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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Version: 1.0.6a
by: datael [More]

This addon will no longer be updated.

Have you ever placed a table in your house, decorated it with drinks, plates, food, bowls, and candles, only to realise that you wanted to move to to the other side of the room and found it such a daunting thought that you left it as it was? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to move a table and chairs onto the wall or ceiling? If so, this addon is for you!

How to use:

After installing, assign buttons in the Controls menu, then just switch to the housing editor and add items to the group. When you pick up, move/rotate, then re-place any item in the group, the rest of the group is then moved to the new location as they were arranged before.

Items can be added and removed from the group one at a time. There is also a reset button to reset the positions of all furniture to where they were when they were first added to the group, and the ability to clear the group so you don’t have to manually deselect everything one at a time.

Movement is gradual (10 items per second). This is to prevent the server from kicking you for moving too many items at once. Without the delay, moving a lot of items at once would cause the game to kick you for flooding the server with move commands (that good ol’ “you’ve been kicked for spamming” message).

@Ninjamonkey0169 has been kind enough to make a video review of this addon which also highlights an advanced trick that you can use to select an object that would otherwise be out of reach when covered by others. Thank you, @Ninjamonkey0169!

Known issues:
  • I am yet to have discovered a way to discern whether someone is in the garden of their house or inside the house itself. Please be sure to clear the group if you have been working outside and want to move some things around inside. Same goes for when you go to a different house.
  • Please note that although I have taken the utmost care to avoid it, in some situations it is possible to attempt to move an item at the exact moment the addon tries to automatically move it. When this happens the item becomes locked in place and the game says that another person is trying to move it. If this happens, first reset the items to their original position if you need, and then relog. Just reloading the ui does not stop that error appearing. To avoid this happening, please try to avoid overzealously moving items while a previous move process is still happening. If you do really want to move another item while a move is currently in progress, only move an object that has already finished being moved automatically.
  • 1.0.6a
    • API Version 100021 (Clockwork City) disabled, API Version 100022 (Dragon Bones) enabled
  • 1.0.5a
    • Fixes that placing a new item with a group active causes the group to move -- Thank you randomsilliness for the report
    • API Version 100020 (Horns of the Reach) disabled
  • 1.0.4a
    • API Version 100021 (Clockwork City) enabled
    • Moves Matrix.lua out of global namespace and converts to a LibStub-compatible library
  • 1.0.3a
    • Fixed not being able to use keyboard shortcuts to accept/cancel dialogs
    • Prevented accept/cancel dialogs appearing when you don't have a group to reset or clear
  • 1.0.2a
    • Initial Release
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Possible Bug

I've noticed when I leave the house and return, some items in the last group I was working on will reset to their original position instead of their relocated position, but not all.

This was specifically happening with some books I had laid out on a table. I moved the table, and the 10 books moved with it, I zoned out, and when I returned the table was where I had moved it, but the books had reset to their original position.

If I clear the group or make a new group and don't move it from the original position before I leave, I don't see this bug.

I will try and re-create the issue and get some screen shots for your reference over the weekend to help you pin down the issue.

In the mean time, thanks! This has been one of the most useful additions to my addons in recent memory, and you should have a temple built in your honor somewhere in Tamriel for your contributions to home furnishings.
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