to organize stacked buffs better and will implement improvements in the future.
  • Support for group buffs: Buff uptime is given for group and player separately.
  • DPS or HPS in the unit window is now shown as the damage per second between the first and the last hit or heal to that unit. This means, the total DPS/HPS will not be the sum of the individual unit DPS/HPS.
  • Fights are now saved accountwide so you can review them on any of your chars. The overview shows the Character that you played with in the fight.
  • Since the introduction of group buffs tracking in Homestead, fights are quite large so only a few could be saved before reaching the file size limit (64MB). If you normally save a fight now by clicking the save button you will no longer save the combat log. This allows to save a lot more fights. If you wish to save a fight including the log, press Shift+Click. This is also explained by the tooltip.

Version 0.6.21
  • API Bump to Morrowind (100019)
  • Added warning for upcoming update: At the end of this week, between May 26th and May 28th a new, almost completely rewritten update for Combat Metrics will be released. Due to changes to the data structure, it is neccessary to reset all data. Maybe make a backup or some screenshots of your favorite fights.

Version 0.6.20
  • Small fixes

Version 0.6.19
  • Added some bugfixes to buff tracking (duplicate events, some buffs not showing)
  • Added some slash commands to post dps: /CMX dps, /CMX sdps, /CMX mdps, /CMX alldps for automatic, single-target, multi-target or single + multitarget DPS respectively. /CMX hps to post HPS
  • Fixed a typo and some small code improvements (thx @ Ayantir)

Version 0.6.18
  • Changed buff tracking so it should behave more or less like before the Homestead update, with one exception: Enemy debuffs are now tracked globally (so they don't reflect your contribution but the one from the whole group. In a future update I will try to display both)

Version 0.6.17
  • Added missing Icons

Version 0.6.16
  • Fixed the broken bufftracking introduced recently.

Version 0.6.15
  • Fixed a critical error introduced in last patch.

Version 0.6.14
  • While we further wait for the API patch, I implemented a few fixes for stuff that stopped working due to the API change issue. (Group heal/incoming DPS not shown, Fight reset @ Mage ..)

Version 0.6.13
  • Added a workaround for "better" buff tracking. It's a bit weird, but probably a bit better. You'll see.

Version 0.6.12
  • Removed tracking of effects for other units than the player. This removes debuff tracking for now. This was necessary since all debuff events are broadcasted now which lead to performance issues.

Version 0.6.11
  • Add setting to disable group damage monitoring in large groups
  • Added keybind to toggle the live damage window
  • Added option to turn off the automatic channel selection when posting damage
  • Added tracking of Crusher Enchantment
  • Replaced the delete icon. (It was confused with one indicating to close a window)
  • API Bump to Homestead (100018)

Version 0.6.10
  • Fixed a bug where an error message appeared when a certain combination of selections was made
  • Added Ability IDs for buffs if the respective debug option is switched on
  • Added the possibility to replace ability names or icons. Refer to the addon description for more details
  • Outgoing Damage that gets absorbed by a shield now contributes towards total damage.
  • Added a check to ignore damage from "The Mage" and "The Warrior" when they blow up remaining adds on entering their enrage phase. This was setting the group damage values off.
  • The fight will now reset when The Mage reaches the ground.
  • You can now manually reset the fight (via Keybind or by typing "/cmx reset"). Use with caution, as it may cause issues.

Version 0.6.9
  • Fixed a critical error introduced in last patch.

Version 0.6.8
  • Updated LibAddonMenu to version 2.0 r23

Version 0.6.7
  • Updated Japanese Translation

Version 0.6.6
  • Added a light mode option to turn of statistic calculations (and only show dps/hps in the live window)
  • Added an option to turn on light mode for cyrodil
  • Added an option to turn all addon activity off for cyrodil
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes no outgoing buffs were shown in the "Healing caused" tab
  • Attempted to fix an issue where group members were used to name the fight.
  • Fixed a bug where player buffs were recorded twice when in group.
  • Fixed a bug where buffs in combat log wouldn't show other targets then the player.
  • Fixed a bug where player selfheal was not getting filtered properly in combat log
  • Fixed a bug where resource and stat data were not shown in the combat log when the fight was loaded from saved fights.
  • Fixed a bug where permanent buffs were not shown in the buff recap.
  • Note: Combat Metrics got moved to Combat Addons since a lot of things are working quite good, I'd say.
  • Note: Some entries in the Outgoing (De-)buffs tab are clearly not related to the player (The passive boni from repentance, Warhorn.. ). Since I have no good way to filter them without impairing functionality I'll leave it as it is.

Version 0.6.5
  • API Bump to One Tamriel

Version 0.6.4
  • implemented japanese translation from @Lionas (if someone wants to do other translations, just go ahead ;) )

Version 0.6.3
  • fixed a bug that appeared in 0.6.2 when posting damage to chat
  • fixed some issues with the UI scaling (e.g. slider bars hiding some numbers)

Version 0.6.2
  • Updated LibAddonMenu to 2.0r22
  • Added a timestamp to the Combat Start/end message in Chatlog
  • Added digit grouping to DPS posts
  • Fixed a bug that could appear if you were getting into combat but not participating
  • Fixed a bug that could appear if you were inviting someone into the group
  • Removed compatability with API 100015

Version 0.6.1
  • add indication when Boss DPS is shown
  • Mark bosses in unit overview
  • Slight change in Boss DPS post to chat format to indicate when boss dps is shown.
  • removed forgotten debug output
  • fixed a bug that caused a lua error

Version 0.6.0
  • Added tracking of group buffs and debuffs that you apply to an enemy (It looks to me like it is not possible to track debuffs applied from group members)
  • Added detailed tracking of resource drain/gain effects
  • Added two more layouts for the live report ("Horizontal" and "Vertical"), in addition to the standard one which is called "Compact".
  • Added several debug options. Most of them should not be needed for the average player but they might help in identifying bugs/problems.
  • Added a scaling option for the live report window
  • Added a scaling option for the fight report window
  • Added little info tooltips to explain the function of the buttons (hope I didn't miss any)
  • Added Major Force, Weapon Enchant procs and some set procs to the buffs tracking. They had to be added manually because the tracking for them works different than for the other buffs, which can be tracked directly via the API. Those Effects were taken from Srendarr, big thanks to @Phinix, check out his fantastic Addon if you haven't
  • Changed the way DPS is posted. There also is a new option which posts Boss DPS in bossfights and the Sum DPS in all other fights.
  • Added API Compatibility for the Shadows of the Hist DLC (I have run a Dungeon without problems but I didn't thoroughly test everything yet)
  • updated LibAddonMenu to version 2.0r20.2

Version 0.5.10
  • Fixed an issue where the addon was still "stuck" in calculations for people who experienced this before the fix in version 0.5.8 and couldn't resolve it since (e.g. by resetting the SavedVariables).
  • Added a slash command to toggle the main window.

Version 0.5.9
  • Attempted to fix a bug that caused the game to crash after bossfights with multiple enemies. (thx to @timidobserver and @code65536 for the detailed reports)

Version 0.5.8
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when no fights had been saved and a recent fight was selected in the overview.
  • Combat log now shows blocked and shielded hits.
  • Attempted again to fix an issue where the addon gets "stuck" in calculations.

Version 0.5.7
  • Fixed a bug that showed wrong colors for skills in fights with multiple targets

Version 0.5.6
  • When all data has been deleted the panel will now properly reset.
  • You can now choose to hide the background for the live window
  • You can no longer save or load fights multiple times. The save button will be greyed out for fights which are already among the saved fights, when trying to load a fight which is already loaded you will jump to the fight instead.
  • Skills are now coloured by skill type. (note that this feature only works for new fights. Saved fights which were recorded previously will still shop up in the old way)
  • Sometimes long-term buffs were shown to have been active > 100% even if they were active all the time. This has been fixed to a degree but might still appear due to lag. (Thanks to @Scootworks for reporting)
  • Attempted to fix an issue with Blade of Woe causing problems with dps calculation
  • Attempted to fix an issue where "empty" fights were being recorded.
  • Attempted to fix an issue where the addon gets "stuck" in calculations
  • Fixed a bug where the page buttons for the combat log were not hiding properly
  • Fixed a bug where a fight would be named after a boss, when a boss was nearby but not participating in the fight.

Version 0.5.5
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version.

Version 0.5.4
  • Fixed an error appearing when you browsed trough fights but had some units selected
  • Attempted to fix an issue where the Main Report Window got stuck and wouldn't update anymore. (thanks @mra4nii for reporting this)

Version 0.5.3
  • Damage and Heal done by pets is now included. The respective skills are marked as (pet) in the skill overview. Please note that the activated ability of pets is technically originating from the player and not the pet. That means only the automatic actions of the pets are registered towards them. Right now I don't plan to implement incoming damage and heal on pets, as I don't know how to show that in the interface. If you really think you need this please contact me.
  • You can now choose account wide settings
  • The elements of the live window can now be disabled one by one
  • In order to save space you can now delete the log of saved fights, the calculated stats will still be available but of course will take up only very little space.
  • If the lines in the combat log exceed the limit page buttons will now appear on the header bar of the combat log frame. You can use them to browse trough the complete (filtered) log.
  • Added API compatibility for Dark Brotherhood Patch

Version 0.5.2
  • fixed an error appearing when someone left the group

Version 0.5.1
  • fixed an issue where the chat log tab was created even when the option was disabled.
  • fixed an issue of showing group damage when not in group
  • fixed an issue where the live report window was shown even when it was disabled in the options.

Version 0.5.0
  • added combat log stream to chat window. When enabled this will automatically create a chat tab and stream damage and heal events to the combat log window. You can choose to show only e.g. outgoing damage or heal according to your preference.
  • added an option to disable the live report window
  • added more control bindings to selectively post only multi target or single target dps data.
  • fixed a bug that caused wrong calculations if the report window was opened too early. This was probably the main cause for the occurrence of buffs with more than 100% uptime.
  • increased the speed of report calculations. This is not due to an optimization, I just increased the limiter a bit, so it is now more aggressive, but still shouldn't be noticeable. If anyone notices big framerate drops just in the seconds after large fights please contact me.
  • Added a security check to prevent corruption of the SavedVariable/CombatMetrics.lua file. This is just an estimation and should keep the file size below 55MB. If anyone sees the file getting bigger than 60MB, please contact me.

Version 0.48
  • initial release
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Unread 04/30/16, 12:26 PM  
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Originally Posted by Randactyl
this addon is awesome

if you havent already seen it, take a look at LibGroupSocket. Just make sure anything you do with it is opt-in for users
I've seen it already. I want to implement it at some point but it's not very high on my list right now. Partially because I'm not that versed at programming and I think it will take me a little while to figure out how it works. But once I have a look at the example addon I should be able to figure it out.
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Unread 04/30/16, 12:13 AM  
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this addon is awesome

if you havent already seen it, take a look at LibGroupSocket. Just make sure anything you do with it is opt-in for users
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Unread 04/27/16, 02:43 PM  
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Warhorn uptime

Originally Posted by Woeler
Absolutely love this addon. So much data, I love it. Would be nice (especially for me as a tank) to have the option to show certain parts of the window during the fight. For instance the uptime of the buffs are interesting for me to see ho War Horn is doing.

Great addon.
My addon calculates buff uptime and all the other stats after the fight. So the data would not be available during fight, or one would need to calculate everything live which is an approach I decided not to pursue. I think a separate addon where you select specific buffs and track them would be better suited. I still have lot's to do with this and my other addon, so if no one does it I might try in the future.

Originally Posted by Scootworks
please add account wide settings and maybe the possibility to make charakter copy
Good point, I'll see to it.

Originally Posted by ContraTempo
Great addon, thanks for all the work.

I don't know if it's possible, but I would love to see a screen that breaks down my attacks according to what contributed to or took away from the damage. So a very simple attack might look like this:

Light Attack 1320
Weapon: 1093
Base weapon 809
Melee Weapon Expert +28 (3.5%)
Retaliation +243 (30%)
Mighty +13 (1.6%)

Critical: 516
Base Crit 404
Precise Strikes +10 (2.5%)
Night's Silence +10 (2.47%)
Piercing +52
The Shadow Stone +40 (10%)

Physical Resistance: -289
Base PR -267
Decrease Physical Harm -32

I'm sure my combat math is not realistic, but I hope you see what I am going for. I'm not sure if all this data is available or not. I've never seen this type of breakdown in any other addon, but it would sure help to see what is actually important and what contributes the most to good damage numbers.
It's not possible to retrieve this data from the API atm, but one could make an addon which shows you calculations like this. There are a few of these calculations and relations around at the Official Forum and other places, but in game this would be a lot of work since often you have to figure out manually which things apply to which spells (e.g. what is a dot and get's buffed by Thaumaturg CP).

Originally Posted by timidobserver
This is definitely the best addon available for gauging your performance in PvP and PvE. It's what I've been waiting on since Combat Analytics was abandoned.
Thanks for all your useful feedback !
Last edited by Solinur : 04/27/16 at 02:50 PM.
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Unread 04/27/16, 11:22 AM  

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This is definitely the best addon available for gauging your performance in PvP and PvE. It's what I've been waiting on since Combat Analytics was abandoned.
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Unread 04/27/16, 01:14 AM  
ContraTempo's Avatar

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Great addon, thanks for all the work.

I don't know if it's possible, but I would love to see a screen that breaks down my attacks according to what contributed to or took away from the damage. So a very simple attack might look like this:

Light Attack 1320
Weapon: 1093
Base weapon 809
Melee Weapon Expert +28 (3.5%)
Retaliation +243 (30%)
Mighty +13 (1.6%)

Critical: 516
Base Crit 404
Precise Strikes +10 (2.5%)
Night's Silence +10 (2.47%)
Piercing +52
The Shadow Stone +40 (10%)

Physical Resistance: -289
Base PR -267
Decrease Physical Harm -32

I'm sure my combat math is not realistic, but I hope you see what I am going for. I'm not sure if all this data is available or not. I've never seen this type of breakdown in any other addon, but it would sure help to see what is actually important and what contributes the most to good damage numbers.
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Unread 04/26/16, 08:45 PM  
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please add account wide settings and maybe the possibility to make charakter copy
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Unread 04/26/16, 08:39 PM  
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Absolutely love this addon. So much data, I love it. Would be nice (especially for me as a tank) to have the option to show certain parts of the window during the fight. For instance the uptime of the buffs are interesting for me to see ho War Horn is doing.

Great addon.
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